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Epic tale of good and evil.



SINCE the launch of the Good vs Evil Combined Edition at the end of 2006, City of Heroes, the super powered multi-player online role-playing game, has allowed fans from around the globe to don the capes of comic book heroes to either fight to save Paragon City or live out an altogether more sinister role as one I of the games villains in The Rogue Isles.

The recently released expansion, Issue 12 - Midnight Hour, is one of the most significant of the burgeoning series so far. A slew of new features have been added to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. There are now Villain Epic Archetypes, so you don't necessarily have to side with the good guys.

Also, thanks to some newfangled technical jiggery-pokery (called a Resonance Manipulator), new characters of almost every hero and villain archetype now have access to an additional primary and secondary Powerset, the super powers your character uses to survive.

In terms of new content, significant steps have been taken to improve the payability of a popular Hazard Zone, called the Hollows, and Non-Player Character encounters have been rebalanced, including improved rates of respawning, new villain groups and the inclusion of a new mobile hospital at the entrance to the zone. Other improvements include eight configurable new power trays to allow players to fully customise their user interface; online chat improvements; real numbers where players can display stats on powers before they use them; contact display redesign; inspiration conversion, and, finally, level-up boosts. As with other online adventure titles, you'll need to pay a monthly fee of pounds 8.99 to play the game, but in return you'll be venturing into a constantly updated world with new content and graphical enhancements.

Buy the game now and you'll receive up to 45 days of free play straight out of the box.

CITY OF HEROES/VILLAINS Combined Edition pounds 11.99. Issue 12 - Midnight Hour pounds 8.99 monthly subscription. Platform: PC


SUPER POWERS - Decide which character to be
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2008
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