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Solving Equations Systems Using Artificial Intelligence--a Survey. Mafteiu-Scai, Liviu; Mafteiu, Emanuela; Mafteiu-Scai, Roxana Report Jul 1, 2018 11177
An Efficient Numerical Method for a Class of Nonlinear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations. Birjandi, M.H. Daliri; Saberi-Nadjafi, J.; Ghorbani, A. Report Jan 1, 2018 3318
High-Speed Transmission in Long-Haul Electrical Systems. Juarez-Campos, Beatriz; Kaikina, Elena I.; Naumkin, Pavel I.; Ruiz-Paredes, Hector Francisco Report Jan 1, 2018 5361
Existence of Global Solutions for Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics with Finite Larmor Radius Corrections. Elsrrawi, Fariha; Hattori, Harumi Report Jan 1, 2018 3707
A BLOCK ARNOLDI BASED METHOD FOR THE SOLUTION OF THE SYLVESTER-OBSERVER EQUATION. Elbouyahyaoui, L.; Heyouni, M.; Jbilou, K.; Messaoudi, A. Report Aug 1, 2017 9067
Numerical Study of Rosenau-KdV Equation Using Finite Element Method Based on Collocation Approach. Ak, Turgut; Dhawan, Sharanjeet; Karakoc, S. Battal Gazi; Bhowmik, Samir K.; Raslan, Kamal R. Report May 1, 2017 5766
Short- and Long-term Debt Restructuring through Equivalent Equations: The Case of a Company in the Services Sector. Garcia-Santillan, Arturo; Howe, J. Andrew; Venegas-Martinez, Francisco May 1, 2017 3589
Transuranic Elementary Equations. Francis, Darryl May 1, 2017 512
GENERAL HIGHER-ORDER DYNAMIC OPIAL INEQUALITIES WITH APPLICATIONS. Bohner, Martin J.; Osman, Mahmoud M.; Saker, And Samir H. Report Mar 1, 2017 4005
Space-Time Spectral Collocation Algorithm for the Variable-Order Galilei Invariant Advection Diffusion Equations with a Nonlinear Source Term. Abd-Elkawy, Mohamed A.; Alqahtani, Rubayyi T. Report Jan 1, 2017 5534
THE BLOCK HESSENBERG PROCESS FOR MATRIX EQUATIONS. Addam, M.; Heyouni, M.; Sadok, H. Report Jan 1, 2017 8155
Attractors for a Class of Abstract Evolution Equations with Fading Memory. Wang, Xuan; Duan, Fenxia; Hu, Didi Report Jan 1, 2017 6673
Solutions of First-Order Volterra Type Linear Integrodifferential Equations by Collocation Method. Agbolade, Olumuyiwa A.; Anake, Timothy A. Report Jan 1, 2017 2653
Numerical Solution of Second-Order Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations with Boundary Conditions by Quadrature-Difference Method. Jalius, Chriscella; Majid, Zanariah Abdul Report Jan 1, 2017 2712
Finite Element Method of BBM-Burgers Equation with Dissipative Term Based on Adaptive Moving Mesh. Lu, Changna; Gao, Qianqian; Fu, Chen; Yang, Hongwei Report Jan 1, 2017 7360
Exponential Stability of Traveling Waves for a Reaction Advection Diffusion Equation with Nonlinear-Nonlocal Functional Response. Yan, Rui; Liu, Guirong Report Jan 1, 2017 5946
A New Nonsmooth Bundle-Type Approach for a Class of Functional Equations in Hilbert Spaces. Shen, Jie; Tian, Miao; Guo, Fang-Fang; Zhang, Jun-Nan Report Jan 1, 2017 4008
Contraction Mapping Theory and Approach to LMI-Based Stability Criteria of T-S Fuzzy Impulsive Time-Delays Integrodifferential Equations. Rao, Ruofeng; Zhong, Shouming Report Jan 1, 2017 5929
Approximate Solution of Perturbed Volterra-Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations by Chebyshev-Galerkin Method. Issa, K.; Salehi, F. Report Jan 1, 2017 2903
Equality matters the critical implications of precisely defining equality. Faulkner, Valerie; Walkowiak, Temple; Cain, Chris; Lee, Carrie Essay Dec 22, 2016 3426
Deviation of the Error Estimation for Second Order Fredholm-Volterra Integro Differential Equations. Parvaz, Reza; Zarebnia, Mohammad; Bagherzadeh, Amir Saboor Report Nov 1, 2016 4842
Exploring consciousness through the qualitative content of equations. Narasimhan, Ashok; Kafatos, Menas C. Report Jul 1, 2016 2551
Pullback Attractor for a Non-Autonomous Generalized Cahn-Hilliard Equation with Biological Applications. Duan, Ning Report May 1, 2016 3671
Point equation, line equation, plane equation etc and point solution, line solution, plane solution etc --expanding concepts of equation and solution with neutrosophy and quad-stage method. Yuhua, Fu Report Mar 1, 2016 4852
A proof of Zhil'tsov's theorem on decidability of equational theory of epigroups. Mikhailova, Inna Report Jan 1, 2016 15510
Dunkl-Poisson Equation and Related Equations in Superspace. Yuan, Hong Fen; Karachik, Valery V. Report Nov 1, 2015 3578
Misuse of the equals sign: an entrenched practice from early primary years to tertiary mathematics. Vincent, Jill; Bardini, Caroline; Pierce, Robyn; Pearn, Catherine Report Jul 1, 2015 3209
Simultaneous equations. de Mestre, Neville Jun 22, 2015 1083
Speaking Mathish. Galef, Daniel W. List Aug 1, 2014 2947
Coefficient estimates for new subclasses of meromorphic bi-univalent functions. Bulut, Serap Jan 1, 2014 3066
Bifurcation of traveling wave solutions of the dual Ito equation. Fan, Xinghua; Li, Shasha Report Jan 1, 2014 4307
Global existence of solution to initial boundary value problem for bipolar Navier-Stokes-Poisson system. Liu, Jian; Liu, Haidong Report Jan 1, 2014 3079
Oscillation of certain emden-fowler dynamic equations on time scales. Yang, Qiaoshun; Erbe, Lynn; Jia, Baoguo Report Jan 1, 2014 3295
The Synthesis of Single-Subject Experimental Data: Extensions of the Basic Multilevel Model. Van den Noortgate, Wim; Moeyaert, Mariola; Ugille, Maaike; Beretvas, Tasha; Ferron, John Report Jan 1, 2014 414
On some classes of submanifolds satisfying Chen's equality in an Euclidean space. Majhi, Pradip; De, Uday Chand Formula Nov 1, 2013 2711
Cosmic optimism: our galaxy is likely to contain an increasingly large number of advanced civilizations. Grinspoon, David Column Jun 1, 2013 630
Linking models: reasoning from patterns to tables and equations. Switzer, Matt J. Report Mar 22, 2013 1989
The application of the homotopy analysis method and the homotopy perturbation method to the Davey-Stewartson equations and comparison between them and exact solutions. Zedan, Hassan A.; Barakati, W.; Hamad, Nada Report Jan 1, 2013 4389
Fully discrete finite element approximation for the stabilized Gauge-Uzawa method to solve the Boussinesq equations. Pyo, Jae-Hong Report Jan 1, 2013 7885
Exponential attractors for parabolic equations with dynamic boundary conditions. Fan, Zhao-hui Report Jan 1, 2013 5001
Optimized weighted essentially nonoscillatory third-order schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws. Appadu, A.R.; Peer, A.A.I. Report Jan 1, 2013 6608
A PRISMA-driven systematic review of predictive equations for assessing fat and fat-free mass in healthy children and adolescents using multicomponent molecular models as the reference method. Silva, Analiza M.; Fields, David A.; Sardinha, Luis B. Report Jan 1, 2013 10394
Methods to Find the Number of Latent Skills. Beheshti, Behzad; Desmarais, Michel C.; Naceur, Rhouma Abstract Jun 19, 2012 311
Colloquy. Brief article May 1, 2012 400
RELATION BETWEEN MEAN LABELING AND (A,D)-EDGE-ANTIMAGIC VERTEX LABELING. Ahmad, Ali; Imran, Muhammad; Semanicova-Fenovcikova, Andrea Report Mar 31, 2012 1130
Equations of the spherical conics. Altunkaya, Bulent; Yayli, Yusuf; Hacisalihoglu, H. Hilmi; Arslan, Fahrettin Report Oct 1, 2011 2074
Application of Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Regression Models to Predict Body Weight from Different Body Measurements in Domestic Cats. Erat, Serkan Report Jun 30, 2011 3331
Computing fixed points and cycles for the discrete logistic equation. Thompson, S. Report Feb 1, 2011 3545
Fourth order methods for finding multiple as well as distinct zeros of non-linear equations. Mir, Nazir Ahmad; Ahmad, Farooq; Raza, Muhammad; Nawaz, Tahira Report Dec 15, 2010 3162
On a Diophantine equation of Stroeker. Luca, Florian; Stanica, Pantelimon; Togbe, Alain Report May 1, 2010 3723
Matrix Sylvester equations in the theory of orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle. Branquinho, A.; Rebocho, M.N. Report May 1, 2010 8815
I am needed: ... but am I here? Scott, Paul Mar 22, 2010 805
Protecting minority shareholders: listed versus unlisted firms. Loderer, Claudio; Waelchli, Urs Mar 22, 2010 13046
Deciding whether the ordering is necessary in a Presburger formula. Choffrut, Christian; Frigeri, Achille Report Jan 1, 2010 9293
Complete monotonicity properties for the gamma function and Barnes G-function. Xu, Yanqin; Han, Xuefeng Report Dec 1, 2009 1493
Elementary methods for solving equations of the third degree and fourth degree. Shatri, Fatmir M. Report Dec 1, 2009 3645
On the mean value of the function ([??](n)/[phi](n))r. Dong, Yanru; Wang, Jian Report Dec 1, 2009 988
Euler-Savary formula for the planar homothetic motions. Gungor, M.A.; Ersoy, S.; Tosun, M. Report Dec 1, 2009 3442
On the mean value of log [??](n). Li, Lixia; Liu, Heng Report Dec 1, 2009 1213
On the mean value of the e-squarefree e-divisior function. Liu, Heng; Dong, Yanru Report Dec 1, 2009 1304
An equation involving the Pseudo-Smarandache function and F. Smarandache LCM function. Wu, Xin Report Dec 1, 2009 3125
Multi-attribute decision analysis in GIS: weighted linear Combination and ordered weighted averaging. Drobne, Samo; Lisec, Anka Report Nov 1, 2009 11543
Uniqueness of singular radial solutions for a class of quasilinear problems. Boureanu, Maria-Magdalena Oct 1, 2009 6839
On the mean value of SSMP(n) and SIMP(n). Wang, Yiren Report Sep 1, 2009 1406
([sigma], [tau])-derivations on Jordan ideals. Majeed, A.H.; Hamdi, Asawer D. Report Sep 1, 2009 3657
Convergence theorems on generalized equilibrium problems and fixed point problems with applications/Uldistatud tasakaalu ja pusipunkti ulesannete koonduvusteoreemid rakendustega. Qin, Xiaolong; Kang, Shin Min; Cho, Yeol Je Report Sep 1, 2009 5555
Wiener-Hopf equations technique for multivalued general variational inequalities. Shemas, Eman Al- Report Jul 1, 2009 3316
The generalized reflexive solutions of matrix equation AX B + CYD = F and its approximation problem. Lifang, Dai; Maolin, Liang Report Jun 1, 2009 3811
q-calculus as operational algebra/q-arvutus algebralistes teisendustes. Ernst, Thomas Report Jun 1, 2009 5956
Edge condition for long cycles in bipartite graphs. Adamus, Lech Report Jun 1, 2009 5066
Differentiation of solutions of dynamic equations on time scales with respect to parameters. Hilscher, Roman; Zeidan, Vera; Kratz, Werner Report Jun 1, 2009 8563
Triple positive solutions of two-point BVPs for p-Laplacian dynamic equations on time scales. Tuo, Li; Xiaohong, Yuan Report Jun 1, 2009 4220
Oscillation of forced second order dynamic equations on time scales. Peiguang, Wang; Nan, Tang; Chunxia, Gao Report Jun 1, 2009 2461
Solvability criteria for second order generalized Sturm--Liouville problems at resonance. Youwei, Zhang Report Jun 1, 2009 3761
A new additive function and the F. Smarandache function. Guo, Yanchun Report Jan 1, 2009 1367
Demonstrating e using areas under curves. Plant, Allison Jan 1, 2009 1393
Improvements of adaptive control algorithms for a class of nonlinear systems. Lupu, Ciprian; Udrea, Andreea; Popescu, Dumitru Report Jan 1, 2009 1356
Algebraic Reasoning in the Middle Grades: A View of Student Strategies in Pictorial and Algebraic System of Equations. Falcon, Raymond Abstract Jan 1, 2009 236
The Neutrosophic logic view to Schrodinger's cat paradox, revisited. Smarandache, Florentin; Christianto, Vic Jul 1, 2008 4373
On the cointegration of money, credit, prices, and real GDP. Hartman, Harrison C. May 1, 2008 404
Acrostic equations. Anil May 1, 2008 1049
b--[R.sub.0] and b--[R.sub.1] spaces. Mustafa, Jamal M. Technical report Apr 1, 2008 3931
On characterizations of (0-)minimal and maximal ordered left (right) ideals in ordered ternary semigroups. Iampan, Aiyared Technical report Apr 1, 2008 5016
Engineering & mathematics Nitschke Rm 5065 Daniel Repperger, presiding. Mar 1, 2008 3022
Understanding regression versus variance tests for social interactions. Durlauf, Steven N.; Tanaka, Hisatoshi Jan 1, 2008 2566
The size of random fragmentation intervals. Aguech, Rafik Report Jan 1, 2008 3290
A parallel QR-factorization/solver of quasiseparable matrices. Vandebril, Raf; Van Barel, Marc; Mastronardi, Nicola Report Jan 1, 2008 9689
Asymptotic behavior for numerical solutions of a semilinear parabolic equation with a nonlinear boundary condition. Diabate, Nabongo; Boni, Theodore K. Report Jan 1, 2008 3337
On the role of boundary conditions for CIP stabilization of higher order finite elements. Schieweck, Friedhelm Report Jan 1, 2008 7305
On an equation involving the Smarandache reciprocal function and its positive integer solutions. Ren, Zhibin Report Jan 1, 2008 1412
On certain equations involving the Smarandache double-factorial function. Wang, Xiaoying Report Jan 1, 2008 1391
An equation involving Euler's [phi] function. Zhang, Tianping; Ma, Yuankui Report Jan 1, 2008 1491
On an equation related to function S(n). Li, Xiaoyan; Xue, Yanrong Report Jan 1, 2008 1544
Numerical solution of radial biquaternion Klein-Gordon equation. Christianto, Vic; Smarandache, Florentin Report Jan 1, 2008 984
Four problems related to the Pseudo-Smarandache-Squarefree function. Wenji, Guan Report Dec 1, 2007 1200
Stopping criteria for mixed finite element problems. Arioli, M.; Loghin, D. Report Dec 1, 2007 5385
Scrabble algebra. Morice, David Nov 1, 2007 985
Yang-Mills field from quaternion space geometry, and its Klein-Gordon representation. Yefremov, Alexander; Smarandache, Florentin; Christianto, Vic Jul 1, 2007 6847
Thermodynamic properties for saturated air, an engineering correlation. Galindo, Jose A. Perez; Rodriguez, Luis A. Payan; Dominguez, Ignacio R. Martin Report Jul 1, 2007 4908
An equation involving the F.Smarandache multiplicative function (1). Chen, Jianbin Jun 1, 2007 2644
Two equations involving the Smarandache LCM dual function. Tian, Chengliang Jun 1, 2007 2413
An equation involving the Smarandache-type function. Li, Jing Dec 1, 2006 1537
An equation involving the function [[delta].sub.k](n). Zhang, Pei Dec 1, 2006 1684
Smarandache representation and its applications. Kandasamy, W.B. Vasantha; Khoshnevisan, M.; Ilanthenral, K. Dec 1, 2006 7401
An equation involving the Smarandache function. Fu, Jing Dec 1, 2006 1427
Easing students' transition to algebra. Baroudi, Ziad Jun 22, 2006 3626
Springfield theory: mathematical references abound on The Simpsons. Klarreich, Erica Jun 10, 2006 1360
On the solutions of an equation involving the Smarandache dual function. Yuan, Na Jun 1, 2006 1246
An equation involving the function [S.sub.p](n). Yuan-e, Zhao Jun 1, 2006 1060
On the solutions of an equation involving the Smarandache function. Yaming, Lu Jan 1, 2006 1581
On a equation for the square complements. Zhanhu, Li; Shaanxi, Xi'an; Shaanxi, Xianyang Jan 1, 2006 980
Solutions of the (n-1,1)-type multi-point boundary value problems for higher-order differential equations *. Ge, Weigao Nov 1, 2005 4607
Integral mean inequalities for generalized fractional derivatives of some general subclass of multivalent analytic functions *. Agarwal, Ritu Nov 1, 2005 2743
A study of composition formulas for the unified fractional integral operators *. Sharma, Arti Nov 1, 2005 2691
Derivations on right ideals of prime rings *. De Filippis, Vincenzo Nov 1, 2005 4015
Multi-objective fuzzy linear programming and its application in transportation model. Roy, Tapan Kumar Nov 1, 2005 8645
Unreal solutions. Hyde, Hartley Sep 22, 2005 1271
A Case Study of How Kinesthetic Experiences Can Participate in and Transfer to Work with Equations. Nemirovsky, Ricardo; Rasmussen, Chris Report Jul 1, 2005 197
An equation concerning the Smarandache function (1). Maohua, Le Jun 1, 2005 691
An extension of ABC-theorem (1). Bayat, Morteza; Teimoori, Hossein; Hassani, Mehdi Jun 1, 2005 3570
An equation involving the Smarandache function. Ma, Jinping Jun 1, 2005 802
The function equation S(n) = Z(n) (1). Maohua, Le Jun 1, 2005 510
An equation involving the Smarandache ceil function. Ji, Yongqiang Jun 1, 2005 950
An equation involving the Euler function and Smarandache function. Yi, Yuan Jun 1, 2005 1301
Parallel solution of implicit numerical scheme for open channel flow equations. Kranjcevic, L.; Druzeta, S.; Carija, Z. Report Jan 1, 2005 1567
The science of lucky sciences. Perry, Jon Jan 1, 2005 1454
Smarandache Sequence of Unhappy Numbers. Karama, Muneer Jebreel Jan 1, 2005 668
Solution--What Does It Mean? Helping Linear Algebra Students Develop the Concept While Improving Research Tools. DeVries, David; Arnon, Ilana Abstract Jul 1, 2004 168
Molly and Equations in A[2]: A Case Study of Apprehending Structure. Simpson, Adrian; Stehlikova, Nada Abstract Jul 1, 2004 167
Publishing equations? Do the Math(ML). Boeri, Robert J. Industry Overview Aug 1, 2003 772
Fourth Graders Solving Equations. Brizuela, Barbara M.; Schliemann, Analucia D. Report Jul 1, 2003 189
Two Meanings of the "Equal" Sign and Senses of Comparison and Substitution Methods. Filloy, Eugenio; Rojano, Teresa; Solares, Armando Report Jul 1, 2003 158
Algebraic problem solving in the primary grades. Femiano, Robert B. Apr 1, 2003 3241
Making mathematical arguments in the primary grades: the importance of explaining and justifying ideas. (Principles and Standards). Whitenack, Joy; Yackel, Erna May 1, 2002 2528
Using Disaster Planning to Optimize Expenditures on Financial Safety Nets. KANE, EDWARD J. Sep 1, 2001 4844
Gains and Losses from Trade when Countries Differ in Public Knowledge Stock. KIND, HANS JARLE Sep 1, 2001 8494
PROVIDE Insight OR FACE Extinction. BARSKY, NOAH P.; CATANACH, JR., ANTHONY H. Jun 1, 2001 1466
Incredible Equations Develop Incredible Number Sense. Schneider, Sally B.; Thompson, Charles S. Nov 1, 2000 4705
Children's Understanding of Equality: A Foundation for Algebra. Falkner, Karen P.; Levi, Linda; Carpenter, Thomas P. Dec 1, 1999 3421
The chance of finding aliens: reevaluating the Drake equation. Schilling, Govert Dec 1, 1998 3763
Assessment through incredible equations. D'Aboy, Diana A. Oct 1, 1997 2879
Cubic equations. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 240
Technical calculation software automates problem solving. Puttre, Michael May 1, 1992 2883

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