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Ergonomic lift for pails.

Company's Pail Partner[TM] lifter/transporter's yoke securely holds a plastic or metal pail just below its rigid collar. The yoke can be easily raised or lowered to pick up stacks of up to three pails, add to or take from a stack, wheel the stack to another location, and place the pails on a floor, shelf, tailgate, etc. The compact unit requires no more room to operate than an ordinary 2-wheel hand truck and can turn a complete circle within its footprint. Product lifts case-packed goods when its hinged metal platform is flipped down over the yoke. A pushbutton linear actuator ensures smooth lifting and lowering of the unit's yoke/platform. Product can carry up to 200 pounds and place them up to 35 inches high. With heavy-duty, 10-inch, "flat-free" tires in front and swivel casters in back for maneuverability, product rolls over floors. rugs and parking lots. Lifting power is from a maintenance-free, 12-volt battery with on-board charger.

Lift'n Buddy

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Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:May 1, 2014
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