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Estate planning questionnaire update checklist.

The following checklist serves as a handy reminder to help CPAs update records of clients on whom they have previous financial planning information.

Name Date

Please indicate whether changes have occurred in the following areas since our review of your estate plan in __.
 (date of last update)
 No Describe
 change change

1. Your marital status or that of other family members 2. Birth or adoption of children or grandchildren 3. Serious illness or disability of any

family member, including yourself 4. Support requirements of parents, in-laws or others 5. Unusual financial problems of any family members 6. Gifts to family members 7. Loans to family members forgiven 8. Life insurance amounts or beneficiaries 9. Business interests 10. Estate value 11. Your will, such as



Specific bequests

Charitable bequests

Trust arrangement

Other Adapted from the AICPA Personal Financial Planning Manual
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Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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