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Equipment and materials provide for finished look.


Today's manufacturers must not only provide equipment and materials which conform to environmental/VOC requirements but which also give a high quality finished look. Increasing transfer efficiencies while reducing volatile organic compound levels is a nationwide concern. Southern California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey are a few of the areas which already have finishing regulations on the books, thereby challenging woodworkers to limit their VOC emissions while still providing an aesthetically pleasing finished product.

Equipment and material manufacturers are responding to finishers needs by offering products geared for high transfer efficiency and low VOC emittance. The following are some of the items available. For more information, circle the corresponding number on the Reader's Service Card.

Spray guns

Available from AccuSpray, the HVLP automatic guns reportedly deliver 40% to 60% coating savings and high quality finishes. Options include: non-bleed modes for compressed air use or bleeder models for use with turbines; single fluid inlet or flow through fluid inlet/outlet; and optional solvent flush manifold. 441

From Apollo Sprayers Inc., Model 1100 HVLP sprayer features: dual turbines of unequal size in a series, one two-stage, and one three-stage; twin intake cooling fans; double air filtration; and three separate power modes, which will run three guns at the same time. 442

The Mach 1 PLUS Outfit gives users the same soft spray and reduced bounceback of Binks' original HVLP system plus the advantages of total fluid control from the addition of the new cup and air regulator. The PLUS regulator allows users to dial in the proper fluid pressure for coatings with various viscosities, thereby controlling air and fluid pressure separately which reportedly results in better spray patterns and improved finishes. 443

DeVilbiss Ransburg offers the V3 HVLP gun with tuned transonic jets and two-step pressure reduction within the gun body which minimizes air turbulence and results in a more uniform spray pattern. With an air cap pressure limited to 10 psi, overspray, particle bounce and blowback are reduced, the company says, resulting in less wasted paint and a cleaner work area. 444

Graco's H.E.L.P. 1500 HVLP finishing system is designed for small and medium sized shops and spray booths. The system utilizes a special regulator and HVLP air spray gun to deliver optimum performance at adjustable air pressure and fluid flow levels. The wetted parts of the H.E.L.P. 1500 are constructed of stainless steel and are waterborne compatible to handle virtually any coating at continuous duty, the company says. 445

According to Kremlin, the J3/HVLP provides: excellent atomization of most materials including high solids, is SCAQMD compliant, offers a fine finish, is lightweight for extended use and is designed for low maintenance. The gun weighs 16 oz and has fluid and air inlet fittings of 1/4 in. NPS. 446

Wagner Spray Tech offers its New Generation line of high performance spray equipment, including the CS4000 HVLP sprayer. The CS4000 handles a wide range of coatings, including stains, sealers, lacquers, oil-based and finish grade latex, at 4 psi with 50 cfm. It is available with either the bleeder 2100 gun or the non-bleed NB gun. 447

Titan Tool offers the Pro-Finish 300 HVLP sprayer for applying stains, lacquers, sealers, etc. on wood and metal. The Pro-Finish features a three stage tangential turbine with variable speed control which reportedly reduces the excess heat usually associated with turbines. Included with the Pro-Finish 300 is the Pro-Finish gun with quart cup. 448

Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment manufactures a wide range of HVLP spray guns and systems including the GX HVLP gun which can be used with a compressor or turbine. 449


Benefits of the Cefla Ecosprayer, available from Stiles Machinery, include: a patented coating recovery system, water filtration system which separates solids for disposal, increased transfer efficiency and air recirculation system for reducing VOCs and maintaining low emission levels. Feed speeds are up to 10m per minute and the machine can be configured with two, four or eight guns, depending upon customer specifications. 450

The high speed precision moulding sprayer from Delle Vedove contains a built-in water-wash fume filtering system. The two-station in-line sprayer applies a consistent amount of finish to each piece. A centralized extraction unit with the new water wash fume filter directly retrieves the overspray. Each station includes two spray guns of either low or high pressure. Transport is achieved with a shaft driven belt conveyor with adjustable speeds from 60 to 300 fpm. 451

Model FM finishing machines from WEMCO are available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 in. widths, with other sizes available on special order. The company says the superfine control of the spraying system enables savings up to 60% on finishing material alone. The company also offers drying ovens and stain wiping/sanding machines. 452

The FK 1500 Automatic Spray System from QuickWood is designed with a conveyor, separate electronic controls, a PLC panel and flexible four gun system with three possible setups with airless, air-assisted airless and air mix spray systems. It offers an automatic cross spray toward edges, sweeping spray for edges and profiles and surface cross spraying for flat workpieces. 453

Schiele's Vacumat-M semi-automatic wood finishing system, offered by E&R Supply Co. features almost 100% elimination of waste, the company says. Other features include: fine-tuned vacuum adjustment, environment-friendly waterborne coatings and complete stainless steel construction. 454

American Machine Corp. offers a sprayer/finisher for up to 12-in. material widths. The machine sprays both flat and profiled pieces automatically and without adjustments. The spray cuts off automatically after each piece of stock completes its pass. The product reportedly reduces VOC emissions, improves the quality of finishes and satisfies California Rule 1136. 455

Derda offers the Makor CSP-6 in-line sprayer that applies coating at high speeds. It has four revolving spray guns. Overspray and waste are retrieved through the use of a suction unit, featuring a filter, electric fan and extractable box. 456

The Paint-By-Length spray machine for applying finish to mouldings is offered by Pistorius Machine Co. Available with air or airless spray guns, it can be used for applying lacquer, primer, stain, sealer, varnish and basecoats. 457

Black Bros. says its Differential Direct Roll Coater is capable of producing extremely smooth finishes using light to heavy viscosity materials. The coaters can be used for applying UV topcoats, polyesters, stains, tints, colors and protective coats on wood, metal, plastic, etc. Three widths are available for 3-, 4- and 5-ft wide stock. 458

Available from European Woodworking Machinery Co., the Buerkle Roller Curtain Coater Type WGM can apply very thin layers of varnish of only 1.5 mil due to a new roller technology which is used to form the falling material curtain. The machine can be used to coat shaped surfaces such as profiled architectural doors. 459

Up to 80% recovery of coating materials, made possible by a wide carbon steel belt for transport of workpieces, is one of the benefits of the Rhodes/Eurotecno Model ET/7 Automatic Spraying Machine. The machine employs eight spraying guns on opposing reciprocators. Two robotized spraying units, each with four infinitely adjustable spray guns, apply coatings, moving in a linear fashion rather than rotating. 460

From George Koch Sons, the Koch/TPD pressure head curtain coater uses only the coating material that the product intercepts as it passes through the pressure curtain. Liquid coating material is pumped from the main reservoir tank to the pressure coating head using a variable speed, positive displacement pump. A trough located directly under the coating head at conveyor level returns the unused coating back to the main reservoir tank for recirculation. 461

Superfici US Inc.'s HSG Series is a carousel-type rotary spraying system, available in either electrostatic, heated, airless or air. It can be used to apply a wide variety of finishes. 462

The Model 624 from Paint-O-Matic is designed for top and edge coating of workpieces and will handle products up to 2 in. thick and 24 in. wide. Optional features include an inside roller as well as top and bottom coating. 463

Booths and misc. equipment

Classic Systems' new Cam Booth with its unique air curtain plenums offers the following advantages: 80% reduction in cfm requirements, saves on operating horsepower, minimizes air replacement equipment, increases transfer efficiency of spray gun and produces dust free environment for clean finish. Options include flash tunnel, catalytic or thermal oxidizer and carbon absorption filter module. 464

Fast drying, easy to peel paint spray booth wall coatings that meet OSHA, EPA and National Fire Protection Assn. requirements are available from Chemco Mfg. The company says they prevent build up of flammable oversprays on spray booth walls which can affect operator safety and visibility. 465

Union Carbide's UNICARB finishing system replaces most of the finishing solvent with carbon dioxide and reportedly reduces VOC emissions by 30% to 70%. Coming from separate lines, carbon dioxide and the finish are joined in the sprayer and applied onto furniture or case goods. As coating is sprayed, additional mixture is automatically mixed. 466

Columbus Industries offers Boothguard, which it says is an economical approach to a safer and cleaner spray booth by protecting against booth overspray. 467

From Andreae Filters. The OSCAR (Overspray Collection And Recovery) system is a two stage, self-cleaning filtration system with a patented concentric spiral baffle first stage filter. The second stage is an HE pleated filter which captures virtually all the overspray that passes through the first stage. 468

PBR offers a complete line of environmental products including waste disposal and solvent recycling equipment and, down-draft spray booths. 469

Willamette Valley offers on-line catalyzing equipment, custom configured to meet customer specifications. The company says its equipment provides precise control over component mixing and is engineered to meet environmental regulations. 470

From Munters Zeol, the Zeol rotor concentrators can recover paint solvents from 140,000 cfm of exhaust air from an installation. The concentrators use hydrophobic zeolite, which reportedly offers advantages over activated carbon and other absorbents including fire safety, resistance to acids and the ability to handle a variety of solvents in the same system. 471

The Retox is a 98% thermally efficient regenerative oxidizer for vapor extractions of air emissions as well as ground water and a variety of other industrial applications. Airex Corp. says the standard design will eliminate greater than 95% of the VOCs in the process air stream. It is available in 200, 600, 1,000 and 1,500 cfm. 472

Salem Industries says its RR Series of regenerative incinerators are among the best available control technology for VOC emissions. Standard sizes range from 2,000 to 20,000 scfm and are available with a five year warranty. 473

Smith Engineering/Smith Environmental will guarantee EPA compliance because it says its Smith oxidizers destroy 95% to 99% of all VOCs. Also, its complete line of oxidizers can reach up to 95% thermal efficiency to help save on fuel costs, the company says. 474

Inpro says the SuperStrainer is a safe, clean, convenient method of straining dirt, solidified particles and other contaminants from paints, inks, coatings and other fluids and chemicals. It is designed to fit 5-gal containers and offers hands-free pouring. SuperStrainer helps to restore quality and consistency to coatings that have settled or have been contaminated, the company says. 475

Dial-O-Temp infrared ovens from Blasdel Enterprises Inc. are reportedly ideal for curing a variety of finishes. Features include accurate temperature control, even heat distribution and oven zoning designed to conform to part sizes and temperature needs, the company says. 476

Spray booths and filter rolls are available from Dispo Spray Booths by Sheila. Both reportedly collect all types of overspray from all coating products. Model L 130 leg booth is available with a 30-in. roll for finishing small parts. 477

Nordson SCF supply units are designed to provide optimum painting performance with UNICARB coating formulations. The company says they accurately proportion, mix, heat and pump coating concentrates and carbon dioxide to a desired ratio, and deliver the solution to SCF spray guns. The Model SCF-2 is designed to supply up to two spray guns in typical applications. 478

Features of JWP Energy & Environment Air Technologies Inc.'s regenerative oxidation equipment include: contaminants in the coating formulation do not result in masking and plugging, as can reportedly occur with catalytic oxidation systems; and the heat value of the fumes in the exhaust stream is often sufficient to operate the system without any additional fuel. 479

driQuik Oven Div. of Dry Clime Lamp Corp. offers a variety of configurations of stationary or mobile infrared ovens. Features include: modular section construction, closely controlled and adjusted flash-off tunnel temperatures by each air jet nozzle, finned duct heater for constant even temperatures and polished reflective baffles or panels that redirect the infrared onto the product. 480

Finishing materials

Pro-Lac waterborne wiping stains by Compliance Coatings are designed for staining interior wood surfaces. Pro-Lac stains show excellent performance in terms of penetration, grain enhancement, drying properties, ease of use and clean up, the company says. The maximum VOC is 0.5 lbs/gal. 481

From Abilene Research & Development, Texturelac can be sprayed on most any surface and texture patterns can be regulated by simply adjusting the air and fluid pressure valves on standard spray guns to develop many different patterns and styles. Tints can be added to Texturelac white and clear to obtain almost any color shade. 482

Amity Restoration Products' water-based finishes are available in three versions: clear gloss and satin, tabletop gloss and satin, and urethane gloss and satin. The company says its water-based clear gloss and satin finishes are designed for all interior applications and have been tested to meet or exceed the standards of the KCMA. 483

The Enviro+Plus waterborne wood finishing system from Guardsman Products features: high solids, clarity and gloss, and lower flammability risks than a solventborne system. The dye and wiping stain reportedly offers improved grain raising characteristics over prior waterborne systems and the wiping stain has oil-like working properties. 484

From Hawkeye Industries, Duratec polyester coatings include: high solids, low VOC emission sealers, primers and high-gloss coatings of less than 1.75 lbs/gal. The company says Duratec primers are easily sandable, have high build, and cover MDF in one wet-coat application. 485

Landmark Coatings offers a new line of solvent and water-based coatings for kitchen cabinets, floors and interior wood surfaces. The company says its fast-drying water-based lacquers with a tint base system give a wide choice of colors with excellent chemical, scratch, mar and wear resistance properties. 486

Minuteman's Aqua-Lac water-based line of finishing products is non-flammable and contains over 35 percent solids. The company says Aqua-Lac can be used over almost any stain and is available in basecoat, semi-gloss and gloss. The complete line of Aqua-Lac includes seven colors of Aqua-Glaze as well as eight colors of Aqua-Stain. 487

Poxywood offers a putty wood paste which is reportedly non-shrinking, fast setting and waterproof. The company says it looks, stains and finishes like wood with little or no touchup and offers excellent adhesion to clean surfaces. The putty can also be sawed, planed, drilled or sanded. 488

Star Bronze offers a new VOC/VOS compliant Zip-Guard Environmental water-based urethane wood finish. Available in both satin and gloss, it is low odor, non-toxic after drying and fade resistant. It is reportedly ideal for use on furniture, woodwork, paneling, cabinets, antiques, floors, etc. 489

Zar Wood Stain, from United Gilsonite Laboratories, seals and stains with easy-wipe on application while its controlled penetration reportedly assures uniform color tone without streaks or lap marks. Zar can be applied to all varieties of wood, both unfinished and previously finished and can be used on surfaces that have been previously painted or varnished to achieve a wood grain effect. 490

Wood-Tex Solvent-Free Putty and N.F. Waterborne Lacquer products are designed to meet VOC and environmental regulations. According to Velco Inc., the putty is stainable, available in many colors, is fast drying with minimal shrinkage, and sands to a smooth surface. The lacquer has non-yellowing attributes and can withstand the degrading effects of both water and various chemicals, the company says. 491

Wood-Kote Products announces the clear and clean label of environmentally safe lacquers and urethanes. Both will come in gloss and satin finishes in pints, quarts, gallons and drums. The company adds that both the urethane and the lacquers are non-yellowing and self-leveling. 492

Chemcraft Sadolin manufactures high solids, water-based, UV-cured and high-gloss finishes for use on wood, plastic and metals. The company says its high solid and water-based coatings meet and surpass the toughest VOC restrictions. 493

Kemvar Conversion Varnish from Sherwin-Williams can be used to finish cabinets, vanities, office and residential furniture, etc. The company says it is a high-solid, high-build catalyzed wood finishing system that enables many jobs which would normally require three coats to be done with just two coats. The system reportedly is fast drying, self-sealing and offers good hang on vertical surfaces. 494

Famowood all purpose wood plastic fills wood cracks, gouges and other defects fast, without shrinking, says Beverly Mfg. When properly applied, Famowood is waterproof and weatherproof. 495

One-Step is a fast way to get a beautiful finish on all interior wood surfaces because the user can stain and polyurethane in one step, says Hood Products. One-Step is reportedly environmentally safe. It can be applied by nylon brush, foam pad, spray gun or wiped on and is available in six wood tone colors. 496

Crown Metro Wood Coatings offers ELVOC (Extremely Low Volatile Organic Content) coatings, a line of high-solid finishes that comply with solvent emission standards, the company says. The coatings are suitable for spraying, roll or curtain coating with gloss variation ranging from the European wet look to matte. 497

Rohm & Haas says its Rhoplex WL-96 polymer, a waterborne lacquer, imparts superior hot print and early block resistance, has a high gloss and low VOC content. It can be applied by spray, dip, flow or curtain method. 498

Kampel Enterprises offers Colorflex acrylic latex caulk with silicone. Applications include: repairing flooring, finishing between cabinet components, sealing backsplashes, sealing countertops and caulking tubs and walls. 499

A waterborne air- or UV-curable finishing system that includes stains, sealers and topcoats are available from PPG Industries. The products exhibit an estimated cumulative VOC average of 2.5 to 2.7 lbs/gal, which reportedly results in more than 60% VOC reduction. 500

PHOTO : The Cefla Ecosprayer, from Stiles Machinery, has a coating recovery and water filtration system which separates solids for disposal.

PHOTO : Binks' Mach 1 PLUS Outfit gives fluid control by use of a new cup and air regulator.

PHOTO : The Rhodes/Eurotecno Model ET/7 reportedly recovers up to 80% of coating materials.

PHOTO : DeVilbiss' V3 HVLP gun has tuned transonic jets and two-step pressure reduction.

PHOTO : Andreae's OSCAR system features a concentric spiral baffle first stage filter.

PHOTO : Black Bros.' Differential Direct Roll Coater comes in three widths for 3- to 5-ft stock.

PHOTO : A flash tunnel and catalytic oxidizer are optional with Classic System's Cam Booth.
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