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Ephraim Global Launches Two New Funds.

Tokyo, Japan, October 02, 2015 --( The goal of the Ephraim Global Corporate Bond Fund, managed by Hideo Asato, is to deliver satisfactory returns with the potential for capital appreciation by investing mainly in corporate bonds and securities and paying out income each month.

The aim of the Ephraim Global Improved Revenue Portfolio, managed by Laurence Bellamy, is to provide clients with improved returns with proven growth potential. Among its holdings will most probably be included fixed interest securities and cash deposits as well as shares and in comparison to the Ephraim Global Corporate Bond Fund it will pay out income every three months.

The Ephraim Global Improved Revenue Portfolio targets a yield of 5% and is similar to other incomes funds, investing in a spectrum of both bonds and equities. What sets the Ephraim Global Improved Revenue Portfolio apart from other conventional income funds is its objective to generate supplementary revenue by selling the right to a part of the capital appreciation potential of some of the fund's holdings for a definite period in exchange for additional upfront income.

"Because of the fact that we are facing a period of continuously low interest rates there is a visible demand from our clients for steady sources of income; towards that end we have designed the Ephraim Global Corporate Bond Fund and the Ephraim Global Improved Revenue Portfolio" commented Seth Mantell, Chief Investment Officer at Ephraim Global. "Furthermore, due to its capacity of selling rights to aspects of capital appreciation on carefully selected stocks the Ephraim Global Improved Revenue Fund will be able to confidently deliver its targeted 5% yield and will represent the optimal solution for investors which demand a level of certainty regarding revenues with growth potential"

About Ephraim Global

Founded in 2005, Tokyo-based Ephraim Global is an international asset management group serving clients around the world. The company offers a wide range of financial advisory and planning services, bond and mutual funds, diversified asset portfolios, pension plans and account management for private and institutional clients alike, focusing on diversification, extensive research and a risk-aware investment approach.

Harumi Island Triton Square Office Tower, 1-8-12 Tower Z, Harumi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.

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Ephraim Global

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Harumi Island Triton Square Office Tower, 1-8-12 Tower Z, Harumi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Date:Oct 2, 2015
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