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Ethanol from coal.

ETHANOL FROM COAL. Colombian and Spanish investors are analyzing construction of a plant for $2 billion to produce ethanol from hard coal for export and to supply the local market, reports (Sept. 3, 2013). The project, involving an investment of $2 billion, could be developed on 50 hectares in the district of Parita, near the boundaries of the National Park Sarigua. Using giant drums, the company would aim to produce ethanol and methanol for local consumption, but mainly for export. "At the moment this project is being looked into and the aim is that ethanol production not be based solely on cane, but also on other sources," said Juan Samaniego, Director of Environmental Protection at the National Environmental Authority (ANAM). If the project comes to fruition, the hard coal would be imported from Colombia and Venezuela because Panama does not produce it. Of the total production only 20% will go towards domestic consumption, the rest would be exported.
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Title Annotation:PANAMA
Publication:Caribbean Update
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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