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Eriez upgrades filter design for handling food powders.

Eriez has redesigned its Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filter (DVMF) with a stainless steel construction option that makes it a better choice for handling food powders.

The DVMF features a high intensity, high gradient magnetic field generated in the bore of a solenoid coil encased in steel housing. Filter elements are provided by a matrix system that consists of a series of stainless steel metal discs. The matrix amplifies the externally applied magnetic field, produces regions of extremely high gradient and provides collection sites for the capture of ferrous contaminants.

While Eriez has offered the DVMF for some time, this construction option provides new advantages for the food industry.

"The main difference is in the canister and matrix construction," said Dave Heubel, national sales manager. "We can manufacture units that are polished and passivated to pass the most stringent sanitary standard for product contact surfaces."

He continued: "The magnet in these units is so powerful that it will successfully remove fine abraded 316 stainless steel, a metal that is typically non-magnetic to most magnetic separators. The real benefit is that the DVMF will attract fine particulate that metal detectors and x-ray would otherwise not identify."

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Title Annotation:Equipment and Technology
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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