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Equal time?


Apparently some recent items in F&J--including a couple about the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition--provoked an emotional response from at least one reader who has what can only be called an interesting view of libel laws. We'd like to tell you his or her name, but the e-mail F&J received was unsigned: "Why are you business people bashing NHAC when they have done nothing wrong and letting a (expletive deleted) like Burr Cohen say that Republicans want nothing to do with Joe Kenney?

"You are promoting LIES. This is libelous. We Republicans LOVE Kenney ... and we HATE the $250M DEFICIT that Lynch has caused. Who do you purport to speak for?

"Lynch is NO REPUBLICAN. You'd better watch what you publish--it could be seen as libelous.. Sullivan and her (expletive deleted) party head are both despicable characters ... and must resort to lawsuits when they can't get their own way.

"We are watching your website and we have lawyers too."
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Date:Aug 29, 2008
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