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Equipment and Technology.

Here's the Drill on Grill from Koppens

Keeping up with the trend to stamp grill marks on all kinds of fish products to create a more attractive appearance, Koppens B.V. (Fax: 31-492-342985), Bakel, the Netherlands, has redesigned its Grillmarker. The new version makes it is easier to apply grill marks on frozen, sawed fish portions that may have slight differences in thickness. To make sure that the grill marks are the same on every portion, Koppens has developed an exclusive system said to guarantee appealing, even-colored grill marks on every product.

Cambridge Leading Edge Belt Increases Product Throughput

A spiral system conveyor belt said to greatly increase throughput achievable in a wide variety of applications has been introduced by Cambridge, Inc.

The Leading Edge Performance Grid Belt has a maximum overall width of 52 inches, with a processing width of over 48 inches. Exclusive double compression welds prevent premature weld fatigue and radically increase the durability of the belt, which can handle tangential tension up to 300 pounds or more.

Large oblong, flat, high tensile, crimped connecting rods resist rod buckling and racking. Moreover, a pilot wear mark in the rod assures proper alignment of the rods and links, which causes the belt to run "square" and further resist racking. This easily cleaned design can be run at speeds up to 150 FPM.

The Leading Edge Performance Grid Belt is available with spring-tempered mesh overlay or rods only construction in FDA-approved materials and is suitable for a wide variety of light and heavy duty spiral system applications.

For more information, contact Cambridge at PO Box 399, Cambridge, Maryland 21613, USA; telephone: 1-410-228-3000.

RGF Photo-Ionization Tunnel Kills Bacteria, Molds, Yeast

A new type of food sterilization tunnel that uses photo-ionization has been introduced by RGF Environmental.

Already known for its ozone and advanced oxidation environmental systems, RGF has obtained Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) approval for the system, which kills bacteria, molds and yeast. Installed at the end of the processing line just before packaging, it incorporates high-intensity ultraviolet light, ozone, hydroxyl radicals and ionization to create a powerful sterilizing environment for all food services. Ozone and water molecules are bombarded with UV light targeted on metal compounds, creating a highly-charged atmosphere of hydroxyl radicals, ozone and super oxide ions.

For more information, contact RGF at 3875 Fiscal Court, West Palm Beach, Florida 33404, USA; telephone: 1-561-848-1826.

Purge Gases, Save Energy With Hansen Auto-Purger

Refrigeration plant operators in Canada and Europe as well as the United States can save electrical energy with the Auto Purger M from Hansen Technologies Corp.

That's because the APM for purging noncondensible gases now meets Canadian CSA and European CE standards. Compact, fully-tested, pre-piped and pre-wired, the programmable unit is designed to thoroughly remove all noncondensible gases from ammonia refrigeration systems up to 200 tons. Its advanced design lowers power consumption and reduces the overall environmental impact of the refrigeration system. The Autopurger AP series is available for larger systems and for halocarbon refrigerants.

For more information, contact Hansen at 6827 High Grove Blvd., Burr Ridge, Illinois 60531, USA; telephone: 1-630-325-1565.

Grote Pepperoni Slices Places Slices Right on Pizza

What more can a pizza processor want? The Peppamatic from Grote Company slices pepperoni and arranges the slices automatically on pizzas.

Grote's new system works with both round and French bread crusts, and the slices can be arranged in custom patterns -- which can be changed to produce a variety of pizza sizes. Capacity is up to 66 twelve-inch pizzas per lane per minute. Pepperoni logs can be inserted continuously into the product holder tubes while the machine is in operation. Disposable AccuBond blades do the slicing. Most functions, such as stroke speed and blade start/stop, can be controlled with a user-friendly touch screen. Most parts, including blade guide and product holder tubes, are removable for thorough cleaning. The Peppamatic is available in either all-electric drive or traditional hydraulic drive.

For more information, contact Grote at 1160 Gahanna Parkway, Blacklick (Columbus), Ohio 43004, USA; telephone: 1-614-868-8414; fax: 1-614-863-1647.

Temperature Data Loggers Debuted by Cox Recorders

Miniature temperature data loggers that can be used in place of strip-chart recorders in cold storage warehouses and refrigerated transport have been introduced by Cox Recorders.

A single-use version of the Cox DataSource(came out in October, and a multi-use version followed in December. Costs are comparable to those for strip-chart recorders, the company said, and advantages include greater temperature accuracy, real-time monitoring and two-year data archiving (chart printouts and/or files can be e-mailed or faxed on request). The logger features an alarm light that can be pre-set to warn the receiver of a shipment if temperatures go beyond the safe range.

For more information, contact Cox at 1470 West Ninth St., Suite C, Upland, California 91786, USA; telephone 1-909-946-4441; fax: 1-909-946-0909; e-mail:

Jumbo Cryo-Quick Freezer Handles Case Ready Meat

Now the case-ready meat industry has a new processing option: the Cryo-Quick[R] Jumbo CF tunnel freezer.

The Jumbo CF is designed with a 6.5-inch clearance to accommodate the size and weight of the product, allowing processors to rapidly chill and crust-freeze the outer layer of the meat, which in turn allows for increasing both the speed and quality of subsequent slicing. Besides boosting slicing rates, this reduces waste as a result of fewer fines, and improves product safety by cutting the amount of time the meat stays above 40 [degrees] F. Additional recirculating fans improve heat transfer rates and enhance refrigeration capacity, while two exhaust fans offer reliability and control over the heavy-duty refrigeration load. Stainless steel conveyor belts have a loading capacity of up to 100 pounds; tunnel lengths available are 14, 21 and 28 feet, with room for expansion as a processor's needs grow.

For more information, contact Air Products at 7201 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, Pennsylvania 18195, USA; telephone 1-610-481-5971.

Keep That Equipment Clean, With Electrostatic Spraying

With all the scandals about contaminated food these days, processors have to be more vigilant than ever about sanitation. Now they have a new ally: the Electrostatic Spraying System (ESS) from Orchem Corp.

Conventional spraying methods aren't much better than doing nothing at all to control soil on equipment surfaces, the company said. But the ESS is not only more effective, but reduces the amount of chemicals needed to eliminate pathogens. The system uses air-assisted introduction charging (AAIC) to sanitize food processing surfaces, eliminate overspray and get as much cleaning product on the equipment as possible. An electrostatic wraparound covers the target completely, and a strategically placed charging electrode atomizes the sanitizing solution. Magnetically-charged particles form a spray cloud that is concentrated within an electrostatic field so that, with the assistance of AAIC, the chemicals reach every surface.

For more information, contact Orchem at 4293 Mulhauser Road, Fairfield, Ohio 45014; telephone: 1-513-874-9700; fax: 1-513-874-3624.
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