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Escape from Intimacy.


The author compares addictions to sex, romance, and relationships that take on symptoms of compelling behavior. "It is easy to be seduced by these addictions," she writes. "Often they appear to be attempts at intimacy, but are actually escapes from genuine intimacy resulting in "pseudo-relationships."

All addicts face a destructive, progressive, fatal disease, Schaef explains. Identifying and understanding the processes at work can be the beginning of recovery.

In enumerating the functions of sex, relationships, and romance as the objects of an addict's compulsive need for a "fix," the author describes the destructive nature of these addictions -- the woman so caught up in her romantic fixations and fantasies that she drifts further and further away from reality; the sex addict willing to go to any extreme to fill his or her need.

She also outlines the subtler aspects of these addictions -- the nature of codependence; the obsession, disgust, and complete sexual withdrawal that are the symptoms of sexual anorexia; the nature of sexual violence; and the roles of family, institutions, and society in creation of addictive behavior.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1989
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