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Esam Janahi receives Honorary Doctorate.

Esam Janahi receives Honorary Doctorate From Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations

* GFH Chairman Honored For Sustainable Economic Development Projects

Gulf Finance House Chairman Esam Janahi was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations during a recent ceremony on the school's campus.

Mr. Janahi was recognized for his contribution towards accelerating economic growth in emerging economies through projects that attract billions of dollars in foreign investment. These initiatives enhance the lives of the citizens of these countries through the creation of sustainable employment opportunities. The long-term implications of his efforts are enormous in terms of helping these countries capitalize on their own natural resources.

Some of his projects have included "Financial Harbours" and "Energy Cities," both of which are aimed at creating the infrastructure needed to consolidate the financial and oil and gas industries in their respective countries.

Doctorates were also given to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Curtis Roosevelt, grandson of the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Prince Albert was honored for his devotion and hard work in defense of the environment. In recent years Prince Albert has shown exemplary statesmanship in increasingly shouldering the burden of several campaigns to fight pollution of the atmosphere and oceans, to protect biodiversity and to preserve marine flora and fauna. Mr. Roosevelt's degree was based on his work as a political thinker, writer, historian, commentator and university professor. His commentaries on the US political scene have been widely published internationally and he has appeared in more than a dozen documentaries.

The Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations is a well respected institution of higher learning that specializes in preparing students for careers in statecraft, finance and related fields.

In accepting the doctorate, Mr. Janahi said, "We live in a world today where pressing issues such as the environment, population growth and political stability can only truly be tackled by a cross-border response of enlightened and energized nations."He also indicated that companies had to look to their Corporate Social Responsibility programs to see their roles as more than revenue generators, as more than employers, as even more than good corporate citizens."I'm talking about companies fully understanding the long-term needs of the regions in which they do business and then tackling those needs in very commercial and sustainable ways.He cited projects in Bahrain, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Tunisia and Mumbai as examples of initiatives that bring with them optimism, confidence and opportunities for growth and prosperity.

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Date:Jun 30, 2008
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