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Articles from Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences (March 1, 2015)

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A new species of middle Rhuddanian Halysites (Tabulata) from Meitan, northern Guizhou, Southwest China. Wang, Guangxu; Zhan, Renbin Report 1660
A plant-root system in the Lower Devonian of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland. Szrek, Piotr; Salwa, Sylwester; Niedzwiedzki, Grzegorz Report 1375
Allogenic succession in Late Ordovician reefs from southeast China: a response to the Cathaysian orogeny. Li, Qijian; Li, Yue; Kiessling, Wolfgang Report 2334
An updated stratigraphic and environmental framework for the distribution of Silurian vertebrates on Gotland. Bremer, Oskar; Blom, Henning Report 2544
Calibrating water depths of Ordovician communities: lithological and ecological controls on depositional gradients in Upper Ordovician strata of southern Ohio and north-central Kentucky, USA. Brett, Carlton E.; Malgieri, Thomas J.; Thomka, James R.; Aucoin, Christopher D.; Dattilo, Benjamin Report 2385
Colour patterns on Silurian orthocerid and pseudorthocerid conchs from Gotland--palaeoecological implications. Manda, Stepan; Turek, Vojtech Report 3040
Discovery of the messaoudensis-trifidum acritarch assemblage (upper Tremadocian-lower Floian, Lower Ordovician) in the subsurface of Morocco. Nowak, Hendrik; Akodad, Mustapha; Lefebvre, Bertrand; Servais, Thomas Report 2073
Evolutionary history of the Gothograptus lineage of the Retiolitidae (Graptolithina). Kozlowska, Anna Report 2564
First record of the early Sheinwoodian carbon isotope excursion (ESCIE) from the Barrandian area of northwestern peri-Gondwana. Fryda, Jiri; Lehnert, Oliver; Joachimski, Michael Report 2519
Geochemical and palaeontological evidence for the definition of the Silurian/Devonian boundary in the Changwantang section, Guangxi province, China. Zhao, Wen-jin; Jia, Guo-dong; Zhu, Min; Zhu, You'an Report 2479
New evidence of an early Pridoli barrier reef in the southern part of the Baltic Silurian basin based on three-dimensional seismic survey, Lithuania. Kaminskas, Donatas; Michelevicius, Dainius; Blazauskas, Nerijus Report 2463
New group of the Early Palaeozoic conodont-like fossils. Szaniawski, Hubert Report 1465
New results for Palaeozoic volcanic phases in the Prague Basin-magnetic and geochemical studies of Listice, Czech Republic. Elbra, Tiiu; Schnabl, Petr; Tasaryova, Zuzana; Cizkova, Kristyna; Prunera, Petr Report 2864
Palaeoenvironmental signatures revealed from rare earth element (REE) compositions of vertebrate microremains of the Vesiku Bone Bed (Homerian, Wenlock), Saaremaa Island, Estonia. Report 2915
Pathways and mechanisms of Late Ordovician (Katian) faunal migrations of Laurentia and Baltica. Lam, Adriane R.; Stigall, Alycia L. Report 2725
Preface. Histon, Kathleen; Zigaite, Zivile 706
Preliminary report on the Oldenburg "butter shale" in the Upper Ordovician (Katian; Richmondian) Waynesville Formation, USA. Aucoin, Christopher D.; Dattilo, Benjamin; Brett, Carlton E.; Cooper, Dan L. Brief article 1967
Rare earth elements (REEs) in vertebrate microremains from the upper Pridoli Ohesaare beds of Saaremaa Island, Estonia: geochemical clues to palaeoenvironment. Zigaite, Zivile; Fadel, Alexandre; Blom, Henning; Perez-Huerta, Alberto; Jeffries, Teresa; Marss, Ti Report 3481
Shell microstructure and its inheritance in the calcitic helcionellid Mackinnonia. Vendrasco, Michael J.; Checa, Antonio G. Report 2428
The youngest representatives of the genus Ribeiria Sharpe, 1853 from the late Katian of the Prague Basin (Bohemia). Polechova, Marika Report 3592
Trans-Atlantic application of the Baltic Mand Upper Ordovician carbon isotope zonation. Bergstrom, Stig M.; Saltzman, Matthew R.; Leslie, Stephen A.; Ferretti, Annalisa; Young, Seth A. Report 3001
Ultrastructures of porostromate microproblematica from a Mulde Event (Homerian, Silurian) bioherm in Podolia, Western Ukraine. Castagner, Ariane; Jarochowska, Emilia; Munnecke, Axel; Desrochers, Andre Report 2379

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