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Eric's was best shop in the swinging city.

Byline: Billy Butler

WHATEVER happened to that lovely neon Full Swing Lemonade sign in Commutation Row, with the little girl swinging back and forth? It was above the best shop in town for Teddy boy gear - `Erics. ' What a great selection of cufflinks and boot lace ties he had. He also had a shop in Manchester Street.

Whatever happened to the shop that sold the best jeans in the world? Keep your designer labels of today, no jeans could equal the ones made by Flemings in Scottie Road, a pair of their ``Supertuf'' jeans would last forever.

Whatever happened to feeding stale bread to the coal horses, only drinking ``shorts'' at Christmas and New Year, councillors you really believed in like Bessie Braddock (pictured above), peo-ple actually brushing the back entries (yes they did !) and the little steel plates on the back of the seats on buses to strike matches on?

Whatever happened to lemonade being cheaper then beer, Pier Head margarine, Butterkist, Golden Stream Tea, starting hau have a go), making necklaces from cockle shells, making animals from potatoes and matchsticks, making kites using the ECHO and bits of wood, making tanks just using a cotton bobbin, a rubber band and a matchstick?

Whatever happened to snake belts, the may pole in the park (too dangerous in todays ``claims world''), putting dub bin on your boots and nailing in your new studs that you had just bought from Jack Sharps and trying to get the end of the bladder inside the case ball so you could lace it up?

Whatever happened to spending hours just looking in the window at the Wizards Den and at Hobbies, playing the comb and paper, gramaphone needles, cigarette machines outside every shop, weighing machines outside chemists, mixing coco and sugar to dip your finger in, sharpening your knives on the back step (did that work?) getting in the match free at 3/4 time?

Whatever happened to cap bombs, clicking frogs, toy hens that laid little eggs, mothballs, homemade bikes (I had one made from parts from about six different bikes, playing top and whip and colouring your top about five different colours so it looked brill when it was spinning round? Whatever happened to going to the chandlers with a jam jar for some home maid Aunt Sally and making a wand out of a piece of wire and filling the street with bubbles?

Whatever happened to the old St John's Market, with the turkeys all hanging up at Christmas, the gala pie with the egg in the middle, and the street stalls at the back of the market with ducks, geese, kittens and puppy dogs all for sale?

What lovely memo-ries.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 4, 2004
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