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Bellevue, WA, April 13, 2012 --( If you thought that the internet is fast becoming a very scary place, you are correct. With each passing month, there are more and more security breaches, more and more creative ways to steal personal financial information and more ways to get spammed online. There are many security risks online and the truth of the matter is it just continues to get worse and worse.

Security threat to MMORPG

As social networks continue to increase their reach, more and more scammers are using social network sites to take advantage of human weakness and naivete to find new victims. This spread of security risks has also reached the magical world of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs)., the internet's leading authority on consumer technology issues, reviews and guides has released a consumer protection guide for scams pulled off at MMORPGs. The guide is located at

Understand how scams work

"You may be playing in a fantasy world, but the scams and the possible loss of money and peace of mind are definitely real," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for Phishing scams are very prevalent when it comes to MMORPGs. The most common situation involving MMORPG phishing scams is when new game expansion is set to launch a beta test. Millions of E-mail are sent out hoping to get recipients to click on a link that leads to a fake front-end. When they enter their log in information to their MMORPG, you can bet that within a short amount of time, any gold or valuable item their characters have would be stripped clean and if the credit card information is stored in an insecure manner that would be stolen as well.

Phishing is a massive business and it is growing by leaps and bounds.'s guide offers practical and sensible tips and tricks to avoid becoming an MMORPG phishing scam victim. Less prevalent but still very real on an individual level are other common scams that are perpetrated in MMORPGs. These include trade-related scams, fake moderators, item duplication and online begging.'s MMORPG scam guide helps players understand how these scams work, look for warning signs and take appropriate measures to protect themselves. "You don't have to become a victim and that is the good news. You only need to get the proper information and you are already ten steps ahead of the game," said Thompson.


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Date:Apr 13, 2012
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