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In Figure 1 of the article by Triche et al. [Environ Health Perspect 114:911-916 (2006)], the 24-hr average and the 8-hr maximum average were labeled incorrectly. The corrected figure appears below:

On page 873 of the article by Sirivelu et al. [Environ Health Perspect 114:870-874 (2006)], two sentences were incorrect: "IL-1" was omitted from the first sentence and placed incorrectly in the second. The corrected sentences are as follows:
 We have previously shown that NE levels in the AN are elevated after
 an immune stressor such as IL-1 (MohanKumar et al. 1998). AN has also
 been implicated in autonomic functions such as respiratory processing
 mediated by carotid body receptor (Banks and Harris 1988), suggesting
 that apart from the PVN, the AN also may be involved in stress-induced
 autonomic alterations.

EHP regrets the errors.
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Publication:Environmental Health Perspectives
Article Type:Correction notice
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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