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Enzymes of Psychrotrophs in Raw Food.

Enzymes of Psychrotrophs in Raw Food.

Edited by Robin C McKellar. Psychrotrophs are those cold-loving or cold-tolerant micro-organisms that can spoil refrigerated foods. If we think about it, it surprising how much we depend on a refrigerator to store foods for us, so this is a very important topic.

With dairy products, the spoilage can be attributed to the production by psychrotrophs of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes. As these are a threat to the quality of dairy products, they have been studied extensively. In the case of meats, psychrotrophs' hydrolytic enzymes have not yet been implicated. With fruits and vegetables a similar problem arises but they are not discussed in this text. Whilst the role of extracellular proteinases and lipases has been reviewed, no comprehensive treatise on enzyme production and activity has been available till now.

The fourteen contributors, who include the editor, have written eleven chapters between them. The titles run: Producer micro-organisms; Biochemical classification; Isolation and molecular characteristics; Thermal stability; Regulation and control of synthesis; Assay methods for lipases and phospholipases; Assay methods for proteinases; Physical and biochemical effects on milk components; Effect on the quality of dairy products; and Standards, controls and future outlook. All these chapters are in the major section entitled Milk and Diary products. There is a further section entitled Red meats, fish and poultry but it consists of a single chapter carrying the same title.

Considering the number of references given in the text, this is a remarkably concise book. The various authors share with you their knowledge and expertise in very specific areas. Hence the aim of the text is to ensure we understand what can happen, which leads on to an understanding of what we should be doing to look after our foods more carefully during refrigerator storage.
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Author:McKellar, Robin C.
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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