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Articles from Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences (December 1, 2014)

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[delta][sup.13]C chemostratigraphy in the upper Tremadocian through lower Katian (Ordovician) carbonate succession of the Siljan district, central Sweden. Lehnert, Oliver; Meinhold, Guido; Wu, Rongchang; Calner, Mikael; Joachimski, Michael M. Report 4417
[delta][sup.13]C chemostratigraphy of the Middle and Upper Ordovician succession in the Tartu-453 drillcore, southern Estonia, and the significance of the HICE. Bauert, Heikki; Ainsaar, Leho; Poldsaar, Kairi; Sepp, Siim Report 3228
A swollen crinoid pluricolumnal from the Upper Ordovician of northern Kentucky, USA: the oldest record of an amorphous paleopathologic response in Crinoidea? Thomka, James R.; Malgieri, Thomas J.; Brett, Carlton E. Report 2980
Aphanitic buildup from the onset of the Mulde Event (Homerian, middle Silurian) at Whitman's Hill, Herefordshire, UK: ultrastructural insights into proposed microbial fabrics. Passler, Jan-Filip; Jarochowska, Emilia; Ray, David C.; Munneckea, Axel; Worton, Graham Report 3049
Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of the Llandovery in northern peri-Gondwana: new data from the Barrandian area, Czech Republic. Fryda, Jiri; Storch, Petr Report 3339
Centimetre-scale variability of redox-sensitive elements in Tremadocian black shales from the eastern Baltic Palaeobasin. Hints, Rutt; Soesoo, Alvar; Voolma, Margus; Tarros, Siim; Kallaste, Toivo; Hade, Sigrid Report 3744
Composition and significance of the Katian (Upper Ordovician) conodont fauna of the Vaux Limestone ('Calcaire des Vaux') in Normandy, France. Ferretti, Annalisa; Messori, Andrea; Bergstrom, Stig M. Report 2134
Darriwilian Saucrorthis Fauna: implications for the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event (GOBE). Zhan, Renbin; Luan, Xiaocong; Huang, Bing; Liang, Yan; Wang, Guangxu; Wang, Yi Report 2837
Geochemical discrimination of the Upper Ordovician Kinnekulle Bentonite in the Billegrav-2 drill core section, Bornholm, Denmark. Kiipli, Tarmo; Kallaste, Toivo; Nielsen, Arne T.; Schovsboc, Niels H.; Siir, Sven Report 3512
Mean grain size fluctuations of the siliciclastic component in the Aizpute-41 core: implication for end-Ordovician glaciation. Kiipli, Enli; Siir, Sven; Kallaste, Toivo; Kiipli, Tarmo Report 3278
New data on acritarchs from the Upper Ordovician of the Tungus basin, Siberian Platform. Raevskaya, Elena; Dronov, Andrei Report 1632
Ordovician graptolites from the basal part of the Palaeozoic transgressive sequence in the Karadere area, Zonguldak Terrane, NW Turkey. Goncuoglu, M. Cemal; Sachanski, Valeri; Gutierrez-Marco, Juan Carlos; Okuyucu, Cengiz Report 2897
Phylogenetic paleobiogeography of Late Ordovician Laurentian brachiopods. Bauer, Jennifer E.; Stigall, Alycia L. Report 2767
Preface. Histon, Kathleen Editorial 1115
Provenance shift in Cambrian mid-Baltica: detrital zircon chronology of Ediacaran-Cambrian sandstones in Estonia. Isozaki, Yukio; Poldvere, Anne; Bauert, Heikki; Nakahata, Hiroki; Aoki, Kazumasa; Sakata, Shuhei; Hi Report 2766
Reconstruction of the mid-Hirnantian palaeotopography in the Upper Yangtze region, South China. Zhang, Linna; Fan, Junxuan; Chen, Qing; Wu, Shuang-Ye Report 3145
Revision of the conodont zonation of the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary in the Prague Synform. Slavik, Ladislav Report 3951
Species-abundance models for brachiopods across the Ordovician-Silurian boundary of South China. Huang, Bing; Zhan, Renbin Report 2027
The Digital Atlas of Ordovician Life: digitizing and mobilizing data for paleontologists and the public. Stigall, Alycia L.; Bauer, Jennifer E.; Brame, Hannah-Maria R. Report 1776
The early Katian (Late Ordovician) reefs near Saku, northern Estonia and the age of the Saku Member, Vasalemma Formation. Kroger, Bjorn; Hints, Linda; Lehnert, Oliver; Mannik, Peep; Joachimski, Michael Report 2702
The Llandovery (Silurian) conodont species diversity on the Upper Yangtze Platform, South China. Chen, Zhongyang; Fan, Junxuan; Hou, Xudong; Lu, Linli Report 2092
The stratigraphic imprint of a mid-Telychian (Llandovery, Early Silurian) glaciation on far-field shallow-water carbonates, Anticosti Island, Eastern Canada. Clayer, Francois; Desrochers, Andre Report 3198
Traces of explosive volcanic eruptions in the Upper Ordovician of the Siberian Platform. Huff, Warren D.; Dronov, Andrei V.; Sell, Bryan; Kanygin, Aleksandr V.; Gonta, Taras V. Report 3395
Upper Wenlock [delta][sup.13]C chemostratigraphy, conodont biostratigraphy and palaeoecological dynamics in the Ledai-179 drill core (Eastern Lithuania). Radzevicius, Sigitas; Spiridonov, Andrej; Brazauskas, Antanas; Norkus, Audrius; Meidla, Tonu; Ainsaa Report 3191

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