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Epilepsy treatment is causing hair loss.

Byline: Doctor Gareth

Q My doctor has started me on medication for my epilepsy. I have noticed that some of my hair has been falling out on my pillow, is this normal? AUnfortunately in less that one in a thousand cases, sodium valproate (which I assume is the medicine you have been prescribed) can cause temporary hair loss. The hair should grow back - but be warned it may grow in curly. You should speak to your doctor if you want to stop it as suddenly stopping can lead to a worsening of your epilepsy. There are other anti-epileptics you could try.

QI have had some trouble with my water works. I am worried that it may be prostate cancer as my dad died of it. Is there a test I can have? AThe test is PSA or prostate specic antigen, which is raised in some people, though not everyone, who have prostatic cancer. Diagnosis is made considering symptoms, (including frequency of urination, poor stream, difculty fully emptying the bladder and a feeling of pressure), examination (where an enlarged prostate is felt) and investigation (which include the blood test and sometimes taking a biopsy of the gland). The diagnosis doesn't rely solely on the blood test. Given your family history your doctor will check you out, but there are many causes of bladder trouble.

QI woke up the other week and the dangly thing at the back of my throat was a dark blue colour. It cleared up in a few days. What would cause this? A The uvula is its name. If you snore the uvula can vibrate and blood can gather in the tissue, leading to a colour change. The fact that it cleared up is a good sign.

QI have been having bowel problems and they are sending me for a telescope examination. What do they do? AThere is nothing to be scared of but it is a little uncomfortable and some nd it embarrassing. They insert a small telescope into the back passage and pump in a lot of air so they can look around, and you will have a terrible urge to pass wind. This is normal. If they need to take any biopsies they can do it there and then painlessly.

Q My boyfriend is Chinese and says he is allergic to alcohol. Is this true or is he having me on? My boyfriend is Chinese and says he is allergic to alcohol. Is this true or is he having me on? Aof people from Asia lack the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase. This means they can't break down alcohol metabolism. This results in Approximately 50 per cent of people from Asia lack the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase. This means they can't break down some of the by-products of alcohol metabolism. This results in facial ushing, racing heart and low blood pressure and is altogether unpleasant. Chances are he will have to stick to soft drinks.

altogether unpleasant. Chances What is a pilonidal sinus? What is a pilonidal sinus? QMy boyfriend has one.

AIt is an abscess that forms in the cleft of the buttocks due to an ingrown hair. The hair creates a tunnel in the skin - a breeding ground for bacteria that can be very difcult to treat with antibiotics. The operation is with antibiotics. The operation is boyfriend may have a long stay in quite major and will mean your boyfriend may have a long stay in hospital.

CASEBOOK: DE CLEREMBAULT'S SYNDROME Well it is Valentine's, so what better day to talk about this psychiatric syndrome, also known as erotomania. It more commonly affects women and was made famous in Iain McEwan's book Enduring Love.The patient falls in love with someone of higher status that they barely know and, more importantly, they believe that person is also in love with them. They will pursue the object of their affection relentlessly, often sending them letters and turning up at their door.They may react very badly when their affections are rejected. It is a rare but very serious condition and can be difficult to treat. It usually requires treatment with antipsychotic drugs.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 14, 2010
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