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Eons Challenges 50+Americans to Keep Brain Strong as 'Secret Sauce' to Longevity.

CHARLESTOWN NAVY YARD, Boston -- Online Brain Builders Games with Proprietary Tracking System Keep the Brain Well Schooled

Eons(TM), the 50+ media company for boomers and seniors created by founder Jeff Taylor, challenges American's 50+ to a "game a day" starting in September with the introduction of Brain Builders at

Created to address one of the top health-related issues facing boomers and seniors - mental vitality - Brain Builders is a suite of online games specifically selected to help keep Eons members' memories sharp, thought processes speedy and contribute toward longer lives. Thanks to a proprietary results tracking system, players can watch their progress over time as regular engagement helps maintain, and even improve, brain function. And no excuses for "skipping class" due to busy lives; Eons Brain Builders can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

"Keeping your mind alive is the secret sauce to longevity, and with Eons Brain Builders, we're challenging 50+ Americans to continue exercising their brains along their journey of living the biggest life possible," says Taylor. "Eons Brain Builders games not only keep the mind sharp, they expand mental capacity and agility - helping people over 50 to get the most from all stages of their lives."

Extensive research by longevity expert and Eons advisor Dr. Tom Perls suggests that novel and complex brain activities can delay cognitive decline and extend lifespan. Working with Dr. Perls, Eons has designed Brain Builders as an innovative and unique approach to give the brain the workout it needs, just like the muscles in the body.

Brain Builders, which is incorporated into the "Fun" pillar at, includes a home version of Jeopardy!; an online Wheel of Fortune; a daily crossword puzzle; and one of the hottest new brain games, Sudoku. Different parts of the brain demand different exercises, and Eons provides special tracking tools that show ongoing progress in key brain functions.

Dr. Perls argues that maintaining top brain function could be simply a matter of a regular workout routine for the mind. "We go jogging, lift weights, and spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships and fitness equipment to exercise our hearts and muscles and strengthen our bones," said Dr. Perls. "But what do we do for our brains? Like the heart, the brain needs exercise to keep it healthy. And you can exercise your brain by playing games. Brain Builders brings Eons members a variety of highly entertaining games that offer an excellent brain workout for one of the most misunderstood 'muscles' in our body."

Eons Brain Builders Targets Five Different Brain Regions and Functions

Brain Builders offers a game to exercise every mental muscle. Eons' own memory game, Eons MatchUp, is one of the most popular on the site. The game challenges players to click on cards to reveal photos, whose themes range from African safari scenes to underwater wonders. Players win by clicking on cards until all matching photo pairs have been revealed. MatchUp has been created to exercise and track progress associated with a specific brain region and function, as do all the Brain Builder games:

--Memory, the ability to retain and recall information from the recent and distant past, is regulated in the brain's temporal and frontal lobes. Eons recommends MatchUp practice each day, as well as regular games of 5 Spots, Jeopardy and Trivia Machine.

--Language skills, including both written and spoken communication, are centered in the parietal lobes. To keep these skills sharp, Eons recommends the daily Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle, as well as occasional Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble Blast play.

--Executive function, or the capacity to control and apply one's own mental skills, is sharpened by the daily Sudoku, both mega and classic, and by periodic Mah Jong, Luxor and Zuma games.

--Motor function, or the coordination of the brain, nerves and muscles to produce movement, is chiefly regulated from the brain's "motor strip." Regular practice with the Diner Dash game, as well as regular games of Gold Miner Vegas and Gutterball 2, will help restore and sustain those skills.

--Visual/spatial skills, defined as the ability to discriminate, perceive and track objects visually, are centered in the brain's occipital and temporal lobes. A daily jigsaw puzzle at, plus periodic Bejeweled 2, Bounce Out and Cubis Gold 2 games, hone those abilities.

"Eons is committed to making the most of life after 50," explains Taylor. "We will continue to challenge this age group so that they can experience and enjoy all this time of their life has to offer - Brain builders is for everyone looking to improve their game and stay an active player on every level of their lives."

About Eons(TM)

Eons is a 50+ media company inspiring a generation of boomers and seniors to live the biggest life possible. Founded by Jeff Taylor, creator of, Eons launched on July 31, 2006. Eons has attracted a team of renowned advisors and industry-leading partners and is backed by venture capital financing from General Catalyst Partners and Sequoia Capital. The company is headquartered in Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Mass. For more information visit
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