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Epidemiologists, take note.

Tadco Medical of Farmington, N.M., has partnered with Polyzen, Inc., to produce protective sleeves for medical products to safeguard patients from cross-contamination, reduce liability risks, and save on cleanup time. Developed by Dr. William Slater, the "Slater sleeve" is described as a simple (proprietary) device made of clear, biocompatible polyurethane manufactured in a patented process.

Polyzen says Tadco requested it to develop a sleeve that was easy to manufacture and versatile, and with peel-down features that would allow easy access for laryngoscopes. Polyzen notes that to avoid contamination or spread of infection or disease when inserting a laryngoscope into a patient's throat, medical personnel must either sterilize the blade portion between uses--a costly and time-consuming task or apply a clean sleeve over units. "Tadco further challenged us," says the company, "to make the sleeves operator friendly, with easy-on handling characteristics ... to, provide ideal protection during intubations."

Polyzen developed a 1.5-mil sleeve in two sizes--3-to-5 inch and 5-to-8 inch--using specialty polyurethane polymers and compounds approved for medical use in the film production. The company then used its proprietary process to invisibly weld the "almost nonexistent" seam to ensure patient comfort while sealing the sleeve to reduce any liability risk. The sleeves were incorporated onto a special peel-down pouch to give the user easy access and ensure that the sleeve remains clean prior to the intubation procedure.

Tadco says that its disposable cover "has really caught on" in hospitals and surgical centers largely because the new non-latex, nonporous barrier sleeve offers a combination of simplicity and efficiency while ensuring no-touch intubations for medical practitioner.

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Title Annotation:Plastics Applications; Polyzen Inc. and Tadco Medical to jointly develop protective sleeves for medical products
Comment:Epidemiologists, take note.(Plastics Applications)(Polyzen Inc. and Tadco Medical to jointly develop protective sleeves for medical products)
Author:Molinaro, Hope
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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