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p. 13: Sir John Bowring (rather than 'Bowering').

p. 44: Midlothian campaign: 1879-1880 rather than Autumn of 1885?

p. 46, line 6 from foot: for 'set read 'sent'.

p. 50, line 8: for 'affect' read 'effect'.

p. 56, line 3 from foot: for 'Camaroon' read 'Cameroon'.

p. 57, para. 1, line 4: for 'affected' read 'effected'.

p. 65, note 5, line 3ff: for 'threades' read 'threads'.

p. 67, note 39: for 'Thoma' read 'Thomas'.

p. 75 for 'Sarawaks' read 'Sarawak's'.

p. 104 for 'Irriwaddy' read 'Irrawaddy'.

(A. V. M. Horton)
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Author:Horton, A.V.M.
Publication:Borneo Research Bulletin
Article Type:Correction Notice
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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