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Erickson's retirement living TV continues growth.

Erickson Retirement Living TV (RLTV) will add another program, Whole Body Health, to its growing lineup. The show, converting holistic and complementary medicine, will debut at the end of the month.

RLTV is the brainchild of John Erickson, founder and CEO of Erickson Retirement Communities. He inked a deal with cable TV giant Comcast which is spurring growth. Speaking at the NIC Western Symposium last month in San Diego, Erickson said he wants to enhance the perception of aging. "I want to take all that negative, 'Oh, they just want to sit at home and watch reruns of Murder She Wrote' and say this isn't the way life works at all!"

The network has more than 1,000 hours of original programming on health, finance, lifestyle, and other topics important to seniors. AARP sponsors My Generation, a lifestyle show, and Inside E Street.

Even with a bad economy, research shows the 50+ set is not economizing on beauty products or cable TV, according to Kimberly Simmons, media relations manager for RLTV, the only network dedicated to those 50 and older. "People want to look good and be entertained," she says. And Simmons should know. RLTV, since launching two years ago, now boasts 3.5 million viewers across the country and four to five additional markets are added every month.

Both Erickson and Simmons believe this type of programming is "revolutionizing" aging. "I really think this concept could go global," Simmons says.


Owners and administrators who subscribe to the major cable carriers such as Time Warner, Cox, and Verizon can contact their provider directly to request RLTV. Those who do not can call Betsy Brightman at (215) 527-5018 for sales information. The Web site is
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Publication:Long-Term Living
Date:Apr 1, 2009
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