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Essentials of ecology, 4th ed.


Essentials of ecology, 4th ed.

Miller, G. Tyler Jr.

Brooks/Cole Publishing


115 pages




Offering a brief introduction to basic ecological concepts, this text consists of the first 12 chapters from the 15th edition of the author's longer text, Living in the Environment (Brooks/Cole, 2007). After an overview of major environmental problems, the text covers basics science, principles of ecology, and biodiversity. The art program features a reader-friendly layout with color photos, drawings, and maps. This fourth edition contains chapter-opening case studies, new critical thinking exercises, and discussion of environmental careers, plus a companion web site. Seventeen optional supplements, also new to this edition, provide graphs, concept maps, and timelines, and reviews of chemistry and environmental science basics. Miller is president of Earth Education and Research.

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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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