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Estonia: EKRE Tartu chapter chair says mayor should think about resigning.

Indrek Sarg, chairman of the Tartu chapter of the Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) and the party's mayoral candidate in the recent elections, said that Reform Party member and Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas should think about resigning after the corruption scandal involving two Tartu deputy mayors.

"Already last year, the Internal Security Service removed Social Democrat and deputy mayor Kajar Lember from the office. Urmas Klaas then promised that internal control will be improved. Unfortunately, now two deputy mayors were detained on suspicion of corruption. This clearly shows the incorrect staff choice and lack of internal control in the city government. Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas is personally responsible for both fields," Sarg was quoted by party spokespeople as saying.

"The reputation of the city of Tartu has been significantly damaged as the Tartu city government is associated with suspicious affairs, which until now have characterized the East-Viru County or the Russian Federation more. The Estonian Conservative People's Party is reminding the Reform Party, the Center Party and the Social Democratic Party, that Tartu is not Tambov and the Republic of Estonia is not the Russian Federation," Sarg said.

Officials of the Internal Security Service (ISS) arrested Tartu Deputy Mayor Valvo Semilarski, member of the Reform Party, and Deputy Mayor Artjom Suvorov, of the Center Party, as suspects in multiple corruption offenses.

According to the suspicion, Semilarski took part in the making of decisions in relation to which he had direct personal economic interests. The other Deputy Mayor, Artjom Suvorov, is suspected of accepting bribes on repeated occasions for assigning financial support to various organizations over a longer period of time and one person is being suspected of giving a bribe to Suvorov. The criminal investigations concerning Semilarski and Suvorov are not connected with each other.


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Title Annotation:BALTIC NEWS
Publication:The Baltic Times (Riga, Latvia)
Date:Oct 26, 2017
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