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Equipment provides for a finished look.


Today's challenge for manufacturers is to offer equipment which not only provides a high-quality finished look, but does so in an environmentally safe manner. Increasing transfer efficiencies and reducing volatile organic compound levels has become a nationwide concern. Not only in Southern California, but also in the Pittsburgh and Lake Michigan areas, Florida and New York, to name a few, wood finishers are being required to limit VOC levels. The penalties for non compliance can include fines up to $1,000 per day.

Equipment manufacturers are responding to finishers needs by offering equipment geared for high transfer efficiency and low VOC emittance. The following are some of the products available. For more information, circle the corresponding number on the Reader's Service Card.


From Apollo Sprayers International, HVLP Model 600 is a completely portable unit weighing 19 lbs, making it ideal for small shop or on-site job use, the company says. The two-stage turbine produces 97 cfm and 3.5 psi/115 volts. All standard wood products coatings can be sprayed using this machine, which the company says is fully compliant with all known government codes for transfer efficiency. It comes supplied with an A.3000 HVLP gun and air hose. 200

Graco's H.E.L.P. 8000 is a multi-gun HVLP system featuring a satellite air supply system which delivers clean, filtered air to the spray guns for optimum atomization at fully operational pressures. The rotary vane power supply will handle up to four H.E.L.P. guns at 10 psig. The unit is fully suited for conveyor line or multiple spray booth applications. 201

Turbo Spray offers a variety of low pressure spray systems which utilize air and fluid in the 2- to 5-lb range. This range is made possible by the steady, high volume of heated clean air provided by the turbines, and precise fan control on the spray guns, the company says. The guns are reportedly ideal for robotic, reciprocator, rotary and hand use applications. 202

Titan Tool Inc. offers the Pro-Finish HVLP Series which reportedly offers a 90% transfer efficiency by reducing overspray and bounceback. Each model in the series offers maximum control over pressure, spray pattern and atomization, the company says. Pro-Finish can be used for: railings, shutters, cabinets, louvers, doors and woodwork with stains, lacquers, sealers, oil-based paints and finish-quality lacquers. 203

The slower travel speed of fluid particles combined with an atomizing pressure of 10 psi at the gun cap of the Airmix HVLP guns results in: dramatically increased paint savings, reduced overspray and reduced bounceback, according to Kremlin. The JXLP Airmix system includes: an 805 pump, JXLP gun, LP33 air cap with retaining ring, fluid tip and 17-ft air and fluid hoses. 204

Woodworkers Equipment and Machinery Co. says its feed-through sprayer offers the following advantages: three spray stations available for the spraying of complicated surfaces including front and back ends, to the setup for different coating materials; the spray is inside an enclosed cabin for better control of the spray and cleaner operation; and removable stainless steel rollers, pans and covers for easy cleanup. 205

The high-speed moulding sprayer contains a built-in water-wash fume filtering system. Delle Vedove says the two-station, in-line sprayer applies a consistent amount of finish to each piece while a centralized extraction unit directly retrieves the overspray. Each station includes two spray guns of either low or high pressure. The company's profile stacker operates in line with the finishing equipment, automatically positioning and stacking mouldings at feed rates up to 300 fpm. 206

Derda Inc. offers the Makor CSP-4 in-line sprayer that applies coating at high speeds. It has four revolving spray guns. Overspray and waste are retrieved through the use of a suction unit. The company also offers Makor flat-line finishing machines, including flat-panel spraying and electronic units with wheels for finishing flat or moulded parts. 207

Electrostatic Consultants Co. has modified its CFA 740 non-electrostatic hand gun to meet South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules 1136 and 1151. Atomizing air pressure has been limited to 10 psi to place it into the HVLP category without sacrificing quality of finish or production speed, the company says. 208

AccuSpray's new HVLP Series 35/36 compressed air conversion systems operate directly off existing high-pressure air lines. Both systems feature the Series 10 spray gun, which the company says is capable of handling almost any type of spray material. The Series 35 system features a full functioning regulator which attaches directly to the base of the gun. Series 36 features the regulator and a 360 [degrees] gauge for greater accuracy in duplicating previously established pressure settings, the company says. 209

The RA-12 rotary atomizer from Nordson Corp. features a low current/high-voltage electrostatic charging system for safe, high-performance painting, the company says. It can apply a wide range of coatings, including low to high solids, waterbornes and two-component materials. 210

The Paint-By-Length spray machine for applying finish to mouldings is offered by Pistorius Machine Co. Available with air or airless spray guns, it can be used for applying lacquer, primer, stain, sealer, varnish and basecoats. 211

Superfici US Inc.'s HSG Series is a carousel-type rotary spraying system, available in either electrostatic, heated, airless or air. It can be used to apply a wide variety of finishes. 212

Amity Inc. offers portable systems and compressed air conversion units for high-volume low-pressure spraying of a variety of coating materials. 213

Coaters and other systems

The Schiele Vacumat-M Series semi-automatic wood finishing systems from E & R Supply Co. feature almost 100% transfer efficiency and eliminate waste, the company says. Patented in/out feed mechanisms provide the control necessary to obtain proper amount of coating coverage for just the right finish. Fine-tuned vacuum adjustment and rapid through-speed capability allow users to accurately gauge the thickness of the waterborne coating being applied, the company says. 214

QuickWood says its Model B2 curtain coater is designed for precise control of coating volume and provides 98% recovery of finish overrun thereby satisfying requirements in South Coast Air Quality Management District's Rule 1136. A crank bar easily adjusts the coating head, which is constructed of precision-ground aluminum and stainless steel. The head is independent from the machine bed and is pulled free for easy clean-up. 215

The Sorbini T/20 reverse roll coater from Stiles Machinery is equipped with independent drives and controls for application, doctor rollers and conveyor drives. Scraper blades and the top and bottom of the collection troughs are removable and application rollers can be changed in minutes. The machine is designed for use with the Cefla UV oven, also distributed by Stiles. 216

American Machine Corp. says it can design complete custom layouts for automated finishing operations of all sizes. A complete system may start with rough sanding, a stainwiper, a sprayer/finisher, and then a fine sanding station to begin the next phase of finishing. Ovens, reciprocating machines, flow coaters and curtain coaters are some of the machines that can be included in the finishing line. 217

Buerkle roller curtain coater, Type WGM, features a roller type device which is used to form the falling material-curtain, allowing for the application of varnish of only 1 mil. Available from European Woodworking Machinery Co., the machine can also be used to coat shaped surfaces such as profiled architectural doors. The company says the coater can reduce material costs, eliminates the need for spray type equipment and allows manufacturers the ability to use UV curable materials. 218

Suited for cabinet shop applications, Classic System's Mini Finishing System requires little floor space and can be installed in various configurations. The company says material is efficiently air dried in a dust-free environment. Minimal electrical requirements are all that is required to operate the system. 219

Black Bros. Co. offers a differential coater that is capable of producing mirror-smooth finishes with light to heavy coating applications, the company says. It is a single top roll coater with reverse rotating doctor roll and a conveyor feed. Independent variable speed drives are supplied for the three units. Features include: material recirculating system, single handwheel controls, explosion-proof electrics for use with solvent-based materials, and an air actuated scraper blade on the coating and doctor rolls. 220

From George Koch Sons, the Koch/TPD pressure head curtain coater uses only the coating material that the product intercepts as it passes through the pressure curtain. Liquid coating material is pumped from the main reservoir tank to the pressure coating head using a variable speed, positive displacement pump. By opening the slot orifice on the bottom of the pressure head, a curtain of liquid coating material is formed. A trough located directly under the coating head at conveyor level returns the unused coating back to the main reservoir tank for recirculation. 221

The Model 624 from Paint-O-Matic is designed for top and edge coating of workpieces and will handle products up to 2 in. thick and 24 in. wide. Optional features include an inside roller as well as top and bottom coating. 222

Cattinair Corp. offers an automatic finishing line to stain, sand, seal dry, return and convey, with no manual handling. 223

Flatline finishing conveyor systems from Rhodes Machinery Inc. consist of spray-on belt and perlo conveyors, flexible overhead enclosed track and the Rhodes tow conveyor with a new computerized cart value system that gives total production control, the company says. 224

Roto Div., Timesavers Inc. offers the Series RRFC 800 direct reverse roll coater for applying a variety of finishes including enamels, UV-curable fillers and paints. Feed speeds are variable to 300 fpm. The product is reportedly ideal for use on plywood, composite boards, moulding and millwork, etc. 225

Union Carbide's UNICARB finishing system replaces most of the finishing solvent with carbon dioxide and reportedly reduces VOC emissions by 30% to 70%. Coming from separate lines, carbon dioxide and the finish are joined in the sprayer and applied onto furniture or case goods. As coating is sprayed, additional mixture is automatically mixed. 226

Hymmen International offers roll coater and curtain coating equipment for both single- and double-sided applications. Feed speeds of both are 26 to 130 fpm. The types of finish applied include: lacquers, enamels, primers, stains, sealers, basecoats, fillers, and UV curable fillers. 227

Striping equipment for placing finishing materials in grooves of moulding without masking or overspray is available from Paasche Airbrush Co. Feed speeds are 20 fpm manually and 50 fpm and upwards automatically. 228

Booths, ovens, miscellaneous equipment

Eisenmann Corp. offers spray booths with paint sludge handling capabilities. The water containing the paint particles from the scrubber and the spray area flows directly into the drain trough and to the paint sludge separator. Coagulated paint floats up and is directed to the removal ramp by the water flow. The revolving scraper system conveys the sludge from the tank to the sludge cart. 229

Available from DeVilbiss Ransburg, the KB II two-quart pressure feed paint cup features a wide base design to prevent tip-over problems and a solvent-resistant check valve to keep the regulator from becoming clogged with paint. The KB II is available with a pistol grip carrying handle as well as a secondary handle to hook onto the painter's belt. The company says the easy opening lid saves time and effort while the large cup opening makes paint filling and cleaning effortless. 230

UV Process Supply Inc. offers the Con-Trol-Cure 400-watt, 3-D UV curing lamp. The company says the portable unit is ideal for testing applications and as start-up equipment. The lamp produces UV energy in the A portion of the spectrum within 325 to 400 nanometers. The non-focused lamp system covers a 14-in. by 12-in. exposure area and has an adjustable height up to 9 in. 231

Paint overspray collectors are offered in a variety of types, densities, thicknesses and sizes to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of spray booth operations, Chemco Mfg. says. Filter density and pad thickness are varied to accommodate high solids sprays, low-VOC materials, baked and air-dry coatings, lacquer fillers and sealers. Filters are available in roll, blanket or pad forms. 232

A line of modular painting and curing booth systems for the custom furniture manufacturer is available from SAICO. Model DC is a modified downdraft booth that filters the air twice and heats it to proper spray temperature before it enters the booth through ceiling filters. Furniture is painted in the exhaust end of the booth near the exit filters. 233

The Dynatrol Viscosity System for Automation Products Inc. is designed for measurement and/or control of viscosity of paints, lacquers, polymers, resins, etc., at process conditions. Detectors are installed into the vessel or line with the probe fully immersed in the process media. The drive coil is excited at a frequency of 120 cps, which in turn causes the driver armature to vibrate at 120 cps. Probe vibrations decrease if the process media viscosity increases and conversely increase if the viscosity decreases. 234

The Baffler StyroPad reusable paint filter from Bay State Enterprises is designed to last longer than conventional industrial paint filters and to reduce filter disposal costs. With the Baffler system, paint overspray is drawn through a matrix of styrofoam baffles and is deposited on baffle walls. High-velocity air flow through the filter system dries the paint. The filter can be cleaned using water, compressed air or can be brushed free of paint residue. 235

driQuik Oven Div. of Dry Clime Lamp Corp. offers a variety of configurations of stationary or mobile infrared ovens. Features include: modular section construction, closely controlled and adjusted flash-off tunnel temperatures by each air jet nozzle, finned duct heater for constant even temperatures and polished reflective baffles or panels that redirect the infrared onto the product. 236

Spray booths and filter rolls are available from Dispo Spray Booths by Sheila. Both reportedly collect all types of overspray from all coating products. Model L 130 leg booth is available with a 30-in. roll for finishing small parts. 237

AETEK International offers UV curing systems for virtually any product. The company says it has experience in curing UV coatings with high speed, economical and powerful lamp technology of 400 watts per in. and configurations up to 20 ft. 238

Dial-O-Temp infrared ovens from Blasdel Enterprises Inc. are reportedly ideal for curing a variety of finishes. Features include accurate temperature control, even heat distribution and oven zoning designed to conform to part sizes and temperature needs, the company says. 239

Fostoria Industries offers infrared ovens and high velocity dryers for curing/drying all types of finishes on wood products. 240

For efficient fluid transfer, Aro Corp. offers hydraulic-powered pumps with multiple pressures/volumes and low maintenance requirements. The company says they are ideal for both high and low viscosity materials. 241

Bond Chemical Products Co. offers tack cloths for surface preparation in furniture finishing. 242


Features of JWP Energy & Environment Air Technologies Inc.'s regenerative oxidation equipment include: 95% thermal energy recovery vs. a maximum of 80% for recuperative systems; contaminants in the coating formulation do not result in masking and plugging, as can reportedly occur with catalytic oxidation systems; and the heat value of the fumes in the exhaust stream is often sufficient to operate the system without any additional fuel. The company says the system can easily accommodate future expansion needs. 243

Salem Thermal/Industries offers a variety of regenerative incinerator systems from 2,000 to 500,000 sfcm. The regenerative incinerator is designed to destroy VOCs or odors through incineration while minimizing operating costs, the company says. The basic operation is to raise the VOC-laden process exhaust to its incineration temperature and maintain it there for an average of one second. According to the company, the VOCs are converted to carbon dioxide and water vapor which can then be released into the atmosphere. 244

Smith Engineering/Smith Environmental will guarantee EPA compliance because it says its Smith oxidizers destroy 95% to 99% of all VOCs. Also, its complete line of oxidizers can reach up to 95% thermal efficiency to help save on fuel costs, the company says. In addition to manufacturing the equipment, the company says it will also custom design a variety of systems to meet changes in process conditions. 245

PHOTO : All standard wood coatings can be applied using Apollo's HVLP Model 600. The two stage turbine produces 97 cfm and 3.5 psi.

PHOTO : Graco's H.E.L.P. 8000 is a multi-gun HVLP system with satellite air supply which delivers filtered air to the spray guns.

PHOTO : The Sorbini T/20 reverse roll coater from Stiles Machinery has independent drives and controls for application.

PHOTO : DeVilbiss Ransburg's KB II paint cup has a wide base to prevent tip-over problems.

PHOTO : Patented in/out feed mechanisms on the Schiele Vacumat-M, from E & R Supply, allow for the proper amount of coating coverage.

PHOTO : Features of JWP Energy's regenerative oxidation equipment include 95% thermal energy recovery.
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