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Eriez equipment for the food industry.

Eriez Equipment for the Food Industry

Ferrous contamination in the form of stray nails or as very fine iron is not a new problem in the food processing industry and, thankfully, neither is the solution.

Over the past 40 years Eriez Magnetics have developed a range of magnetic separators especially for the food industry; these can be basically classified into four main types: Magnetic Drum Separators; Plate Magnets; Manual and Self Cleaning Grate Magnets; and Magnetic Traps.

Magnetic Drum Separators provide the most efficient means of extracting small and fine iron contamination from a continuous flow of free-flowing material, such as beans, nuts, rice, etc. Drums are available in standard sizes from 12 to 36 inches in diameter and in widths from 12 to 60 inches. Using a controlled feed, large volumes (up to 25,000 cu ft per hr) can be fed over the drum.

Plate Magnets provide effective and economical protection of plant and machinery in process lines, with nil running costs and virtually no maintenance. They are designed for simple installation in flow chutes and are hinge-mounted for cleaning.

Grate Magnets are ideal for the removal of small or fine iron from a powder or granular material. A wide range of grate systems is available to suit the products' flow characteristics and they come with manual or self cleaning systems.

Magnetic Traps consist of a permanent magnetic element or elements mounted in a sealed housing which is inserted in a pipeline. For purification of liquids and slurries they provide highly efficient separation with zero running costs.

All these systems are available with standard strength magnets or Super-strength Rare Earth Magnets. Rare earth permanent magnets have revolutionised magnetic separation as they provide approximately 15 times the magnetic attraction of a standard magnet with no increase in size. Eriez units fitted with rare earth magnets provide a higher level of purification, trapping weakly magnetic or very fine iron contamination so tightly that wipe-off by product flow is virtually eliminated.

To compliment the range of magnetic separators Eriez also manufacture a wide range of vibratory feeders.

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd are to be found at Bedwas House Industrial Estate, Bedwas, Newport, Gwent, tel: 0222 868501.

PHOTO : An example of one of their grate magnet units
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