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Epiphan DVI2USB Product Release.

Ottawa, Canada, June 24, 2010 --( DVI2USB from Epiphan Systems the most flexible external frame grabber available for integration into custom solutions as well as general video capture usage. In fact, DVI2USB has many benefits over the other external USB frame grabbers such as the VGA2USB LR.

About the size of a paperback book, DVI2USB is ideal for applications in the educational, medical, and engineering fields where versatility and portability are required. It can easily be connected and disconnected and works with virtually all DVI, VGA signals as well as operating systems.

VGA and DVI capture

DVI2USB is the only USB frame grabber in Epiphan's line-up that supports both VGA and DVI (including DVI-D, DVI-A, and DVI-I) signal capture for any resolution up to 1920 x 1200, meaning that it fully supports the capture of HD (high definition) resolution signals. Capture rates up to 60 frames per second are possible but depend on the content being captured.

OS, Software Support

DVI2USB is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. It is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and up as well as Linux machines. Software to capture images is available as a free download from Epiphan Systems' website and has a slate of features including web-based broadcast functionality, frame capture, timed capture, and live cropping capability. As DVI2USB identifies itself as a high resolution camera to the computer, any other video editing and capture software may be used in order to capture images and video, such as VirtualDub and Adobe Premiere, from the DVI2USB.

Custom Integration

DVI2USB can easily be integrated into custom solutions to meet the needs of specific applications. Like with all other Epiphan frame grabbers, a SDK, API, and sample applications (with source code) are included with the DVI2USB.


Contact Information:

Epiphan Systems Inc

Natalia Shein

+ 1 (613) 599-6581
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Date:Jun 24, 2010
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