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Essene Book Of Everyday Virtues.

Essene Book Of Everyday Virtues

Kenneth Hanson

Council Oak Books Ltd.

2105 East 15th Street, Suite B, Tulsa, OK 74104

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In the Essene Book Of Everyday Virtues: Spiritual Wisdom From The Dead Sea Scrolls, Kenneth Hanson (Judaic Studies, University of Central Florida, Orlando) draws upon the writings of the Essenes (or Sons of Light as they called themselves) discovered in Israel in 1947. These writings consisted of 38 books of the Hebrew Bible (the oldest known copies in the world) as well as apocryphal material, original rule books for community living, psalms, and books of prophesy, and are the basis (along with accounts by Josephus (an ancient Jewish historian) and contemporary archaeological discoveries), and are the legacies from which Professor Hanson has developed a kind of ethical handbook for contemporary readers. With an emphasis on community, simplicity, learning and perseverance which were hallmarks of the ancients, the Essene Book Of Everyday Virtues underscores how in these present times, so many centuries later, what those long-lost ascetics, scholars, visionaries, and holy men have to offer us in achieving lives of spiritual wealth and abundance today. Essene Book Of Everyday Virtues is a wonderfully fascinating and informatively engaging read that can be confidently recommended to modern readers of all denominations and faiths seeking to enhance their personal spiritual growth while living in a secular world.
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Title Annotation:Essene Book of Everyday Virtues: Spiritual Wisdom from the Dead Sea Scrolls
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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