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Especially for Teachers: Getting Started [and] Professional Development Handouts. Learning Page Lesson Plan.

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American Memory is a Web site created by the Library of Congress which provides public access to more than 7 million historical items, presented in over 100 thematic collections through the World Wide Web. These items reflect the collective American memory, its history and culture, and include unique and rare documents, photographs, films, and audio recordings. The "Learning Page" provides a "teacher's eye view" of the American Memory collections. It includes lessons, features, activities, and "tips and tricks" for using these collections in the classroom. The Learning Page Site Map reveals the latest additions to the Learning Page, as well as special events, conference presentations, and programs of special interest to educators. The Learning Page also contains suggestions and lesson plans for using primary sources in the classroom. (NKA)

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jun 10, 2002
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