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Essentials of 80x86 assembly language, 2d ed.


Essentials of 80x86 assembly language, 2d ed.

Detmer, Richard C.

Jones & Bartlett


284 pages




Detmer (Middle Tennessee State U.) offers a supplemental text to instructors who want to give students hands-on experience with the Intel 80x86 architecture or use the book as a stand-alone text for an assembly language course. The text emphasizes basic 80x86 integer instructions and introduces both 64-bit instructions and floating point architecture. Students assemble 32- or 64-bit flat memory model programs and execute them under control of a debugger, "seeing inside" the computer as they go through program instructions and view contents of registers and memory. Topics include 80x86 integer representations, memory addressing, and registers; assembly language syntax; opcodes and instruction formats; data copy, Boolean, shift and rotate, and unconditional and conditional jump instructions; integer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division instructions; the 80x86 stack and push and pop instructions; subroutine linkage using standard protocols and call and return instructions; and floating point and XMM registers and instructions. This edition uses the Microsoft Visual Studio environment instead of stand-alone software.

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