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Epilog legend mini laser engraver.

Tenders are invited for 15767P-LARICS-15FX87073-EPILOG LEGEND MINI LASER ENGRAVER

The laser engraver shall have an Engraving Area of a minimum of 18 X 12 and able to engrave material up to 4 thick.

The laser wattage shall be at a minimum 30 watts. The laser shall be State-of-the-Art, digitally controlled, permanently aligned and field replaceable. The laser shall have a visual reference pointer for locating the laser point of fire.

the laser engraver shall have 64MB of Memory.

The laser engraver shall be equipped with an air compressor to deliver a constant stream of compressed air across the cutting surface.

The laser engraver shall be equipped with the ability to control the speed and power manually or with a computer.

The laser engraver shall have engraving software which the user can engrave photographs on to material.

The laser engraver shall be compatible with Windows 7/8 and be equipped with Ethernet or USB connections.The laser engraver shall require 110 volt to operate and shall not be louder than 60db.The bidder shall provide a list of software compatible with the laser engraver (e.g. Excel spreadsheet, CAD).The bidder shall provide a list of materials the laser engraver can engrave and cut. The Los Angeles Regional Interoperability Communications System (LA-RICS) is seeking a price quotation for a laser engraver device that meets the minimum requirements as set forth in the specifications listed below. The laser engraver shall engrave single to multiple items on a single layout.

Tender documents :

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 19, 2015
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