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Eons: Defining ''My Place'' for 50-plus Americans; New Generation of Wired Boomers Connecting In Online Communities from Walking to Wine to Meeting Up.

CHARLESTOWN NAVY YARD, Boston -- Please replace the release dated September 13, 2006 with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

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New Generation of Wired Boomers Connecting In Online Communities from Walking to Wine to Meeting Up

Eons(TM), the 50-plus media company for boomers and seniors created by founder Jeff Taylor, is changing the way America's 50-plus connect, with an online platform for sharing experiences, expertise and inspiration. is now home to more than 500 groups ranging from classic rock to entrepreneurship, all spawned by its members.

Since Eons' launch, hundreds of thousands of boomers and seniors have flocked to, dubbed "MySpace for the 50-plus crowd" by the Wall Street Journal. The site is becoming the hub for people connecting with others who share the same interests, the same passions and the same determination to lead the biggest life possible. Don't miss: Becoming a Spiritual Adult and What Pisses Me Off Most.

"Online social networking has been seen as a sport for the young," says Taylor. "Yet the rapid pace at which our members are creating groups, blogging, talking to each other, sends a clear message. They're ready to play."

Members are challenged to "Top 10 Your Life" (create a list of what you want to accomplish before reaching 100) in the Goals area and to take the Eons Longevity Calculator - a feature that measures a person's estimated lifespan based on a questionnaire of health, lifestyle and medical history. Those challenges are the catalyst for rapid growth of Eons communities. For example, these tools may tell members that losing weight could add years to their life, and from there a goal is created and they can join or create a group of others interested in losing weight.

Organic links are sparking meet-up opportunities across the Eons site, engaging members on multiple levels.

Jim Hannah, an Eons member and avid photographer, embraces the Eons challenge to engage with others around their deepest interests. "I like to learn, I like to teach, and I like to be of assistance to anyone I can," says Hannah, a former medical device industry employee who also participates in Eons communities centered on wine and cooking.

"Eons members look like a generation of info seekers," observes Taylor. "They are taking this time to define their interests and experiences and learn more with others who share their passions. Eons sits squarely in the middle - sharing the experiences of this generation."

About Eons(TM)

Eons is a 50-plus media company inspiring a generation of boomers and seniors to live the biggest life possible. Founded by Jeff Taylor, creator of, Eons launched on July 31, 2006. Eons has attracted a team of renowned advisors and industry-leading partners and is backed by venture capital financing from General Catalyst Partners and Sequoia Capital. The company is headquartered in Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Mass. For more information visit
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Comment:Eons: Defining ''My Place'' for 50-plus Americans; New Generation of Wired Boomers Connecting In Online Communities from Walking to Wine to Meeting Up.
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Date:Sep 15, 2006
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