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Eric Charles Exposes Truth About Toxic Relationships.

Finally discover why women are attracted to relationships that are no good for them.

NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Eric Charles, co-founder of A New Mode , offers his take on what causes toxic relationships, how to fix it if you're in one and how to figure out if the relationship is worth saving.

So many women in toxic relationships get caught up in the idea that in order to salvage love, they must hold onto the relationship, even if it's no good for them, because of how things once were when the relationship began.

"The main reason why women stay in toxic relationships boils down to what I call 'the emotional roller coaster effect'. It's what tricks women into thinking they want a 'bad boy', who makes the relationship more exciting because of its ups and downs. For the most part, the relationship is troubled, depressing and frustrating. By contrast, when things are 'OK,' it seems like they're great compared to the usual feelings of unhappiness. The temporary euphoria that is experienced from a lack of pain and unhappiness makes the relationship seem a lot more amazing than in reality," said Eric Charles, co-founder of A New Mode.

This article delves into the elusive reasons why women earnestly feel that they have an intense, uncontrollable connection with a man who is clearly bad for them. You can read the full article here:

Signs You're In a Toxic Relationship

Here are a few examples of what you will discover:

* What it feels like to be in a toxic relationship

* Why toxic relationships can feel so electric and intense at first

* The truth behind why women stay in toxic relationships

* How to fix your toxic relationship and assess whether your relationship is worth saving

When you're in a toxic relationship, it's sometimes hard to spot the signs and accept the truth. This toxic relationship quiz assesses whether you are in a toxic relationship in case you aren't sure.

Eric shares his raw, honest, non-sugarcoated view on whether your relationship is worth saving or whether it's something you should give up on. If there is any shot your relationship can be saved, Eric shares what he considers the very best way to repair a toxic relationship (and when to walk away).

How to Fix a Toxic Relationship

ABOUT ERIC CHARLES Eric Charles is formerly Boston-based dating and relationship expert, now living in Miami Beach, FL. Eric has always been interested in the human mind and is passionate about helping people improve their lives on every level.

After graduating from Boston University with a major in Psychology and Advertising, he began coaching men to help them improve their love-lives. Eric was a success in the field from the start which fueled his passion and confirmed that this was his calling.

In the years since, Eric has contributed to several websites, utilizing his insights and skills to help both men and women find happiness within themselves as well as in their relationships. Today, Eric is the co-founder of A New Mode, A New Mode's "Ask a Guy" and co-author of "He's Not That Complicated", a guide to understanding men and how to have the most rewarding and fulfilling relationships possible.

ABOUT A NEW MODE A New Mode is a premier women's lifestyle site founded by Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles with a focus on relationships and understanding men. The content is a blend of relatable real life dating stories and deep explanations into the hearts and minds of men and also includes various other lifestyle topics.

A New Mode is more than a content site, it is a community where members can get the answers and support they need to be their best selves and have the relationship they have always wanted. Visit to learn more.

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Date:Oct 27, 2015
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