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The Biological Bulletin, Volume 216, Number 1, page 26

The following corrected version of Table 1 should be substituted for the table as printed on page 26 of the article by Charles Walker, Anne Bottger, Joseph Mulkern, Emily Jerszyk, Marianne Litvaitis, and Michael Lesser, "Mass culture and characterization of tumor cells from a naturally occurring invertebrate cancer model: application for human and animal disease and environmental health."

Table 1

Culture medium for maintaining cancerous clam hemocytes: ingredients
listed were added to 9.3 g Eagle's MEM (Sigma, M-4144) to make 21 at
final osmolarity of 1100-1150 mOsm; modified from Sible et al. (1992)

Additional ingredients       Amount       Absolute final cone.
                             added       (including Eagle's MEM)

SALTS (added in order)        Grams        Millimoles per liter

Ca[Cl.sub.2]                  3.647             17.6
KCl                           1.358             11.78
Mg[Cl.sub.2] x 6[H.sub.2]O    8.714             21.45
Mg[SO.sub.4] x 7[H.sub.2]O    6.316             12.91
NaCl                         48.520            473.25
NaH[CO.sub.3]                 2.000             11.90
Hepes Buffer                  4.766             10.00
Glucose                       1.000              5.57
Glutamine                     0.292              1.00

AMINO ACIDS                 Milligrams
                            in 2

L-Alanine                     1.8
L-Asparagine                  3.0
L-Aspartic acid               2.7
L-Glutamic acid               2.9
L-Serine                      2.1
Proline                       2.3
Glycine                     1.0 ml from
                            (0.188 g/25
                            ml) for
                            0.05 ml

ANTIBIOTICS                 Micrograms

Penicillin                  200
Ampicillin                   25
Streptomycin                200
Penicillin                  200

SERUM                         %

FBS (heat inactivated)       10
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Publication:The Biological Bulletin
Article Type:Correction notice
Date:Apr 1, 2009
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