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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a final rule on its ergonomics program. The program, designed to prevent repetitive stress injuries, took effect last month but employers have until October 2001 to comply with the standards.

Under the rules, companies initially need to provide employees with information about injuries related to ergonomics and their symptoms. If a worker reports symptoms of a disorder, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, an employer must determine whether the injury is related to that employee's work. Some of the considerations include whether the employee's job requires repeating the same motions every few seconds, using a keyboard or mouse for more than four hours a day, or working with hands held above the head for more than two hours per day.

If an injury is determined to be work-related, the employee is entitled to medical care and time off with pay. The employer must then examine its workplace to determine whether the same problem exposes other employees to possible injury. These problems must then be addressed to reduce the threat.
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