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Ernst Mach's Graz (1864-1867); where much science and philosophy were developed.


Ernst Mach's Graz (1864-1867); where much science and philosophy were developed.

Blackmore. John T. et al.

Sentinel Open Press


245 pages




This book is part of a multi-volume study of the life and thought of scientist and philosopher Ernst Mach (1838-1916). The authors, Blackmore, Itagaki and Tanaka have interviewed family members as well as researched public records and archives. After a brief introduction and a translation of a memoir by Mach's sister, the authors concentrate on Mach's years at university in Graz, 1864-1867. They follow his struggles with calculus and his increasing interest in physics and Kantian thought. He also became interested in optical illusions, which led to his identification of what came to be called Mach bands. The story is told in a conversational tone with occasional philosophical asides from the authors. An annotated family tree is included as are Mach's university marks. Distributed by Enfield.

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