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Epoxy Resists Electricity, Conducts Heat.

New from Cotronics Corp., Duralco 4400 400[degrees]F Epoxy is said to combine electrical resistance, thermal conductivity, and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for high-temperature high-performance bonding applications. These include bonding, assembling, and repairing electrical heaters, heating coils, heating elements, reaction vessels, rectifiers, power supplies, critical electronics devices, instrumentation, etc.

According to Cotronics, users report that Duralco 4400 bonds glass feedthroughs to brass housings. In one application cited, an assembly was repeatedly cycled from liquid nitrogen temperatures to 250[degrees]F and maintained its vacuum integrity. Users also say that Duralco 4400 repairs thermally conductive paths in electronic assemblies, saving time and money.

Duralco 4400 Epoxy is easy to use, says Cotronics: "just mix and apply." The product promises excellent adhesion to ceramics, glass, metals, and most plastics. Moreover, Duralco 4400 cures at room temperature to provide high electrical resistance; high thermal conductivity; high bond strength; and excellent chemical, solvent, and moisture resistance, Cotronics says.
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Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 2000
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