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Epic Pharma.

LAURELTON, N.Y. -- Epic Pharma, which began operations eight years ago by purchasing the Sandoz facility here, is dedicated to developing and manufacturing generic prescription drugs in a variety of therapeutic categories in tablet, capsule and powder forms.

In May, Epic was acquired by Humanwell Healthcare Group and PuraCap Pharmaceutical LLC. The acquisition of Epic provides a robust generic product portfolio which includes tablets, 2-piece capsules and powder dosage form products as well as a future product portfolio that will include a series of controlled drug substances and soft-gel caps.

Humanwell and PuraCap acquired Epic's balanced and diversified portfolio, which currently consists of 19 marketed generic products and a pipeline of 37 products.

This acquisition complements PuraCap's own R&D efforts by utilizing Epic's strengths in the manufacture and development of controlled drug substances and powder formulations. The Epic acquisition also adds an FDA and DEA inspected GMP manufacturing footprint of 110,000 square feet here, and results in the addition of 215 employees to the Humanwell and PuraCap U.S. operations team.

This acquisition is a major step in the company's growth. In addition to strong and growing O-T-C and branded business units in the U.S., the acquisition along with the recent acquisition of Blu Pharmaceutical LLC & Blu Carib Inc., firmly establishes Humanwell and PuraCap in the U.S. generic pharmaceutical segment.

The PuraCap U.S. footprint continues to expand its tablet, soft-gel, 2-piece capsules, cream and powder product portfolio. The acquisition of Epic increases the platform for the development of its generic pharmaceutical business, in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Epic develops, manufactures and markets an array of generic pharmaceuticals that are improving the quality of life of people around the world.

Last year saw the company launch trandolapril tablets, USP; hydroxyzine hydrochloride tablets, USP; meperidine hydrochloride tablets (CII); and isradipine capsules, USP. In 2016 Epic has launched oxycodone HCl tabs, demeclocycline HCl tabs, metformin HCl tabs and, most recently, benzphetamine HCl tabs.

In addition to internal drug development and manufacture, Epic offers contract manufacturing services with an emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction and low cost.

227-15 North Conduit Ave.

Laurelton, N.Y. 11413

Key contact: MICHAEL LUPO

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Phone: (718) 276-8600

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Title Annotation:Generic Drugs Report: Company Profiles
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Sep 26, 2016
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