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Epygi Calls for Global Expansion and Sales Force Europe Answers.

MADRID, Spain -- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the talk of the town in Europe. Seven months ago Epygi Technologies signed a strategic agreement with Sales Force Europe (SFE) to launch Epygi's sales and marketing operations in Europe. "After four years in development, Epygi decided it was time to penetrate the rapidly growing VoIP market in Europe, and they signed with us to initially develop the UK and French markets, and then expand... We now have resources in every major European market and as well coverage in Africa," states SFE's Principal, Rick Pizzoli.

SFE, an outsourced technical sales team, has created immediate local presence for Epygi in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey and South Africa. "It was Epygi's goal to establish a significant global presence as the VoIP PBX and Gateway of choice for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Europe and SFE has helped us make major strides towards that goal. We are very pleased with the progress we've seen, as they have enlisted over 8 channels in under a year," states Epygi's CEO Jeff Kirchner.

These distribution channels will provide resellers and customers with an exciting new, cost effective alternative in IP PBX and VoIP technology. For SMBs of 2 to 50 employees, Epygi's Quadro product line is not only easy to configure, but it's an intelligent device that enables them to deliver all of their VoIP services safely. With services such as a SIP Gateway, PBX, voice mail, auto attendant, router, firewall, ADSL & ISDN; there is nothing that comes close to matching the Quadro's integrated solution for the price.

About Epygi Technologies

Epygi Technologies designs and manufactures feature rich all-in-one IP PBXs, Voice over IP gateways, and cost-saving Conference Servers. Epygi's Quadro product line offers intelligent devices with capabilities that enable small and medium size businesses, branch offices, and teleworkers to deliver all of their VoIP services efficiently and cost effectively. Quadro systems allow traditional carriers and new voice service entrants to build large distributed VoIP networks without adherence to traditional central office equipment investment and architecture. Epygi was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Plano, Texas (North Dallas).

About Sales Force Europe

Sales Force Europe provides the strategies, contacts, and resources to enable international high-tech companies to rapidly and effectively enter the European market. Their unique approach is designed to add intelligence and speed to the market entry process without the financial risk associated with opening local offices and hiring employees. SFE has access to highly technical sales staff with extensive hands-on experience, who can be immediately engaged to develop and implement European market entry strategies that quickly start earning revenue.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 15, 2005
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