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Essays in Marketing and Management - A Festschrift in Honour of Kjell Gronhaug.

When asked by the editor to review Essays in Marketing and Management - A Festschrift in Honour of Kjell Gronhaug, I was both honoured and very pleased. The contribution made by Kjell Gronhaug to the development of marketing thought has been enormous, but its depth has not been realized because many of the students who have been privileged to have been taught by him have yet to make their contribution. This festschrift is a veritable smorgesbord of eclectic topics and approaches which aptly mirror Kjell's myriad scholarly interests.

When I first met Kjell, many years ago at some now largely forgotten academic conference, I was intrigued by his open approach to marketing issues. Being then recently returned to Europe from the USA, packed full of the so-called new scientific approach to the study of marketing and management, his open style was in sharp contrast to the rigidities of logical positivism. It took me many years to escape from the tyranny of reductionism, but I have been helped significantly by the work of the Nordic school to which Kjell is a foremost contributor.

All of us owe a great debt of gratitude to the Nordic school which refused to bow to the hegemony of reductionist epistemology. For example, they were reporting on the importance of relationship marketing some 20 years before it was "discovered" in North America, and well before some of the damage that a narrow "transactional" view had inflicted was starting to be repaired.

In addition to Kjell's scholarly interests which the festschrift well reflects, it is also a tribute to his power as a true teacher. From discussions with some of his former pupils, he must have been a powerful influence on the mind. They all obviously loved him and learned from him.

The list of contributors to the festschrift is another meditation of Kjell's diversity of scholarship. With such names as Lars-Gunnar Mattsson, Hakan Hakansson, Flemming Hansen and many more, and topics as diverse as "A research journey into the quantitative space", "Marketing as quality management: conceptual, methodological and managerial issues", and "Recent developments in the measurement of advertising effectiveness: the third generation", the reader will enjoy a wonderful journey across the marketing and management landscape and the vistas of great merit which can only enhance the continued voyage of discovery so well illustrated by the lifetime work of Kjell Gronhaug.

Anthony C. Cunningham University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

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Publication:European Journal of Marketing
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Date:Nov 1, 1997
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