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Enzymes in Food Processing.


Enzymes are widely known to man and certain ones are used extensively by the food industry. However, there are many more, known to biochemists, that have not achieved great use so far. A number of factors could have caused them to be less popular. Some enzymes seem to be unstable when they undergo processing, others are simply rather expensive to purify and therefore the benefits do not show up in the final cost equation.

In the scientific field we now can call upon the techniques of genetic engineering or protein engineering. Such techniques can be used both to purify and create new enzymes, and this means new applications for the use of enzymes can now be found and indeed are being found. Often they are produced by microbial fermentation but at the end of the day the use of enzymes is bound to increase in the food manufacturing area.

This text will be of interest to all those who need to keep up with the possibilities as applied to manufacturing techniques. Almost to refresh one's memory, the first part of the book looks at what enzymes can do, their properties and limitations in the processing area. From this, it follows on with the new technologies and there is much discussion on applications in the industry.

Besides the two editors, nine authors have been persuaded to set down their knowledge to give the ten chapters. They carry titles Fundamentals of enzyme activity; Enzymes in the food industry; Food enzymes and the new technology; Enzymes in milk and cheese production; Enzymes in the meat industry; Enzymes in the baking industry; Enzymes in the production of beverages and fruit juices; Enzymes in the starch and sugar industries; Enzymes in the processing of fats and oils; and Enzymes as diagnostic tools.

This is complicated and important subject but interesting for all that.
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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