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In 2011, the Estonian Music Library Association (EMLA, Estonian branch of IAML) had 15 members: 12 institutional and 3 individuals. The board consisted of the following members: Kaie Viigipuu-Kreintaal (President, Tallinn Central Library), Ilvi Rauna (Vice-President, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Library), Heidi Heinmaa (Secretary, NLE), Avo Kartul (UTL), Ene Roost (Parnu Central Library), Meery Salu (Tartu Public Library), Viive Valper (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir).

The spring school and general meeting took place at the Laane County Central Library at Haapsalu on 4-5 June. Lectures upon Cyrillus Kreek, the composer who lived and worked at Haapsalu, and on music composition in Estonia and abroad during the past fifty years were delivered; a visit to the Kreek House Museum was organized.

EMLA celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. The Jubilee Conference was held in the Organ Hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre on 27 of October. Presentations by our Estonian and Finnish colleagues dealt with the role of music collections in the new digital age, the activities of the Music Academy Library in its 76-year history, the story of Estonian gramophone records over the past 110 years, and the music collections of the Estonian Folklore Archives and the work of the International Arvo Part Centre.

In 1901, exactly 110 years ago, the first gramophone record was released in Estonia. Two exhibitions were held in the National Library to celebrate the anniversary: Estonian Gramophone Record 110 and Estonian Vinyl, and the publication Eesti vinuulplaadi diskograafia 1954-2010 (The Discography of Estonian Vinyl Records 1954-2010), ISBN 9789949413263, was issued simultaneously in print and digital form.

Other branch activites included Katre Riisalu, Heidi Heinmaa and Ilvi Rauna attending the annual conference of IAML in Dublin; Katre Riisalu and Marika Koha went to the annual conference of BAAC (Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council) in Tallinn; and 53 entries and 43 summaries of music literature published in Estonia were added to RILM's International Database.

Kaie Viigipuu-Kreintaal

President, IAML (Estonia)
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