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Gov't permits manufacturers to turn ethanol into hand sanitizers. Mar 23, 2020 369
Green Plains donates industrial ethanol for hand sanitizer production. Mar 23, 2020 164
Kisumu-based firm resumes operations to make ethanol. Mar 21, 2020 323
PUP develops ethyl alcohol as COVID-19 concerns grow. Mar 19, 2020 294
PUP makes ethyl alcohol as COVID-19 concerns grow. Mar 19, 2020 294
Business group to donate 1 million liters of ethyl alcohol. Mar 18, 2020 489
Razak favours utilizing Brazilian experiences for ethanol production. Mar 6, 2020 568
Razak favours utilizing Brazilian experiences for ethanol production. Mar 5, 2020 504
Mumias seeks tax waiver for ethanol. Feb 20, 2020 626
6,400 litres of ethanol seized in Suswa. Feb 13, 2020 259
CIE (Central Indiana Ethanol). Feb 1, 2020 171
TATA Projects to execute Bio Ethanol project for reducing Agri waste burning. ANI Jan 23, 2020 644
Chinese Grain Alcohol Market Forecast 2025 With Key Companies Profile, Supply, Demand, Cost Structure, And SWOT Analysis. Jan 14, 2020 732
What effect is the Iran crisis likely to have on prices? Crude oil prices have spiked, and any further escalation is set to have knock-on effects on sugar, ethanol, vegetable oil and more. Harry Holmes Jan 11, 2020 1350
US Ethanol Market Expected to Generate a Value of US $38.69 Billion During the Forecast Period, 2018-2023. Jan 8, 2020 774
KRA seizes 7,500 litres of illegal ethanol in Sultan Hamud. Dec 28, 2019 308
KRA, DCI seize ethanol worth Sh2million at Sultan Hamud. Dec 28, 2019 387
PACRA Maintains Entity Ratings of United Ethanol Industries Limited - Press Release issued by The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited. Dec 27, 2019 403
PACRA Maintains Entity Ratings of United Ethanol Industries Limited - Press Release issued by The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited. Dec 27, 2019 403
KRA officials seize ethanol worth Sh1 million at Malaba border. Dec 24, 2019 347
Contraband ethanol seized at the Kenya-Uganda border. Dec 24, 2019 324
Bio-Ethanol Market Is Expected To Display Higher Growth Rate Due To Rising Demand For A Cleaner And Renewable Source Of Energy till 2028 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Dec 4, 2019 705
Can Lipoic Acid Attenuate Cardiovascular Disturbances Induced by Ethanol and Disulfiram Administration Separately or Jointly in Rats? Bilska-Wilkosz, Anna; Kotanska, Magdalena; Gorny, Magdalena; Filipek, Barbara; Iciek, Malgorzata Dec 1, 2019 6345
Diuretic and Antidiuretic Activities of Ethanol Extract and Fractions of Lagopsis supina in Normal Rats. Liu, Zhiyong; Yang, Li; Li, Longxue; Wei, Rongrui; Luo, Xiaoquan; Xu, Tingting; Huang, Yun; Mu, Zeji Dec 1, 2019 7699
Bio-ethanol Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Sales, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2028. Nov 26, 2019 883
Customs Intercept N2.5m Fake Currency Notes, 40 Drums Of Ethanol. Nov 20, 2019 335
Outlook on the Global Market for Ethyl Alcohol & Other Basic Organic Chemicals, Forecast to 2022. Nov 15, 2019 1022
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Nov 13, 2019 833
Any type of ethyl alcohol usage in energy drinks production not to be permitted. Nov 8, 2019 167
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Nov 6, 2019 919
No separate environmental clearance needed to produce additional ethanol from B-heavy molasses: Javadekar. ANI Nov 5, 2019 246
Ethanol Exposure Induces Microglia Activation and Neuroinflammation through TLR4 Activation and SENP6 Modulation in the Adolescent Rat Hippocampus. Li, Qing; Liu, Dexiang; Pan, Fang; Ho, Cyrus S.H.; Ho, Roger C.M. Nov 1, 2019 7789
Facile Hydrothermal Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Porous ZnO Nanosheets for Highly Sensitive Ethanol Sensor. Van Duy, Lai; Hanh, Nguyen Hong; Son, Dang Ngoc; Hung, Pham Tien; Hung, Chu Manh; Van Duy, Nguyen; H Nov 1, 2019 3973
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Oct 30, 2019 923
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Oct 23, 2019 922
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Oct 16, 2019 924
Neptune Wellness announces Sherbrooke facility to use new cold ethanol equipment. Oct 16, 2019 182
The Andersons Inc. (ANDE) - The Andersons, Inc. and Marathon Petroleum Corp. Combine Ethanol Interests -- 2/10/2019. Oct 10, 2019 534
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Oct 9, 2019 824
Fuel Ethanol 2019 Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, key Players Analysis, Applications, Forecasts to 2025. Oct 9, 2019 811
Global Ethanol Report 2019-2025 - World Market to Grow by $49.8 Billion. Report Oct 9, 2019 449
Novozymes cuts outlook on weakness in U.S. ethanol, agriculture parts. Oct 9, 2019 186
The Andersons, Marathon Petroleum Combine Ethanol Interests. Oct 7, 2019 316
The Andersons, Marathon Petroleum Combine Ethanol Interests. Oct 7, 2019 353
The Andersons Inc. (ANDE) - The Andersons, Inc. and Marathon Petroleum Corp. Combine Ethanol Interests -- 2/10/2019. Oct 3, 2019 533
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Oct 2, 2019 824
Andersons, Marathon Petroleum combine ethanol interests. Oct 2, 2019 213
Police impound 8,900 litres of ethanol in Kiambu. Oct 1, 2019 201
Experimental Studies of the Effect of Ethanol Auxiliary Fueled Turbulent Jet Ignition in an Optical Engine. Bureshaid, Khalifa; Shimura, Ray; Feng, Dengquan; Zhao, Hua; Bunce, Mike Oct 1, 2019 5358
Comparative Antidiabetic Activity of Aqueous, Ethanol, and Methanol Leaf Extracts of Persea americana and Their Effectiveness in Type 2 Diabetic Rats. Kouame, N'Goran M.; Koffi, Camille; N'Zoue, Kanga S.; Yao, N'Guessan A.R.; Doukoure, Brahima; Kamaga Oct 1, 2019 7843
Ethanol Extract of Sesamum indicum Linn. Inhibits Fc[epsilon]RI-Mediated Allergic Reaction via Regulation of Lyn/Syk and Fyn Signaling Pathways in Rat Basophilic Leukemic RBL-2H3 Mast Cells. Do, Hyun Ju; Oh, Tae Woo; Park, Kwang-Il Oct 1, 2019 4591
World's first combined 2G ethanol and crude lignin oil biorefinery inches closer to reality. Sep 30, 2019 186
PML-N asks CJP, NAB chairman to take notice of ethanol case. Amir Wasim Sep 25, 2019 745
PML-N questions Rs4b ethanol duty write-off. Sep 25, 2019 573
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Sep 25, 2019 824
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Sep 12, 2019 824
United States Grain Council - U.S. Ethanol Exports Are The Fastest Growing U.S. Agricultural Export -- 9/9/2019. Sep 12, 2019 478
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX)--Pacific Ethanol to Participate in the H.C. Wainwright 21st Annual Global Investment Conference--28/8/2019. Conference news Sep 4, 2019 103
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Sep 4, 2019 824
CCEA approves higher prices for ethanol. Sep 3, 2019 383
Coal-Based Ethanol Market Swot Analysis by key players Celanese & Xethanol. Sep 3, 2019 1077
Centre revises prices for ethanol procurement. Sep 3, 2019 304
Commentary: Does Brazil's Need For Ethanol Provide Greater Opportunities For US Farmers? Sep 3, 2019 878
Ethanol effect associated with hydrothermal treatment on 'Tommy Atkins' mango's quality/ Efeito do etanol associado ao tratamento hidrotermico na qualidade de manga cv. Tommy atkins. de Oliveira Vilar, Silvana Belem; de Castro, Maria Fernanda Demonte Penteado Morethzon; Benato, Elia Sep 1, 2019 4420
Hoveniae Semen Seu Fructus Ethanol Extract Exhibits Anti-Inflammatory Activity via MAPK, AP-1, and STAT Signaling Pathways in LPS-Stimulated RAW 264.7 and Mouse Peritoneal Macrophages. Jeong, Yun Hee; Oh, You-Chang; Cho, Won-Kyung; Yim, Nam-Hui; Ma, Jin Yeul Sep 1, 2019 7467
Ethanol Extract of Leaves of Cassia siamea Lam Protects against Diabetes-Induced Insulin Resistance, Hepatic, and Endothelial Dysfunctions in ob/ob Mice. Koffi, Camille; Soleti, Raffaella; Nitiema, Mathieu; Mallegol, Patricia; Hilairet, Gregory; Chaignea Sep 1, 2019 5847
United States Grain Council - Vietnam Biofuels Conference Leads To U.S. Ethanol Exports -- 26/8/2019. Conference notes Aug 29, 2019 279
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Aug 28, 2019 824
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Aug 22, 2019 824
Ethyl Alcohol & Other Organic Chemical Market 2019 Research Report. Report Aug 14, 2019 774
Praj joins hands with Brazil-based Dedini lndustrias for ethanol production technologies. Aug 12, 2019 292
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX). Aug 8, 2019 824
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX)--Pacific Ethanol Pekin Extends Credit Agreements with CoBank--15/7/2019. Aug 2, 2019 250
Global Ethyl Alcohol And Other Basic Organic Chemical Market Report 2019. Report Aug 1, 2019 782
Effect of Ethanol-Derived Clove Leaf Extract on the Oxidative Stress Response in Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Fauzya, Anninda Faiz; Astuti, Rika Indri; Mubarik, Nisa Rachmania Aug 1, 2019 4579
Green Plains CEO says U.S. ethanol sector close to breaking point, Reuters says. Jul 29, 2019 145
United States Grain Council - First Shipment Of ETBE Made With U.S. Ethanol Arrives In Japan -- 18/7/2019. Jul 26, 2019 343
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) (Formerly Aventine Renewable Energy). Jul 25, 2019 647
Farmers want cap on plant-based ethanol doubled; Energy: Unions pressure government for decision. Jul 23, 2019 315
How Nigeria Is Losing Over N215 Billion Annually To Importation Of Starch, Ethanol. Jul 21, 2019 1137
Ethanol 'like taking 0.7m cars off road'. Jul 18, 2019 104
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX)--Pacific Ethanol Pekin Extends Credit Agreements with CoBank--15/7/2019. Jul 17, 2019 251
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) (Formerly Aventine Renewable Energy). Jul 17, 2019 648
TVS launches India's first ethanol-based motorcycle. Jul 12, 2019 323
KRA seizes Sh12m ethanol and Range Rover at port. Jul 6, 2019 373
KRA seizes smuggled ethanol and Range Rover at Mombasa port. Jul 5, 2019 334
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) (Formerly Aventine Renewable Energy). Jul 3, 2019 647
Enhancing Activity of Pd-Based/rGO Catalysts by Al-Si-Na Addition in Ethanol Electrooxidation in Alkaline Medium. Nguyen, Minh Dang; Tran, Lien Thi; Nguyen, Quang Minh; Nguyen, Thao Thi; Vu, Thu Ha Thi Jul 1, 2019 7107
Cytotoxic Effects of Chlorophyllides in Ethanol Crude Extracts from Plant Leaves. Wang, Yi-Ting; Yang, Chih-Hui; Huang, Ting-Yu; Tai, Mi-Hsueh; Sie, Ru-Han; Shaw, Jei-Fu Jul 1, 2019 9145
Aerobic Physical Exercise as a Neuroprotector Strategy for Ethanol Binge-Drinking Effects in the Hippocampus and Systemic Redox Status in Rats. Pamplona-Santos, Dinair; Lamarao-Vieira, Katia; Nascimento, Priscila C.; Bittencourt, Leonardo Olive Jul 1, 2019 8678
Imaging of Mouse Brain Fixated in Ethanol in Micro-CT. Mrzilkova, Jana; Patzelt, Matej; Gallina, Pasquale; Wurst, Zdenek; Seremeta, Martin; Dudak, Jan; Kre Jul 1, 2019 4715
Effects of Xingnaojing Injection on Adenosinergic Transmission and Orexin Signaling in Lateral Hypothalamus of Ethanol-Induced Coma Rats. Chen, Xiao-Tong; Wang, Xiao-Ge; Li-YuanXie; Huang, Jia-Wen; Zhao, Wei; Wang, Qi; Yao, Li-Mei; Li, We Jul 1, 2019 6731
Attis Industries ethanol plant expected to generate over $150M in revenue. Jun 4, 2019 258
Linderae radix ethanol extract attenuates alcoholic liver injury via attenuating inflammation and regulating gut microbiota in rats. Lou, Zhaohuan; Wang, Junwei; Chen, Yingjun; Xu, Chandi; Chen, Xinyi; Shao, Tiejuan; Zhang, Kena; Pan Jun 1, 2019 6808
Protective Effect of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids against Experimental Lung Injury Induced by Acute Ethanol Inhalation. Medhat, Dalia; Khayat, Zakaria El-; Banna, Mona El-; Abdel-Latif, Yasmin; Morsy, Safaa; Daly, Sherie Jun 1, 2019 3110
Energy firm Koko Networks unveils ethanol burners. May 28, 2019 316
United States Grain Council - USGC, Growth Energy, RFA Welcome European Commission Decision To Remove Anti-Dumping Duties On Ethanol Imports From The United States -- 15/5/2019. May 23, 2019 304
Brazil cane mills swing back to ethanol as sugar recovery fizzles. Brief article May 19, 2019 211
United States Grain Council - USGC, Growth Energy, RFA Welcome European Commission Decision To Remove Anti-Dumping Duties On Ethanol Imports From The United States -- 15/5/2019. May 16, 2019 304
United States Grain Council - USGC, USDA Promote Fuel Ethanol In South Korea -- 9/5/2019. May 16, 2019 460
KRA seizes ethanol declared as spaghetti in Nairobi. May 15, 2019 334
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) (Formerly Aventine Renewable Energy). May 15, 2019 647
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) (Formerly Aventine Renewable Energy). May 8, 2019 647
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) (Formerly Aventine Renewable Energy). May 1, 2019 769
Archer ethanol spin would be smart, but not 'game changer,' says Morgan Stanley. Apr 29, 2019 118
ESTRATEGIAS DE HEDGE PARA O ETANOL BRASILEIRO: ANALISE A PARTIR DE OPERACOES DE CONTRATOS FUTUROS DOMESTICO E ESTRANGEIROS/Hedging strategies for Brazilian ethanol: an analysis of domestic and foreign futures contracts operations. Capitani, Daniel Henrique Dario; Tonin, Julyerme Matheus; Cruz, Jose Cesar, Jr. Apr 1, 2019 10059
How Will The Devastating Midwest Flooding Affect US Ethanol? Mar 27, 2019 908
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) (Formerly Aventine Renewable Energy). Mar 20, 2019 2699
Cassava To Ethanol Plant To Begin Operation In Ondo. Mar 19, 2019 196
Pacific Ethanol downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Roth Capital. Mar 13, 2019 107
Energy and Agricultural Commodity Markets Interaction: An Analysis of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Corn, Soybean, and Ethanol Prices. Chiou-Wei, Song-Zan; Chen, Sheng-Hung; Zhu, Zhen Mar 1, 2019 17780
Effects of feeding ethanol on growth performances, carcass characteristics, and lipid metabolism of finishing Korean cattle (Hanwoo) steers. Choi, Chang Bon; Kwon, Hana; Hwang, Kyung Hyun; Lee, Hyun-Jeong; Kim, Jong Yeon Report Mar 1, 2019 7270
Ethanol Extraction of Hoya Carnosa Leaves Improved Stroma of Middle Ear Epithelium Infected by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Rahayu, Made Lely; Bakta, I. Made; Suardana, Wayan; Astawa, Nyoman Mantik; Arijana, I.G.K.; Tunas, I Mar 1, 2019 1119
Comparative Study of Ethanol Production from Cassava Pulp by a Mixed Culture of Amylomyces rouxii with Zygosaccharomyces pseudorouxii and Zymomonas mobilis. Yuwa-Amornpitak, Thalisa; Yeunyaw, Pa-nga Report Mar 1, 2019 6121
Kinder Morgan aims to expand Chicago ethanol terminal capacity, Reuters says. Feb 20, 2019 102
Illegal ethanol found at Thika-based alcohol manufacturing plant. Feb 13, 2019 287
Wine of the World Beverages, African Spirits Ltd, Humphrey Kariuki, Kenya Revenue Authority, Joseph Boinnet, George Kinoti, money laundering, Charter House Bank, ethanol. Feb 9, 2019 883
Evaluation of drug information resources for drug-ethanol and drug-tobacco interactions. Beckett, Robert D.; Stump, Curtis D.; Dyer, Megan A. Report Jan 1, 2019 5123
Development of Ethanol Conversion Catalysts from Various Clays. Shabani, Juvet Malonda; Isa, Yusuf Makarfi Technical report Dec 31, 2018 4941
Protective potential of ginseng and silymarin on the liver and kidney of ethanol-treated mice (Mus musculus). Duguran, Danica R.; Lopez, Mark Joseph C.; Valenzuela, Ma. Tigie Carmely E.; Ples, Michael B.; Vitor Dec 15, 2018 3667
Conference recommends bringing ethanol into use. Conference news Dec 12, 2018 328
Higher ethanol blend can keep fuel prices low - Imee Marcos. Dec 11, 2018 286
Ethanol output for this year seen reaching 270M liters. Dec 10, 2018 491
Ultrastructure and X-ray Microanalysis of the Antibacterial Effects of Stem Bark Ethanol Extract of Acacia meamsii De Wild Against Some Selected Bacteria. Olajuyigbe, Olufunmiso O.; Olajuyigbe, Aderonke A.; Afolayan, Anthony J. Report Dec 1, 2018 7666
Experimental Investigation of Ethanol-Diesel-Butanol Blends in a Compression Ignition Engine by Modifying the Operating Parameters. Prabakaran, B.; Vijayabalan, Palanimuthu; Balachandar, M. Report Dec 1, 2018 5670
Government To Boost Ethanol Without Evidence It Saves Money Or Helps Environment. Nov 23, 2018 1449
Green Plains announces permanent closure of Hopewell, VA ethanol facility. Nov 15, 2018 138
KCSE candidate dies in Trans Nzoia school amid claims of drinking ethanol in lab. Oct 21, 2018 188
Davis applauds decision on E15 Ethanol to benefit farmers. Oct 17, 2018 992
Editorial: Trump's ethanol plan misguided. Editorial Oct 15, 2018 388
Ethanol - a solution to Pakistan's power woes. Oct 15, 2018 1042
Trump lifts ethanol restrictions Ethanol: Automakers fear engine damage. Oct 10, 2018 710
E15 summer ban improves long-term ethanol prospects, says H.C. Wainwright. Oct 10, 2018 114
Green Plains to sell three ethanol plants to Valero Renewable Fuels for $328M. Oct 10, 2018 161
Green Plains Partners to sell ethanol storage assets to Green Plains for $120.9M. Oct 10, 2018 248
Trump To Lift Ban On Higher-Ethanol Gasoline Ahead Of Polls. Oct 9, 2018 456
Supported Silk Fibroin/Poly(vinyl alcohol) Membrane Blends: Structure, Properties, and Ethanol Dehydration by Pervaporation. Karp, Joel R.; Hamerski, Fabiane; Silva, Vitor R. Oct 1, 2018 6411
Effect of Nigella sativa Ethanol Extract on the Nitric Oxide Content and Renal Arteriole Diameter of a Pre-eclampsia Mouse Model. Purnamayanti, Ni Made Dwi; Windu, Siti Candra; Poeranto, Sri Report Oct 1, 2018 3073
Ondo partners NNPC on cassava-ethanol production. Sep 23, 2018 502
Green Plains to close down two Iowa ethanol plants, Reuters says. Sep 17, 2018 101
Govt raises ethanol price by 25pc. Sep 16, 2018 159
Govt raises ethanol price for blending in petrol by 25%. Sep 15, 2018 605
Nitin Gadkari says fuel from ethanol plants will bring down diesel price to Rs 50/litre, petrol to Rs 55. Sep 15, 2018 441
CCEA approves revision of ethanol prices. Sep 12, 2018 399
Will have ethanol industry worth 1 lakh cr in 5-7 years: Gadkari. Sep 7, 2018 273
Ethanol, honey and oil. Sep 6, 2018 139
Celanese Sells Ethanol Production Unit, Forms TCX Technology JV with Chengzhi Co. Ltd. Sep 1, 2018 282
LIQUEFACTION OF OIL SHALE IN SUPERCRITICAL ETHANOL. Yang, Tianhua; Zhou, Bing; Li, Rundong; Li, Bingshuo; Zhang, Wenqi; Kai, Xingping Report Sep 1, 2018 3648
Ecological niche difference associated with varied ethanol tolerance between Drosophila suzukii and Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera: Drosophilidae). Gao, Huan-Huan; Zhai, Yi-Fan; Chen, Hao; Wang, Yong-Mei; Liu, Qian; Hu, Qing-Ling; Ren, Feng-Shan; Y Report Sep 1, 2018 5039
Brazil taking load of gasoline cargoes amid ethanol competition. Aug 19, 2018 256
Earlier govts not serious on ethanol output, now it will save Rs 12K crore: PM. Aug 11, 2018 297
Celanese partners with Chengzhi Shareholding Co Ltd to sell ethanol unit & form joint venture. Jul 19, 2018 241
Celanese to sell ethanol production unit to Chengzhi, terms not disclosed. Jul 18, 2018 220
Detectives to probe how KRA officials auctioned contraband ethanol. Jul 7, 2018 446
KRA suspends 3 customs officials over ethanol sale. Jul 5, 2018 168
KRA suspends three staff over sale of contraband ethanol. Jul 5, 2018 392
EACC probing officials for not destroying 40 containers of ethanol in 2016. Jul 4, 2018 200
Quality maintenance of 'Laetitia' plum by application of 1- methylcyclopropene, ethanol vapor and heat treatment. de Martin, Mariuccia Schlichting; Steffens, Cristiano Andre; Pavarin, Diego Fernando; Rodrigues, Mar Report Jul 1, 2018 6974
Astringency reduction using ethanol-associated to the storing under refrigeration at 5[degrees]C promotes physiological and structural alterations in 'Giombo' persimmons. Tessmer, Magda Andreia; da Gloria, Beatriz Appezzato; Kluge, Ricardo Alfredo Report Jul 1, 2018 3764
Government hikes ethanol price by Rs 2.85 to Rs 43.70 per litre for 2018-19. Jun 30, 2018 223
Cabinet approves hike in ex-mill ethanol prices. Jun 27, 2018 392
New Tools to Limit Wine Spoilage: Interaction of temperature and ethanol may help control Brettanomyces. Hansen, Melissa Jun 1, 2018 2019
Trump to allow year-round sales of high-ethanol gas. May 9, 2018 387
[ED.sub.50] from anti-inflammatory properties of Vitex trifolia L. ethanol extract. Mustarichie, Resmi; Sumiwi, Sri Adi; Hanifah, Annisa Trisfalia May 1, 2018 3562
Soot Observations and Exhaust Soot Comparisons from Ethanol-Blended and Methanol-Blended Gasoline Combustion in a Direct-Injected Engine. Vedula, Ravi Teja; Men, Yifan; Atis, Cyrus; Stuecken, Tom; Zhu, Guoming; Schock, Harold; Wooldridge, Technical report May 1, 2018 9611
Swelling characteristics of fluorocarbon rubber in gasoline blended with ethanol: Relation to vulcanizate thickness. Chakravarty, S.N. Apr 1, 2018 1336
Analgesic effects of Marasmius androsaceus mycelia ethanol extract and possible mechanisms in mice. Song, Jia; Wang, Xue; Huang, Yu; Qu, Yidi; Zhang, Guirong; Wang, Di Report Apr 1, 2018 4341
Harnessing Nigeria's ethanol potential for economic prosperity. Mar 16, 2018 907
Pacific Ethanol to sell CO2 from Stockton, California plant. Mar 7, 2018 115
DOE, HPLC Validate Corn Ethanol Measurement Technology: The simplicity of design of experiments, combined with advanced HPLC technology, led the way to a new, successful sample preparation method. Anderson, Mark Feb 1, 2018 1289
Antibacterial activity of ethanol extract and fraction of Rambutan leaf (Nephelium lappaceum) against Pseudomonas aeruginosa multiresistant. Sulistiyaningsih, Sulistiyaningsih; Nabila, Mudin S.; Wicaksono, Imam Adi; Budiman, Arif Feb 1, 2018 2457
Millions lost as cartels smuggle ethanol using cereals containers. Jan 28, 2018 841
Potential of Saccharine Substrates for Ethanol Production. Mascarenhas Santos, Maria do Socorro; Lima Cardoso, Claudia Andrea; Silva, Emilia Maria; Batistote, Report Jan 15, 2018 4000
DONALD TRUMP: ENERGY CRONY. Bailey, Ronald Jan 13, 2018 506
cascorbate as a protector of human blood biomolecules under ethanol impact. Evgenii, Plotnikov; Valentina, Prokopieva; Ekaterina, Yarygina; Innokenty, Losenkov Report Jan 1, 2018 3709
Total phenolic content and in vitro evaluation of antioxidant activity of ethanol extract of Ganoderma amboinense. Salamah, Nina; Ahda, Mustofa; Bimantara, Sidiq; Hanar, Rizka Report Jan 1, 2018 3048
Protective Effects of Taraxasterol against Ethanol-Induced Liver Injury by Regulating CYP2E1/Nrf2/HO-1 and NF-[kappa]B Signaling Pathways in Mice. Xu, Lu; Yu, Yifan; Sang, Rui; Li, Jinxia; Ge, Bingjie; Zhang, Xuemei Jan 1, 2018 7014
Thymosin [beta]4 Prevents Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Fibrosis in Ethanol- and LPS-Induced Liver Injury in Mice. Shah, Ruchi; Reyes-Gordillo, Karina; Cheng, Ying; Varatharajalu, Ravi; Ibrahim, Joseph; Lakshman, M. Jan 1, 2018 7687
Protective Effect of JXT Ethanol Extract on Radiation-Induced Hematopoietic Alteration and Oxidative Stress in the Liver. Dong, Xian-Zhe; Wang, Yu-Ning; Tan, Xiao; Liu, Ping; Guo, Dai-Hong; Yan, Can Jan 1, 2018 6138
Repeated Cycles of Binge-Like Ethanol Intake in Adolescent Female Rats Induce Motor Function Impairment and Oxidative Damage in Motor Cortex and Liver, but Not in Blood. Fernandes, Luanna Melo Pereira; Lopes, Klaylton Sousa; Santana, Luana Nazare Silva; Fontes, Eneas An Jan 1, 2018 9805
Acer palmatum thumb. Ethanol Extract Alleviates Interleukin-6-Induced Barrier Dysfunction and Dextran Sodium Sulfate-Induced Colitis by Improving Intestinal Barrier Function and Reducing Inflammation. Kim, Kwang-Youn; Oh, Tae-Woo; Do, Hyun Ju; Yang, Ju-Hye; Yang, In Jun; Jeon, Yong Hyun; Go, Young-Ho Jan 1, 2018 5304
Tributyrin Supplementation Protects Immune Responses and Vasculature and Reduces Oxidative Stress in the Proximal Colon of Mice Exposed to Chronic-Binge Ethanol Feeding. Glueck, B.; Han, Y.; Cresci, G.A.M. Jan 1, 2018 7415
Modeling the Feasibility of Using Solar Thermal Systems for Meeting the Heating Requirements at Corn Ethanol Production Facilities. Ehrke, Elizabeth; Reisel, John R. Jan 1, 2018 10710
Tabetri[TM] (Tabebuia avellanedae Ethanol Extract) Ameliorates Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms in Mice. Park, Jae Gwang; Yi, Young-Su; Han, Sang Yun; Hong, Yo Han; Yoo, Sulgi; Kim, Eunji; Jeong, Seong-Gu; Jan 1, 2018 6289
Effect of the Reduction Temperature of PdAg Nanoparticles during the Polyol Process in the Ethanol Electrooxidation Reaction. Carrera-Cerritos, R.; Salazar-Hernandez, C.; Galindo-Esquivel, I.R.; Fuentes-Ramirez, R. Jan 1, 2018 5529
Antihyperglycemic and Antilipidemic Effects of the Ethanol Extract Mixture of Ligularia fischeri and Momordica charantia in Type II Diabetes-Mimicking Mice. Baek, Hyun Jin; Jeong, Yong Joon; Kwon, Jeong Eun; Ra, Jong Sung; Lee, Sung Ryul; Kang, Se Chan Jan 1, 2018 9341
Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Water Extract of Acrostichum aureum Linn. against Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer in Rats. Wu, Xue; Huang, Qionghui; Xu, Nan; Cai, Jian; Luo, Dandan; Zhang, Qian; Su, Ziren; Gao, Changjun; Li Jan 1, 2018 4903
Gastroprotective Mechanism and Ulcer Resolution Effect of Cyrtocarpa procera Methanolic Extract on Ethanol-Induced Gastric Injury. Escobedo-Hinojosa, Wendy Itzel; Gomez-Chang, Erika; Garcia-Martinez, Karina; Alquicira, Raquel Guerr Jan 1, 2018 8211
Vascular Protection by Ethanol Extract of Morus alba Root Bark: Endothelium-Dependent Relaxation of Rat Aorta and Decrease of Smooth Muscle Cell Migration and Proliferation. Panth, Nisha; Paudel, Keshav Raj; Gong, Dal-Seong; Oak, Min-Ho Jan 1, 2018 4631
Corrigendum to "Gastroprotective Activity of Polygonum chinense Aqueous Leaf Extract on Ethanol-Induced Hemorrhagic Mucosal Lesions in Rats". Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 592
Ethanol Extract of Lycopus lucidus Turcz. ex Benth Inhibits Metastasis by Downregulation of Runx-2 in Mouse Colon Cancer Cells. Kim, Kwang-Youn; Oh, Tae Woo; Ma, Jin-Yeul; Park, Kwang-Il Jan 1, 2018 4285
Ethanol Extract of Cudrania tricuspidata Leaf Ameliorates Hyperuricemia in Mice via Inhibition of Hepatic and Serum Xanthine Oxidase Activity. Song, Seung-Hui; Park, Dae-Hun; Bae, Min-Suk; Choi, Chul-Yung; Shim, Jung-Hyun; Yoon, Goo; Cho, Youn Jan 1, 2018 5138
Memory Improvement Effect of Ethanol Garlic (A. sativum) Extract in Streptozotocin-Nicotinamide Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats Is Mediated through Increasing of Hippocampal Sodium-Potassium ATPase, Glutamine Synthetase, and Calcium ATPase Activities. Semuyaba, Ibrahim; Safiriyu, Abass Alao; Tiyo, Emmanuel Ayikobua; Niurka, Remon Figueredo Jan 1, 2018 5084
Genotoxicity Evaluation of an Ethanol Extract Mixture of Astragali Radix and Salviae miltiorrhizae Radix. Lee, Jin-Seok; Cho, Jung-Hyo; Lee, Dong-Soo; Son, Chang-Gue Medical condition overview Jan 1, 2018 4454
Optimism for grain, ethanol market. Jan 1, 2018 545
Percutaneous Ethanol Injection in Combination with Laser Ablation for a 100 ml Partially Cystic Thyroid Nodule. Negro, Roberto; Greco, Gabriele Jan 1, 2018 1284
Microparticles from Wheat-Gluten Proteins Soluble in Ethanol by Nanoprecipitation: Preparation, Characterization, and Their Study as a Prolonged-Release Fertilizer. Barreras-Urbina, Carlos G.; Rodriguez-Felix, Francisco; Lopez-Ahumada, Guadalupe A.; Burruel-Ibarra, Report Jan 1, 2018 6760
Fractionation of DMSO-Extracted and NaOH-Extracted Hemicelluloses by Gradient Ethanol Precipitation from Neosinocalamus affinis. Fu, Genque; Yue, Panpan; Hu, Yajie; Li, Nan; Shi, Zhengjun; Peng, Feng Jan 1, 2018 6329
The Ethanol Supernatant Extracts of Liushenwan Could Alleviate Nanodiethylnitrosamine-Induced Liver Cancer in Mice. Chen, Xi-Zhen; Zhang, Wei Kevin; Tang, He-Bin; Li, Xiao-Jun; Tian, Gui-Hua; Shang, Hong-Cai; Li, Yu- Jan 1, 2018 5476
Free Radical-Scavenging, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antibacterial Activities of Water and Ethanol Extracts Prepared from Compressional-Puffing Pretreated Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Peels. Huang, Chun-Yung; Kuo, Chia-Hung; Wu, Chien-Hui; Kuan, Ai-Wei; Guo, Hui-Ru; Lin, Yu-Hua; Wang, Po-Ka Jan 1, 2018 9845
Brachial Plexus Chemical Neurolysis with Ethanol for Cancer Pain. Loh, Tuan-Hsing; Patel, Samir; Mirchandani, Anish; Eckmann, Maxim Jan 1, 2018 1923
Experimental Study of Spray Characteristics of Kerosene-Ethanol Blends from a Pressure-Swirl Nozzle. Zhang, Tao; Dong, Bo; Zhou, Xun; Guan, Linan; Li, Weizhong; Zhou, Shengqi Report Jan 1, 2018 7114
Antitumor Activity of Intratumoral Ethanol Injection in an Orthotopic Pancreatic Cancer Cell Mouse Xenograft Model. Zhang, Wen-Ying; Jin, Zhen-Dong; Liu, Feng; Yuan, Hai-Hua; Jiang, Bin Jan 1, 2018 4172
Utilization of Carbon dioxide (CO2) for the Production of Ethanol. Waheed, Hizba; Hussain, Arshad Report Dec 31, 2017 2907
Optimization of Ethanol Production from Garcinia Cambogia Residues and the Effects of its Medicinal Component on Production Yield. Ma, Hongzhi; Zhang, Fengying; Yu, Miao; Liu, Qipeng; Wang, Qunhui Report Dec 31, 2017 4115
Dharmendra Pradhan asks CM Odisha for assistance in 2G ethanol plant. Dec 2, 2017 395
Influence of the nutrient concentrations of whey on ethanol and biomass production and COD reduction/Influencia da concentracao de nutrientes do soro na producao de etanol, biomassa e reducao de DQO. Murari, Cleidiane Samara; da Silva, Debora Cristina Moraes Niz; da Silva, Bruna Lima; Del Bianchi, V Dec 1, 2017 6815
Percutaneous Ethanol Sclerotherapy of Venous Malformations of the Oral Cavity and the Oropharynx. Akan, Huseyin; Uzunkaya, Fatih; Soylu, Aysegul Idil Dec 1, 2017 2885
LGU issues CDO on Roxas Holdings' ethanol unit. Nov 20, 2017 338
Integrated sugar mills to benefit from ethanol procurement price rise. Nov 8, 2017 422
Ethanol-powered bikes to be introduced next month: Gadkari. Oct 26, 2017 386
Ethanol Supporters Fight to Keep Government Regulations. Oct 23, 2017 346
Solar-to-Fuel System Recycles CO2 to Make Ethanol, Ethylene. Sep 19, 2017 866
Ethanol Injections Cure Tumors in Hamsters. Sep 4, 2017 173
Evaluation of Ethanol Production using Various Carbon Substrates by Sacharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosacharomyces bombe. Jayaraman, P.; Alex, A.M. Ashok Livingstone; Harikrishnan, S.; Vinoth, S. Report Sep 1, 2017 4675
Congenital venous malformation in an 8-year-old female child treated with ethanol injection. Thakkar, Umang G.; Raval, Manish N.; Vanikar, Aruna V. Sep 1, 2017 556
D3MAX announces milestone pilot testing of its technology at Ace Ethanol. Sep 1, 2017 184
Chemical constituents and toxic, repellent, and oviposition-deterrent effects of ethanol-extracted Myristica fragrans (Myristicaceae) oil on Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Wagan, Tufail Ahmed; Wang, Wenjun; Hua, Hongxia; Cai, Wanlun Report Sep 1, 2017 5216
Report: ethanol consolidation likely as margins decline. Report Sep 1, 2017 224
Ethanol Intake and Toxicity: In Search of New Treatments/Ingesta de Etanol y Toxicidad: En Busqueda de Nuevos Tratamientos. Sandoval, Cristian; Vasquez, Belgica; Mandarim-de-Lacerda, Carlos; del Sol, Mariano Sep 1, 2017 6378
Bioconversion of hydrolyzed cashew peduncle bagasse for ethanol and xylitol production/Bioconversao do hidrolisado do bagaco do pedunculo do caju para producao de etanol e xilitol. de Medeiros, Lorena L.; da Silva, Flavio L.H.; Santos, Sharline F.M.; Madruga, Marta S.; de Melo, De Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 3725
Self-Organizing Maps Neural Networks Applied to the Classification of Ethanol Samples According to the Region of Commercialization. Walkoff, Aline Regina; Antunes, Sandra Regina Masetto; Arrua, Maria Elena Payret; Silva, Livia Ramaz Report Jul 1, 2017 4385
Monte Carlo simulation for construction of control charts for the ethanol- loading process in the sugar-alcohol industry/Simulacao de Monte Carlo para construcao de graficos de controle no processo de carregamento de etanol no setor sucroalcooleiro. Silva, Priscila Cristina; Sassi, Renato Jose Jul 1, 2017 5474
To evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of ethanolic extract of leaves of Mikania micrantha on experimental animal models. Deori, Chinmoyee; Dutta, Geetamoni; Das, Swarnamoni; Phukan, Daisy; Gogoi, Gaurov Report Jun 22, 2017 2928
Effects of ethanolic extracts of Argemone ochroleuca (Papaveraceae) on the food consumption and development of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Martinez, Ana M.; Aguado-Pedraza, Aldo J.; Vinuela, Elisa; Rodriguez-Enriuez, Christian L.; Lobit, P Report Jun 1, 2017 7031
Prospects of metagenomic cellulases for converting lignocellulosic biomass into bio-ethanol. Pandey, Sangeeta Report Jun 1, 2017 6895
Investigation of Early and Late Intake Valve Closure Strategies for Load Control in a Spark Ignition Ethanol Engine. Lanzanova, Thompson; Nora, Macklini Dalla; Zhao, Hua Jun 1, 2017 8317
Most Recent Discussion of the Performance and Emissions Produced by a Stratified Torch Ignition Prototype Engine Fuelled by a Blend of Ethanol and Gasoline. Pontoppidan, Michael; Baeta, Adm Jose Jun 1, 2017 6343
CITIZEN CANE: The leading manufacturer of sugarcane ethanol and Brazil's third biggest producer of fuel, Raizen has gained ground in a few years with +its bet on an energy matrix that is cleaner and renewable. Ogier, Thierry May 1, 2017 744
Zymomonas mobilis immobilized on loofa sponge: levan and ethanol production in semi-continuous fermentation/Zymomonas mobilis imobilizada em bucha vegetal: producao de etanol e levana por sistema semi-continuo. Santos, Vidiany Aparecida Queiroz; Vega-Estrada, Jesus; Horcasitas, Maria Del Carmen Montes; Garcia- Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 4267
Effect of inhibitors on ethanol production by Pichia stipitis in a complex culture media/Efeito de inibidores na producao de etanol por Pichia stipitis em um meio de cultura complexo. Abud, Ana Karla de Souza; da Silva, Augusto de Souza; de Oliveira Junior, Antonio Martins Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 4366
Influence of Support Material of PtSnNiGa/C Electrocatalysts for Ethanol Oxidation. Santos, Deise M.; Paganoto, Giordano T.; Queiroz, Maria A.R.; Guimaraes, Marco C.C.; Ribeiro, Josima Report Apr 1, 2017 7482
Distillation-based Droplet Modeling of Non-Ideal Oxygenated Gasoline Blends: Investigating the Role of Droplet Evaporation on PM Emissions. Burke, Stephen C.; Ratcliff, Matthew; McCormick, Robert; Rhoads, Robert; Windom, Bret Report Apr 1, 2017 6589
Influence of Ethanol Blends on Low Speed Pre-Ignition in Turbocharged, Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines. Haenel, Patrick; Kleeberg, Henning; de Bruijn, Rob; Tomazic, Dean Technical report Apr 1, 2017 5805
Vapour Space Flammability Measurements of High Ethanol ("E85") and Low Ethanol ("E10") Winter Automotive Fuels: Effects of Fuel Composition and Vapour Pressure. Gardiner, David Report Apr 1, 2017 9899
Pacific Ethanol to produce cellulosic ethanol at California plant with Pathway and Cellunator Technologies. Feb 17, 2017 234
Sugar, ethanol producer gets P524M from MVP group. Feb 4, 2017 655
Structural Analysis of Alkaline Pretreated Rice Straw for Ethanol Production. Phitsuwan, Paripok; Permsriburasuk, Chutidet; Baramee, Sirilak; Teeravivattanaki, Thitiporn; Ratanak Jan 1, 2017 5640
Mesoporous Sn[O.sub.2] Nanowires: Synthesis and Ethanol Sensing Properties. Li, Shan-Hong; Meng, Fang-Fang; Chu, Zhong; Luo, Tao; Peng, Fu-Min; Jin, Zhen Jan 1, 2017 3395
Veronicastrum axillare Alleviates Ethanol-Induced Injury on Gastric Epithelial Cells via Downregulation of the NF-[kappa]B Signaling Pathway. Zhao, Wei-chun; Xu, Yan-shan; Chen, Gang; Guo, Yan; Wang, Dan-yi; Meng, Gui-bin Report Jan 1, 2017 5827
Outcome, Pain Perception, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients Submitted to Percutaneous Ethanol Injection for Simple Thyroid Cysts. Negro, Roberto; Colosimo, Ermenegildo; Greco, Gabriele Report Jan 1, 2017 2783
A Rare Complication following Thyroid Percutaneous Ethanol Injection: Plummer Adenoma. Cesareo, Roberto; Naciu, Anda Mihaela; Pasqualini, Valerio; Pelle, Giuseppe; Manfrini, Silvia; Tabac Report Jan 1, 2017 2012
Effect of Calcination Temperatures and Mo Modification on Nanocrystalline ([gamma]-[chi])-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] Catalysts for Catalytic Ethanol Dehydration. Inmanee, Tharmmanoon; Pinthong, Piriya; Jongsomjit, Bunjerd Jan 1, 2017 5570
Microbial-Physical Synthesis of Fe and [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Aspergillus niger YESM1 and Supercritical Condition of Ethanol. Abdeen, Mai; Sabry, Soraya; Ghozlan, Hanan; El-Gendy, Ahmed A.; Carpenter, Everett E. Jan 1, 2017 2754
Liquid-Phase Ethanol Oxidation and Gas-Phase CO Oxidation Reactions over M Doped (M = Ag, Au, Pd, and Ni) and MM' Codoped Ce[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles. Park, Yohan; Na, Yulri; Pradhan, Debabrata; Sohn, Youngku Technical report Jan 1, 2017 7411
Synthesis of Ruthenium Complex Based on 2,6-Bis(1-(phenyl)-1H- benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)pyridine and 2-(1-Phenyl-1H- benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)benzoate and Catalytical Oxidation Property of 1-(1H- Benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)ethanol to 1-(1H- Benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)ethanone with [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]. Liu, Shenggui; Pan, Rongkai; Li, Guobi; Su, Wenyi; Ni, Chunlin Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4418
Amelioration of Ethanol-Induced Hepatitis by Magnesium Isoglycyrrhizinate through Inhibition of Neutrophil Cell Infiltration and Oxidative Damage. Wang, Yan; Zhang, Zhenzhen; Wang, Xia; Qi, Dan; Qu, Aijuan; Wang, Guiqiang Report Jan 1, 2017 3798
Tabetri[TM] (Tabebuia avellanedae Ethanol Extract) Ameliorates Osteoarthritis Symptoms Induced by Monoiodoacetate through Its Anti-Inflammatory and Chondroprotective Activities. Park, Jae Gwang; Yi, Young-Su; Hong, Yo Han; Yoo, Sulgi; Han, Sang Yun; Kim, Eunji; Jeong, Seong-Gu; Report Jan 1, 2017 7801
Cytokine Changes following Acute Ethanol Intoxication in Healthy Men: A Crossover Study. Neupane, Sudan Prasad; Skulberg, Andreas; Skulberg, Knut Ragnvald; Aass, Hans Christian D.; Bramness Report Jan 1, 2017 4510
Different Dietary Proportions of Fish Oil Regulate Inflammatory Factors but Do Not Change Intestinal Tight Junction ZO-1 Expression in Ethanol-Fed Rats. Chien, Yi-Wen; Peng, Hsiang-Chi; Chen, Ya-Ling; Pai, Man-Hui; Wang, Hsiao-Yun; Chuang, Hsiao-Li; Yan Report Jan 1, 2017 7415
Sapium ellipticum (Hochst.) Pax Ethanol Leaf Extract Maintains Lipid Homeostasis in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. Ighodaro, Osasenaga Mcdonald; Akinloye, Oluseyi Adeboye; Ugbaja, Regina Ngozi; Omotainse, Samuel Ola Jan 1, 2017 3504
Experimental Study on the Atomization and Chemiluminescence Characteristics of Ethanol Flame. Zhang, Qing; Song, Xudong; Guo, Qinghua; Gong, Yan; Hu, Chonghe; Yu, Guangsuo Report Jan 1, 2017 4125
High-Throughput Screening of Potential Skin Penetration-Enhancers Using Stratum Corneum Lipid Liposomes: Preliminary Evaluation for Different Concentrations of Ethanol. Sakdiset, Pajaree; Kitao, Yuki; Todo, Hiroaki; Sugibayashi, Kenji Report Jan 1, 2017 6087
Concentration and Separation of Active Proteins from Potato Industry Waste Based on Low-Temperature Evaporation and Ethanol Precipitation. Taskila, Sanna; Ahokas, Mikko; Jarvinen, Juho; Toivanen, Juho; Tanskanen, Juha P. Report Jan 1, 2017 3626
Ethanol-Induced Alterations of T Cells and Cytokines after Surgery in a Murine Infection Model. Lanzke, Nadine; Menk, Mario; von Haefen, Clarissa; Sargsyan, Lilit; Scharf, Bianca; Wernecke, Klaus- Jan 1, 2017 8030
Antioxidants of Phyllanthus emblica L. Bark Extract Provide Hepatoprotection against Ethanol-Induced Hepatic Damage: A Comparison with Silymarin. Chaphalkar, Renuka; Apte, Kishori G.; Talekar, Yogesh; Ojha, Shreesh Kumar; Nandave, Mukesh Report Jan 1, 2017 7227
The Neuroprotective Effects of Carvacrol on Ethanol-Induced Hippocampal Neurons Impairment via the Antioxidative and Antiapoptotic Pathways. Wang, Peng; Luo, Qian; Qiao, Hui; Ding, Hui; Cao, Yonggang; Yu, Juan; Liu, Ruxia; Zhang, Qianlong; Z Report Jan 1, 2017 6820
Baicalin Ameliorates Liver Injury Induced by Chronic plus Binge Ethanol Feeding by Modulating Oxidative Stress and Inflammation via CYP2E1 and NRF2 in Mice. He, Ping; Wu, Yafeng; Shun, Jianchao; Liang, Yaodong; Cheng, Mingliang; Wang, Yuping Report Jan 1, 2017 5010
The Ethanol Extract of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) Protects against Triptolide-Induced Oxidative Stress through Activation of Nrf2. Cao, Ling-Juan; Hou, Zhen-Yan; Li, Huan-De; Zhang, Bi-Kui; Fang, Ping-Fei; Xiang, Da-Xiong; Li, Zhi- Report Jan 1, 2017 5921
Ethanol Extract of Mylabris phalerata Inhibits M2 Polarization Induced by Recombinant IL-4 and IL-13 in Murine Macrophages. Chung, Hwan-Suck; Lee, Bong-Seon; Ma, Jin Yeul Report Jan 1, 2017 3748
Antifungal Activity of the Ethanol Extract from Flos Rosae Chinensis with Activity against Fluconazole-Resistant Clinical Candida. Zhang, Lulu; Lin, Hui; Liu, Wei; Dai, Baodi; Yan, Lan; Cao, YongBing; Jiang, Yuan-Ying Report Jan 1, 2017 7293
Mechanical Stimulation of the HT7 Acupuncture Point to Reduce Ethanol Self-Administration in Rats. Kang, Suk-Yun; Kwon, O. Sang; Moon, Ji-Young; Cho, Seong Jin; Choi, Kwang- Ho; Kim, Junbeom; Ahn, Se Jan 1, 2017 4455
Flavonoid Composition and Biological Activities of Ethanol Extracts of Caryocar coriaceum Wittm., a Native Plant from Caatinga Biome. Alves, Daniela Ribeiro; de Morais, Selene Maia; Tomiotto-Pellissier, Fernanda; Miranda-Sapla, Milena Jan 1, 2017 5561
Polydatin Protects Rat Liver against Ethanol-Induced Injury: Involvement of CYP2E1/ROS/Nrf2 and TLR4/NF-[kappa]B p65 Pathway. Huang, Qiong-Hui; Xu, Lie-Qiang; Liu, Yu-Hong; Wu, Jia-Zhen; Wu, Xue; Lai, Xiao- Ping; Li, Yu-Cui; S Jan 1, 2017 7939
Ethanol Extract of Root of Prunus persica Inhibited the Growth of Liver Cancer Cell HepG2 by Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest and Migration Suppression. Shen, Hongchun; Wang, Honglian; Wang, Li; Wang, Lu; Zhu, Menglian; Ming, Yao; Zhao, Sha; Fan, Junmin Jan 1, 2017 3615
Anticancer Efficacy of Cordyceps militaris Ethanol Extract in a Xenografted Leukemia Model. Park, Jae Gwang; Son, Young-Jin; Lee, Tae Ho; Baek, Nam Joon; Yoon, Deok Hyo; Kim, Tae Woong; Aravin Jan 1, 2017 3515
Quantitative Determination of b-carotene Aided by Hexane / Ethanol Extraction. Li, Wenying; Li, Xiaofei; Wu, Zhihua; Li, Xin; Yang, Anshu; Tong, Ping; Chen, Hongbing Report Dec 31, 2016 2581
Process optimization of ethanol production from cotton stalk hydrolysate using co culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pachysolen tannophilus. Baig, Mirza Zaheer; Smita, M. Dharmadhikari Report Dec 1, 2016 7997
Gastroprotective Effects of Various Scrophularia striata Extracts on Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer in Rats/Scrophularia striata Ekstrelerinin Ratlarda olusturulan Etanol-Nedenli Gastrik Ulser Modeli Uzerindeki Gastroprotektif Etkileri. Rafiei, Maryam; Namazi, Fatemeh; Rajaian, Hamid; Nazifi, Saeed Report Dec 1, 2016 4689
Pacific Ethanol announces lower Q3 2016 net loss of USD3.8m. Financial report Nov 3, 2016 205
Cornhusker NAMA tours ethanol plant. Nov 1, 2016 288
Blending octane number of ethanol in HCCI, SI and CI combustion modes. Waqas, Muhammad; Naser, Nimal; Sarathy, Mani; Morganti, Kai; Qurashi, Khalid Al-; Johansson, Bengt Report Nov 1, 2016 9372
The effect of ethanol vapour exposure on atrial and ventricular walls of chick embryos. Oct 31, 2016 3534
Scientists stumble on easy process to turn CO2 into ethanol. Oct 19, 2016 275
Nano-Spike Catalysts Convert Carbon Dioxide Directly into Ethanol. Oct 13, 2016 427
Physicochemical monitoring of wastewater from a sugar and ethanol industry after bioaugmentation, with a proposal for reuse/Monitoramento fisico-quimico de aguas residuarias de industria de acucar e alcool apos bioaumentacao, com proposta de reuso. Filho, Natalino Perovano; da Silva, Kelly Fernanda Seara; dos Santos, Elane Cristina Lourenco; Queis Oct 1, 2016 3800
CleanFund provides commercial PACE financing to Pacific Ethanol. Sep 28, 2016 150
CleanFund provides commercial PACE financing to Pacific Ethanol. Sep 28, 2016 148
Green Plains Partners buys ethanol storage assets for USD90m. Sep 27, 2016 201
Edeniq Inc announces EPA-approved registration for cellulosic ethanol plant and D3 RINs from Pathway Technology. Sep 13, 2016 210
Balancing tannin maturity and extraction: studying the relationships between seed maturity, length of maceration and ethanol amount on Merlot wines. Casassa, Federico; Harbertson, James Sep 1, 2016 3961
Nissan's ethanol-powered fuel cell vehicle. Sep 1, 2016 236
Key ingredient in ethanol production discovered: study finds that C[O.sub.2] neutralizes toxicity, allowing for more streamlined processes in production. Report Sep 1, 2016 153
Effect of Hexane and Ethanol Extracts of Ten Basil Genotypes on the Growth of Selected Bacterial Strains. Tabassum, Sobia; Amin, Farhana; Erum, Shazia; Javed, Hina; Kazmi, Faiza; Nisar, Muhammad Furrakh; Ul Report Aug 31, 2016 3957
Green Plains to buy three Abengoa Bioenergy ethanol plants via bidding. Aug 23, 2016 200
Economic Development Sector Recommends Production and Permanent Use of Ethanol. Aug 17, 2016 162
US ethanol in sweet Brazil deals. Aug 15, 2016 319
Ethanol production from agricultural residues by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process (SSF) by using termites and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. batool, Iram; Asad, Muhammad Javaid; M; Ahmad, Shareez; Mahmood, Raja Tahir; gul, Hina; Nisar, Lubna Report Jul 1, 2016 4347
Hydroxyethyl starches in burns. Rogers, Alan D. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2016 2130
Ethanol and Levan production by sequential bath using Zymomonas mobilis immobilized on alginate and chitosan beads/Producao de etanol e levana por batelada sequencial utilizando Zymomonas mobilis imobilizadas em esferas de alginato e quitosana. Santos, Vidiany Aparecida Queiroz; Cruz, Crispin Humberto Garcia Jul 1, 2016 6672
Technip Buys Hummingbird "Ethanol to Ethylene Technology from BP Chemicals. Jun 16, 2016 174
Technip Buys Hummingbird "Ethanol to Ethylene Technology from BP Chemicals. Jun 16, 2016 184
Performance analysis of diesel blends as additive Ethanol, Di-ethyl-either and Iso butanol fuel for CI engines. Manimurugan, M.; Senthilkumar, D. May 30, 2016 3298
Bootleg vodka with ethanol; corner shopkeeper is fined PS3,200 for flogging risky booze. May 27, 2016 530

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