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Essential Endodontology: Prevention and Treatment of Apical Periodontitis, Second Edition.

Essential Endodontology: Prevention and Treatment of Apical Periodontitis, Second Edition

Orstavik D and TP


Oxford, UK, 2008

488 pages, illustrated, indexed, hard cover

ISBN: 1-40514-976-0


Essential Endodontology: Prevention and Treatment of Apical Periodontitis is a major comprehensive text on apical periodontitis. The book is written primarily for graduate students of endodontology, specialists or interested general practitioners, and more recently for undergraduate students. It may also be of interest to dental hygienists or dental hygiene faculty who have a special interest in this area and wish to have a significant document for reference in their own library.

This edition reflects the progress in scientific and clinical research, which has led to an increased understanding of the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and etiology of apical periodontitis. At the same time it has kept its basic core information from its first edition on apical periodontitis as a specific disease entity. There are 14 chapters that cover this information in detail. Chapters are broken into outlined numbered sections covering the specific topic. Each chapter contains extensive references that provide the support for the information in the chapter. The references also document research activity. The chapters are complemented with pictures, both colored and black and white, histological pictures, diagrams, schematics, and photomicrographs.

Chapter 1 begins with an introduction into apical periodontitis, terminology, and the biological and clinical significance of this disease entity. Chapter 2 provides foundation information on the pulp tissue, dentin, blood flow within the pulp, inflammatory reactions, the periodontium, periodontal ligament, cementum, and alveolar bone. Chapter 3 describes the pathogenesis of pulpal and periapical inflammations, and discusses the mechanisms of their development. Chapter 4, Pathobiology of Apical Periodontitis, discusses the microbes and host defense as a dynamic encounter, which results in favor of the host or a variety of categories of lesions of apical periodontitis. Chapter 5 provides an extensive discussion of the microbiology of apical periodontitis. Chapter 6 is concerned with radiology as a diagnostic aid and as a tool for follow-up assessment and epidemiological studies. Chapter 7, Clinical Manifestations and Diagnosis, emphasizes the importance of correct pulpal diagnosis as the key to all endodontic treatments. The author states the clinical diagnosis should be based on history of symptoms, presenting symptoms, diagnostic tests, and clinical findings. Therapy should not be initiated until the diagnosis can be established. Other chapters cover the epidemiology of apical periodontitis, prevention and management in primary teeth, treatment of the exposed pulp-dentin complex, and endodontic treatment of teeth with and without apical periodontitis. Chapter 13 discusses surgical treatment. The last chapter reviews reports on the outcomes in the prevention and treatment of apical periodontitis, defines the prognosis of these treatments and identifies predictors of their outcomes.

The text is very successful in providing a systematic analysis of the most recent relevant research in the area of apical periodontitis. The text would be an asset to any dental professional who has an interest in this area.

Reviewed by Ruth Fearing Tornwall, RDH, MS, associate professor at the Lamar Institute of Technology in Beaumont, Tex.
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Author:Tornwall, Ruth Fearing
Publication:Journal of Dental Hygiene
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2008
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