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NetScientific's ProAxsis to validate and commercialise AstraZeneca's Coronavirus vaccine assay. Jun 8, 2021 213
miR-141 is negatively correlated with TLR4 in neonatal sepsis and regulates LPS-induced inflammatory responses in monocytes. Lin, Xinyu; Wang, Yaohui Jun 8, 2021 3864
Protective effects of sodium ferulate on flap transplantation via anti-inflammatory modulation and oxidative stress inhibition. Sun, Y.D.; Gao, Y.S.; Xu, L.W.; Zhang, Y.F.; Cheng, C.; Wei, K.C.; Lin, Jian; Chen, G.; Liu, C.Y.; L Jun 8, 2021 3627
NetScientific shares surge on AstraZeneca Covid-19 test contract. Jun 7, 2021 212
AIM WINNERS & LOSERS: NetScientific surges on Astra Covid test pact. Jun 7, 2021 448
Phytochemical characterization and biological activities of Plectranthus barbatus Andrews/Caracterizacao fitoquimica e atividades biologicas de Plectranthus barbatus Andrews. Cordeiro, M.F.; Nunes, T.R.S.; Bezerra, F.G.; Damasco, P.K.M.; Silva, W.A.V.; Ferreira, M.R.A.; Maga May 21, 2021 7086
ZEUS Scientific's in vitro ELISA diagnostic test receives US FDA Emergency Use Authorisation. May 18, 2021 190
ZEUS Scientific's in vitro ELISA diagnostic test receives US FDA Emergency Use Authorisation. May 18, 2021 189
Short Communication - Prevalence of Torque Teno Virus in Blood Donors and its Implication on Blood Safety in Pakistan. Report May 16, 2021 1920
Short Communication - Genotype Detection and Sero-prevalence of Bovine Leukemia Virus along with Associated Risk Factors in Exotic and Local Breeds of Cattle in and Around Lahore, Punjab. Report May 16, 2021 1711
HIV care coverage among HIV-positive adolescent girls and young women in South Africa: Results from the HERStory Study. Mathews, C.; Cheyip, M.; Beauclair, R.; Puren, A.; Lombard, C.; Jonas, K.; Ayalew, K.A.; Govindasamy Report May 1, 2021 7014
THE EVALUATION OF ISCHEMIA MODIFIED ALBUMIN AND ADROPIN LEVELS IN PATIENTS WITH PULMONARY EMBOLISM. Erdem, Said Sami; Yucel, Kamile; Gederet, Yavuz Turgut; Kurtipek, Ercan; Bekci, Taha Tahir; Kurku, H May 1, 2021 3346
Serologic Screening of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection in Cats and Dogs during First Coronavirus Disease Wave, the Netherlands. Zhao, Shan; Schuurman, Nancy; Li, Wentao; Wang, Chunyan; Smit, Lidwien A.M.; Broens, Els M.; Wagenaa Report May 1, 2021 5106
Engineered NS1 for Sensitive, Specific Zika Virus Diagnosis from Patient Serology. Yap, Thai Leong; Hong, Shin Yee; Soh, Jun Hui; Ravichandraprabhu, Lekha; Lim, Vanessa W.X.; Chan, Hs Report May 1, 2021 6399
Assessing the Association of Mitochondrial Function and Inflammasome Activation in Murine Macrophages Exposed to Select Mitotoxic Tri-Organotin Compounds. (Research). Childers, Gabrielle M.; Perry, Caroline A.; Blachut, Barbara; Martin, Negin; Bortner, Carl D.; Siebe Report Apr 1, 2021 26754
Naringenin promotes cell autophagy to improve high-fat-diet-induced atherosclerosis in [ApoE.sup.-/-] mice. Zhao, Ruifeng; Xiao, Hanyan; Jin, Tao; Xu, Feng; Li, Yan; Li, Haiyan; Zhang, Zhouyi; Zhang, Yan Mar 17, 2021 4624
Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis and Other Bacterial Infections in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease--A Cross Sectional Study. Thondaiman, Mirunalini; Chaturvedula, Latha; Singh, Rakesh Report Mar 15, 2021 4180
A Comparative Investigation on Egg Yolk Total Antioxidant Capacity Influencing Relativities to Mycotoxins--Ochratoxins. Kazemi, Davar; Nosrati, Arash Chaychi; Modiri, Leila; Shahriyari, Ali Mar 8, 2021 3599
Is there any association between low level of serum nesfatin-1 and fibromyalgia syndrome? Bilgici, Bircen; Akyol, Yecim; Ulus, Yasemin; Urkmez, Sebati Sinan; Kuru, Omer Mar 1, 2021 5053
Potential immune-modulatory effects of wheat phytase on the performance of a mouse macrophage cell line, Raw 264.7, exposed to long-chain inorganic polyphosphate. An, Jeongmin; Cho, Jaiesoon Report Mar 1, 2021 3594
The evaluation of vitamin K status in children with febrile seizure. Carman, Kiirsat Bora; Karal, Yasemin; Mert, Gul Giilen; Ekici, Arzu; Perk, Peren; Yarar, Coskun; Nuh Report Mar 1, 2021 3691
The Development of Mucosal Immunization as an Alternative Approach for Production of Antisera Against Saw Scale Viper from Sindh. Ahmed, Zameer; Zameera, Sambreen; Sharafat, Shaheen; Khanani, Muhammad Rafiq Mar 1, 2021 3457
Transvers Myelitis Due to HSV-2 Infection in an Undiagnosed HIV Positive Patient/Tani Almamis HIV Pozitif Hastada HSV-2 Enfeksiyonuna Bagli Transvers Miyelit. Coban, Eda; Serindag, Helin; Gul, Zeynep Bastug; Ozerden, Mesude; Soysal, Aysun Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 2018
The autochthonous cases of acute strongyloidiasis in the Moscow region. Bronstein, Alexandr M.; Lukashev, Alexandr N.; Maximova, Maria S.; Sacharova, Tatiana V. Mar 1, 2021 1950
Frequencies and results of anti-nuclear, anti-dsDNA and anti-ENA in a tertiary-care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. Kanani, Fatima Husain; Hussain, Tahir; Talat, Tayyaba; Ghouri, Nida Report Feb 28, 2021 2408
Short Communication - Detection of Cytomegalovirus in Pregnant Women of Lakki Marwat and Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Saad, Faryal; Rahman, Zia Ur; Khan, Aamir; Noushin, Rabia; Ullah, Irfan; Dawar, Farman Ullah; Khan, Report Feb 24, 2021 2210
Short Communication - Bovine and Caprine Brucellosis Detected by Milk Indirect ELISA and Milk Ring Test in Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan. Nawaz, Mudussar; Khan, Iahtasham; Shakeel, Muhammad; Yousaf, Arfan; Naseer, Zahid; Munibullah; Zohai Report Feb 24, 2021 2497
miR-135a inhibits airway inflammatory response in asthmatic mice via regulating JAK/STAT signaling pathway. Huang, Xue-peng; Qin, Cheng-yu; Gao, Yue-ming Feb 19, 2021 5134
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 3.8% To 26,739, Number Of ELISA Up 2.6% To 16,387 On February 10 - Health Ministry. Feb 11, 2021 317
Eurofins unveils GSD NovaLisa SARS-CoV-2 quantitative IgG to measure immune response to COVID-19 and Vaccines. Feb 11, 2021 232
Eurofins unveils GSD NovaLisa SARS-CoV-2 quantitative IgG to measure immune response to COVID-19 and Vaccines. Feb 11, 2021 228
Eurofins Launches Quantitative Antibody Test to Measure Immune Response to COVID-19 and Vaccines. Feb 11, 2021 367
Health Ministry To Launch Vaccination Portal Against Coronavirus Soon. Feb 9, 2021 200
Aspergillus SPECIES AND AFLATOXIN CONTAMINATION IN PEPPER (Capsicum annuum l.) IN WEST GOJJAM, ETHIOPIA. T., Tsehaynesh; M., Abdi; S., Hassen; Taye, W. Report Feb 1, 2021 5894
IL-21 Is Associated With Virological Relapse of HBeAg Positive Chronic Hepatitis B After Discontinuance of Entecavir. Huang, Lihua; Zhou, Li; Gan, Jianhe; Yang, Wenlong; Dai, Yaping; Su, Tingting; Qiu, Yuanwang Feb 1, 2021 5101
Role of Burkholderia pseudomallei--Specific IgG2 in Adults with Acute Melioidosis, Thailand. Chaichana, Panjaporn; Jenjaroen, Kemajittra; Chumseng, Suchintana; Sumonwiriya, Manutsanun; Rongkard Report Feb 1, 2021 4687
DEFICIENCY OF ADAMTS-13 IN SEPSIS PATIENTS AND ITS CORRELATION WITH MORBIDITY/MORTALITY. Syed Owais Ali, Chaudhry Altaf Hussain, Dawood Ahmad, Rafia Mahmood, Syeda Sarwat Fatima and Taqdees Jan 31, 2021 2919
UNICEF Provides Ukraine With 1.2 Million PCR-Tests. Jan 27, 2021 401
Serum Level of ADAMTS4 and ADAMTS8 in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis. Taskin, Irmak Icen; Kandemir, Sevgi Irtegun; Nas, Kemal; Dagli, Abdullah Zubeyir Report Jan 19, 2021 3631
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 46.8% To 10,401, Number Of ELISA Down Thrice To 2,846 On January 17 - Health Ministry. Jan 18, 2021 324
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 98.2% To 23,873, Number Of ELISA Up 4.4 Times To 17,809 On January 11 - Health Ministry. Jan 12, 2021 324
Short Communication - STUDY ON THE PREVALENCE AND HEMATOLOGICAL ALTERATIONS IN TOXOPLASMA GONDII INFECTED CAPTIVE PHEASANT SPECIES OF BAHAWALPUR ZOO, PAKISTAN. M. H. Lashari, M. Bibi, U. Farooq, F. Afzal, A. Ali, M. Safdar, M. S. Akhtar, A. A. Farooq, S. Masoo Clinical report Jan 5, 2021 3323
Neoteryx's mitra microsamples help NIH measure SARS-CoV-2 raised antibodies with 99-100% accuracy. Jan 5, 2021 212
Neoteryx's mitra microsamples help NIH measure SARS-CoV-2 raised antibodies with 99-100% accuracy. Jan 5, 2021 208
Stepanov Calling On Ukrainians To Demand Covid-19 Tests Having Any ARVI Symptoms. Jan 5, 2021 392
Cellular Immunity in COVID-19 Convalescents with PCR-Confirmed Infection but with Undetectable SARS-CoV-2-Specific IgG. Schwarzkopf, Sina; Krawczyk, Adalbert; Knop, Dietmar; Klump, Hannes; Heinold, Andreas; Heinemann, Fa Report Jan 1, 2021 5801
Endocan (ESM-1) levels in gingival crevicular fluid correlate with ICAM-1 and LFA-1 in periodontitis. Tayman, Mahmure Ayse; Onder, Canan; Kurgan, Sivge; Serdar, Muhittin Abdulkadir; Gunhan, Meral Jan 1, 2021 4568
Assessment of pregnancy-associated glycoprotein profile in milk for early pregnancy diagnosis in goats. Singh, Shiva Pratap; Natesan, Ramachandran; Sharma, Nandini; Goel, Anil Kumar; Singh, Manoj Kumar; K Report Jan 1, 2021 6898
Effect of JAK-STAT pathway in regulation of fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome in chickens. Zhu, Yaling; Mao, Huirong; Peng, Gang; Zeng, Qingjie; Wei, Qing; Ruan, Jiming; Huang, Jianzhen Report Jan 1, 2021 6556
Evaluation of perilipin 2 and melanocortin 5 receptor serum levels with sebogenesis in acne vulgaris patients. Orenay, Ozge Mine; Sarifakioglu, Evren; Gulekon, Ayla Jan 1, 2021 3068
Microbiological Diagnosis of COVID-19/COVID-19'un Mikrobiyolojik Tanisi. Sumbul, Bilge; Doymaz, Mehmet Ziya Report Jan 1, 2021 4785
Experimental Exposure of the Mediterranean Mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis to Potentially Toxic Cyanobacteria (Synechocystis sp.) and Detection of Microcystins. Kalaitzidou, Maria; Papageorgiou, Konstantinos; Theodoridis, Alexandros; Economou, Vangelis; Filious Jan 1, 2021 6300
Is Peyronie's an lgG4-related disease? Solakhan, Mehmet; Kisacik, Bunyamin Report Jan 1, 2021 3005
EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STATISTICS OF FMD VIRUS SEROTYPES A, O AND ASIA-1 IN PUNJAB, PAKISTAN DURING 2014-2019. R. Rafique, S. Noor, S. Hussain, R. Munir, A. Mubarak, S. Ali and R. Rafique Dec 31, 2020 3565
AN OVERVIEW ABOUT PREVALENCE OF FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE VIRUS IN DISTRICTS KASUR AND LAHORE, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN FROM 2014-2019. R. Rafique, S. Noor, S. Hussain, R. Munir, A. Mubarak, S. Ali and R. Rafique Dec 31, 2020 2500
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 36.7% To 35,504, Number Of ELISA Down 2.1% To 17,242 On December 29 - Health Ministry. Dec 30, 2020 256
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 2.1 times To 25,965, Number Of ELISA Up 5.7 times To 17,620 On December 28 - Health Ministry. Dec 29, 2020 325
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 2.2% To 42,132, Number Of ELISA Up 19.8% To 24,226 On December 23 - Health Ministry. Dec 24, 2020 316
Euroimmun Launches Novel ELISA for Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Antigen in Acutely Infected Patients. Dec 17, 2020 262
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 27.5% To 40,740, Number Of ELISA Down 5% To 22,705 On December 15 - Health Ministry. Dec 16, 2020 354
Comparative Study of Widal Test and IgM ELISA in the Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever. Christopher, Supriya; Gopi, Anjana; Ningaraju, Akshatha Clinical report Dec 7, 2020 3081
Evaluation of Syphilis Coinfection in HIV-Infected Individuals/HIV'le Infekte Bireylerde Sifilis Koinfeksiyonunun Degerlendirilmesi. Dinc, Harika Oyku; Alkan, Sena; Ozbey, Dogukan; Sirekbasan, Serhat; Gareayaghi, Nesrin; Cihan, Merve Report Dec 1, 2020 2578
Current Status in Intestinal Parasitic Infections: A Reference Laboratory Results/Barsak Paraziti Infeksiyonlarinda Son Durum: Bir Referans Laboratuvari Sonuclari. Usluca, Selma; Babur, Cahit; Kilic, Selcuk Report Dec 1, 2020 3647
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 28.6% To 33,817, Number Of ELISA Up 5.1 times To 28,510 On November 30 - Health Ministry. Dec 1, 2020 310
Natural immunity to influenza A and B among Saudi blood donors in Al Madinah Al Munawarah, Saudi Arabia. Mahallawi, Waleed H.; Ibrahim, Nadir A.; Alahmadi, Khalid S.; Harbi, Abdullah K. Al-; Almughthawi, M Report Dec 1, 2020 3999
The Predictive Role of Heat Shock Proteins 27 and 60 in Pediatric Patients with Ataxia Telangiectasia. Ozcelik, A. Aysima; Perk, Peren; Ozyurt, Binnur; Kilic, Beltinge Demircioglu Dec 1, 2020 3070
Profile of Apoptotic Proteins after Curcumin Treatment by Antibody Array in H69AR Lung Cancer Cells. Ilhan, Suleyman Dec 1, 2020 4123
Sex-Based Differences in the Cytokine Production and Intracellular Signaling Pathways in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pratap, Uday P.; Hima, Lalgi; Kannan, Thangamani; Thyagarajan, Chadrasekaran; Priyanka, Hannah P.; V Dec 1, 2020 6617
Role of Th2 type Cytokines and IgE in Asthmatic Children. Abo-Shanab, Assem Metwally; Elnady, Hala; Helwa, Iman; Abdelkawy, Rania Fawzy Mahmoud; Atta, Hanan; Report Dec 1, 2020 4466
Serum Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Level May Predict the Functional Outcome of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients. Prodjohardjono, Astuti; Sutarni, Sri; Setyopranoto, Ismail Report Dec 1, 2020 5638
Serum immune markers as triggers of reactional episodes in multibacillary patients with leprosy. Rego, Jamile Leao; Santana, Nadja de Lima; Aguiar, Eric Roberto; Queiroz, Ivonete Santos; Carvalho, Report Dec 1, 2020 4195
Soluble mediators of immune significance in sera of leprosy patients. Dubey, Amit; Gaur, Ritu; Arela, Nidhi; Singh, Vandana; Arora, Mamta; Sagar, Harish; Kamal, Raj; Nata Report Dec 1, 2020 4658
Berberine inhibits liver damage in rats with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by regulating TLR4/MyD88/NF-[kappa]B pathway. Wang, Lingling; Jia, Zhandong; Wang, Bangcai; Zhang, Bin Dec 1, 2020 4660
Berberine inhibits liver damage in rats with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by regulating TLR4/MyD88/NF-[kappa]B pathway. Wang, Lingling; Jia, Zhandong; Wang, Bangcai; Zhang, Bin Report Dec 1, 2020 4391
Global sperm DNA methylation and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection outcomes. Roshdy, Ossama H.; Maksoud, Rania E. Abdel; Kassar, Yasser S. El; Younan, Doreen N.; Sayed, Rana R. Report Dec 1, 2020 3913
High KEAP1, NRF2 and Low HO-1 Serum Levels in Children with Autism. Ayaydin, Hamza; Akaltun, Ismail; Koyuncu, Ismail; Celik, Hakim; Kirmit, Adnan; Takatak, Hatice Dec 1, 2020 5389
Beneficial Effects of Yoga Stretching on Salivary Stress Hormones and Parasympathetic Nerve Activity. Eda, Nobuhiko; Ito, Hironaga; Akama, Takao Report Dec 1, 2020 6085
Avian Dis.: Occurrence and colecular typing of Giardia psittaci in parakeets in Germany--a case study. Reuschel, M.; Pantchey, N.; Vrhovec, G. Report Dec 1, 2020 184
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 28.3% To 45,438, Number Of ELISA Up 14.6% 29,958 On November 24 - Health Ministry. Nov 25, 2020 311
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 40.3% To 35,425, Number Of ELISA Up 8.4 times 26,142 On November 23 - Health Ministry. Nov 24, 2020 311
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 9.8% To 25,253, Number Of ELISA Down 2.1 times 3,121 On November 22 - Health Ministry. Nov 23, 2020 311
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 4.2% To 40,585, Number Of ELISA Down 19.1% To 24,817 On November 18 - Health Ministry. Nov 19, 2020 288
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 6.9% To 46,933, Number Of ELISA Up 2.9% To 30,216 On November 11 - Health Ministry. Nov 12, 2020 315
Euroimmun Launches Quantitative ELISA to Measure SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Against Viral S1 Protein. Nov 9, 2020 271
Quansys Biosciences wins US FDA EUA for SARS-CoV-2 IgG Antibody Test. Nov 6, 2020 200
Quansys Biosciences wins US FDA EUA for SARS-CoV-2 IgG Antibody Test. Nov 6, 2020 204
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 4.7% To 46,856, Number Of ELISA Down 4.7% To 28,742 On November 4 - Health Ministry. Nov 5, 2020 409
Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth among patients with celiac disease unresponsive to a gluten free diet. Safi, Mohammad-Ayman A.; Jiman-Fatani, Asif A.; Saadah, Omar I. Report Nov 1, 2020 5369
Paratuberculosis in Captive Scimitar-Horned Oryxes (Oryx dammah). Pigoli, Claudio; Garbarino, Chiara; Ricchi, Matteo; Bonacina, Eleonora; Gibelli, Lucia; Scaltriti, V Report Nov 1, 2020 5567
Molecular Assessment of Chelonid Alphaherpesvirus 5 Infection in Tumor-Free Green (Chelonia mydas) and Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Sea Turtles in North Carolina, USA, 2015-2019. Page-Karjian, Annie; Serrano, Maria E.; Cartzendafner, Jeffrey; Morgan, Ashley; Ritchie, Branson W.; Report Nov 1, 2020 7772
Effects of Osthole on Progesterone Secretion in Chicken Preovulatory Follicles Granulosa Cells. Sun, Na; Zhang, Yutong; Hou, Yaxin; Yi, Yanyan; Guo, Jianhua; Zheng, Xiaozhong; Sun, Panpan; Sun, Ya Nov 1, 2020 5077
Validation of an Alternative Feather Sampling Method to Measure Corticosterone. Voit, Marielu; Merle, Roswitha; Baumgartner, Katrin; von Fersen, Lorenzo; Reese, Lukas; Ladwig-Wiega Nov 1, 2020 8770
Short Communication - SEROPREVALENCE OF BACILLUS ANTHRACIS PROTECTIVE-ANTIGEN IN NINE DISTRICTS OF CENTRAL PUNJAB, PAKISTAN. H. Rashid, K. Muhammad, M. Rabbani, M. S. Khan. M. Z. Shabbir, A. Ahmad, M. A. Ali and B. Jayarao Oct 31, 2020 3510
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 25.7% To 41,947, Number Of ELISA Up 22.7% To 28,645 On October 27 - Health Ministry. Oct 28, 2020 367
FDA Approves VioOne HIV Profile Supplemental Assay. Oct 23, 2020 214
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 7.5% To 36,457, Number Of ELISA Down 6.5% To 26,674 On October 22 - Health Ministry. Oct 23, 2020 369
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 3.6% To 33,901, Number Of ELISA Down 5.4% To 28,517 On October 21 - Health Ministry. Oct 22, 2020 368
Biomerica reports Q1 revenue $1.14M, two est. $1.2M. Financial report Oct 16, 2020 282
SUBURBAN NEWS. Oct 13, 2020 607
Abbott COVID test receives FDA approval. Oct 13, 2020 193
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 26.1% To 19,867, Number Of ELISA Down 3.3 Times To 2,039 On October 11 - Health Ministry. Oct 12, 2020 366
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 4.8% To 32,658, Number Of ELISA Up 3.1% To 23,747 On October 8 - Health Ministry. Oct 9, 2020 409
ZEUS Scientific awarded FDA's EUA approval for ZEUS ELISA SARS-CoV-2 IgG Test. Oct 8, 2020 249
ZEUS Scientific awarded FDA's EUA approval for ZEUS ELISA SARS-CoV-2 IgG Test. Oct 8, 2020 245
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 60.6% To 25,126, Number Of ELISA Up 12.9 times To 19,851 On October 5 - Health Ministry. Oct 6, 2020 351
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 19.4% To 15,646, Number Of ELISA Down 4.1 times To 1,534 On October 4 - Health Ministry. Oct 5, 2020 350
Co-Circulation of Dengue Serotypes in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India --A Descriptive Study. Chintapalli, Suryamani; Peddepalli, Apparao; Pilli, Sivajyothi; Pilli, Monika Deepthi; Yandra, Kanak Oct 5, 2020 3255
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 2.1% To 29,527, Number Of ELISA Down 7.2% To 21,207 On October 1 - Health Ministry. Oct 2, 2020 402
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 9.4% To 30,167, Number Of ELISA Down 3.4% To 22,855 On September 29 - Health Ministry. Oct 1, 2020 406
Leucocytes and Th-associated Cytokine Profile of HIV-Leishmaniasis Co-Infected Persons Attending Abuja Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Abdullahi, Idris Nasir; Emeribe, Anthony Uchenna; Adekola, Hafeez Aderinsayo; Muhammad, Habiba Yahay Oct 1, 2020 5069
Myeloperoxidase and calprotectin; Any role as non-invasive markers for the prediction of inflammation and fibrosis in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis? Bicakci, Ercan; Demirtas, Coskun Ozer; Celikel, Cigdem; Haklar, Goncagul; Duman, Deniz Guney Oct 1, 2020 4814
Serum Health Biomarkers in African and Asian Elephants: Value Ranges and Clinical Values Indicative of the Immune Response. Edwards, Katie L.; Miller, Michele A.; Siegal-Willott, Jessica; Brown, Janine L. Oct 1, 2020 11599
Myeloperoxidase and calprotectin; Any role as non-invasive markers for the prediction of inflammation and fibrosis in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis? Bicakci, Ercan; Demirtas, Coskun Ozer; Celikel, Cigdem; Haklar, Goncagul; Duman, Deniz Guney Report Oct 1, 2020 4726
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 14.1% To 27,572, Number Of ELISA Up 7.5% To 23,657 On September 29 - Health Ministry. Sep 30, 2020 408
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 5% To 20,781, Number Of ELISA Up 9 Times To 21,697 On September 21 - Health Ministry. Sep 22, 2020 405
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 6.3% To 29,121, Number Of ELISA Down 10.3% To 23,296 On September 18 - Health Ministry. Sep 19, 2020 316
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 3.3% To 27,794, Number Of ELISA Up 14.8% To 23,796 On September 15 - Health Ministry. Sep 16, 2020 384
WHO provides SARS-CoV-2 antibody ELISA tests available in Iran. Sep 15, 2020 550
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 5.9% To 27,945, Number Of ELISA Down 11% To 23,953 On September 10 - Health Ministry. Sep 11, 2020 405
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 50.2% To 22,860, Number Of ELISA Up 5.1 Times To 19,373 On September 7 - Health Ministry. Sep 9, 2020 384
Avacta to launch affimer-based laboratory test for COVID-19. Sep 8, 2020 277
Avacta plans to unveil SARS-CoV-2 ELISA laboratory test to support global research efforts to combat the virus. Sep 8, 2020 231
Avacta plans to unveil SARS-CoV-2 ELISA laboratory test to support global research efforts to combat the virus. Sep 8, 2020 235
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 50.2% To 22,860, Number Of ELISA Up 5.1 Times To 19,373 On September 7 - Health Ministry. Sep 8, 2020 384
ADMA Biologics launches COVID-19 ImmunoRank Neutralization MICRO-ELISA. Sep 3, 2020 289
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 2.2% To 23,990, Number Of ELISA Down 0.2% To 22,161 On September 2 - Health Ministry. Sep 3, 2020 372
ELISA Confirms Coronavirus Antibodies In 48,000 People Since Beginning Of Tests - Liashko. Sep 2, 2020 294
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 8.4% To 24,531, Number Of ELISA Up 14.2% To 22,205 On September 1 - Health Ministry. Sep 2, 2020 375
University and diagnostic team develops new antibodies test. Sep 1, 2020 249
Hydro-alcoholic Extract of Achillea Wilhelmsii C. Koch Reduces the Expression of Cell Death-Associated Genes while Inducing DNA Damage in HeLa Cervical Cancer Cells. Sargazi, Saman; Moudi, Mahdiyeh; Kooshkaki, Msc; Omid; Mirinejad, Shekoufeh; Saravani, Ramin Sep 1, 2020 5288
Agri Yoresindeki Sigirlarda Karaciger Trematod Enfeksiyonlarinin Yayginligi/Prevalence of Liver Trematode Infections in Cattle in the Province of Agri in Turkey. Saltan, Cuma; Tasci, Gencay Taskin Sep 1, 2020 5029
Afganistan'da Bir Devlet Hastanesinde Tedavi Olan Kist Hidatik Hastalariyla Ayni Yasam Alanini Paylasan Bireylerde Radyolojik ve Serolojik Tarama Sonuclari/Results of Radiological and Serological Screenings in Individuals Sharing the Same Living Area as Patients with Hydatid Cyst in Afghanistan's State Hospital. Eilbigi, Mohammad Maroof; Hisar, Kemal Macit Sep 1, 2020 2751
Prevalence of Subclinical Carotid Atherosclerosis and Vitamin D Deficiency in Egyptian Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients. Fotoh, Dina Salem; Serag, Dena Mamdouh; Badr, Ismail Tawfeek; Saif, Dalia Salah Sep 1, 2020 4390
The Effects of Tofacitinib-Mediated Janus Kinase/Signal Transducers and Activators of the Transcription Signal Pathway Inhibition on Collagen Biosynthesis in Hepatic and Skin Fibroblast Cell Culture. Sahin, Mehtap; Aydin, Huseyin; Altun, Ahmet; Derin, Mehmet Emin; ahin, Ali Sep 1, 2020 4302
Procalcitonin Detection in Veterinary Species: Investigation of Commercial ELISA Kits. Battaglia, Federica; Meucci, Valentina; Tognetti, Rosalba; Bonelli, Francesca; Sgorbini, Micaela; Lu Report Sep 1, 2020 5460
Identifying Active Salmonella Infections in Swine Nurseries Using Serology and Bacterial Culture and Evaluating Associated Risk Factors. Nair, Saranya; Farzan, Abdolvahab; Poljak, Zvonimir; Friendship, Robert Report Sep 1, 2020 7499
Increasing Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence in Domestic Pigs and Wild Boar in Bulgaria. Takova, Katerina; Koynarski, Tsvetoslav; Minkov, Ivan; Ivanova, Zdravka Report Sep 1, 2020 6223
Circulation of Indigenous Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus Strains in Turkish Cattle: The First Isolation and Molecular Characterization. Yazici, Zafer; Ozan, Emre; Tamer, Cuneyt; Muftuoglu, Bahadir; Barry, Gerald; Kurucay, Hanne Nur; Elh Report Sep 1, 2020 5188
Berberine Attenuates Cerebral Vasospasm After Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Via Modulating AMPK/Rho Pathway. Kadirhan, Ozge Altintas; Kumas, Meltem; Karatas, Ersin; Mutlu, Hasan Serdar; Kocyigit, Abdurrahim; A Sep 1, 2020 4478
Serum Fetuin A and Secreted Phosphoprotein 24 as Diagnostic Markers in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Karakoyun, Inanc; Isman, Ferruh Kemal; Basok, Banu Isbilen; Arslan, Fatma Demet; Calik, Bulent; Kahr Sep 1, 2020 4970
Prevention of Oxygen-Induced Inflammatory Lung Injury by Caffeine in Neonatal Rats. Endesfelder, Stefanie; Strauss, Evelyn; Bendix, Ivo; Schmitz, Thomas; Buhrer, Christoph Aug 31, 2020 11269
Increased Serum Levels of IFN-[gamma], IL-1[beta] and IL-6 in Patients with Alopecia Areata and Nonsegmental Vitiligo. Tomaszewska, Katarzyna; Kozlowska, Magdalena; Kaszuba, Andrzej; Lesiak, Aleksandra; Narbutt, Joanna; Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 3891
Methane Ameliorates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Orchitis by Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidative, and Antiapoptotic Effects via Regulation of the PK2/PKR1 Pathway. Huang, Chao; Zhang, Wenbo; Sun, Aijun; Zhang, Xi; Guo, Jinping; Ji, Ruijuan; Qiao, Liang; Sun, Xueju Aug 31, 2020 5842
Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals the Protection of Astragaloside IV against Diabetic Nephropathy by Modulating Inflammation. Zhang, Yudi; Tao, Chunhe; Xuan, Chen; Jiang, Junyan; Cao, Wenfu Aug 31, 2020 8925
Wenyang Jieyu Decoction Alleviates Depressive Behavior in the Rat Model of Depression via Regulation of the Intestinal Microbiota. Feng, Zhenyu; Ma, Xiaojuan; Meng, Shuang; Wang, Hongjuan; Zhou, Xiaorong; Shi, Min; Zhao, Jie Aug 31, 2020 7889
Ethyl Acetate Fraction from Hedyotis diffusa plus Scutellaria barbata Exerts Anti-Breast Cancer Effect via miR-200c-PDE7B/PD-L1-AKT/MAPK Axis. Yang, Yue; Fang, Ting; Cao, Yi-Lan; Lv, Ya-Xin; Chang, Qing-Qi; Zhan, Dan-Dan Aug 31, 2020 4660
Electroacupuncture Pretreatment Alleviates LPS-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome via Regulating the PPAR Gamma/NF-Kappa B Signaling Pathway. Feng, Di; Zhou, Huanping; Jin, Xiaohong; Wei, Juan; Zhang, Qingqing; Gu, Yang; Zhang, Pengcheng; Yan Aug 31, 2020 6056
Salvia miltiorrhiza Injection Alleviates LPS-Induced Acute Lung Injury by Adjusting the Balance of MMPs/TIMPs Ratio. Chen, Guobing; Ge, Dandan; Zhu, Bizhen; Shi, Huixuan; Ma, Qilin Aug 31, 2020 5358
Endocan and Lumican in Relation to Cardiometabolic Risk in a Pediatric Overweight and Obese Cohort: A Cross-Sectional Study. Balanescu, Anca; Codreanu, Ioana Florentina; Comanici, Valentina Daniela; Stan, Iustina Violeta; Bal Report Aug 31, 2020 6349
The Effects of Titanium Surfaces Modified with an Antimicrobial Peptide GL13K by Silanization on Polarization, Anti-Inflammatory, and Proinflammatory Properties of Macrophages. Chen, Xuxi; Zhou, Lin; Wu, Dong; Huang, Wenxiu; Lin, Yanjun; Zhou, Bowei; Chen, Jiang Report Aug 31, 2020 5463
Uniaxial Static Strain Promotes Osteoblast Proliferation and Bone Matrix Formation in Distraction Osteogenesis In Vitro. Li, Zhengqiang; Zheng, Junfa; Wan, Di; Yang, Xiaoqin Report Aug 31, 2020 7045
Minocycline Induces Autophagy and Inhibits Cell Proliferation in LPS-Stimulated THP-1 Cells. Sun, Jian; Shigemi, Hiroko; Cao, Miaoyin; Qin, E.; Tang, Jixian; Shen, Juxin; Iwasaki, Hiromichi Report Aug 31, 2020 6127
Significance of Serum Angiopoietin-2 in Patients with Hemorrhage in Adult-Onset Moyamoya Disease. Yu, Jianbo; Huang, Kaiyuan; Pan, Jianwei; Shen, Jian; Zhan, Renya Aug 31, 2020 5056
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Blood Monocyte Phenotype Fingerprint of Stable Coronary Artery Disease: A Cross-Sectional Substudy of SMARTool Clinical Trial. Sbrana, Silverio; Campolo, Jonica; Clemente, Alberto; Bastiani, Luca; Cecchettini, Antonella; Cecche Report Aug 31, 2020 6918
Impact of Petroleum Exposure on Some Hematological Indices, Interleukin-6, and Inflammatory Markers of Workers at Petroleum Stations in Basra City. Jabbar, Azza Sajid; Ali, Eman T. Aug 31, 2020 5385
Genotoxic Effect of Lead and Cadmium on Workers at Wastewater Plant in Iraq. Ibrahem, Salih; Hassan, Muna; Ibraheem, Qais; Arif, Khalid Aug 31, 2020 5751
Serum Actinin-4 Levels as a Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Marker in Cervical Cancer. Ma, Xigui; Xue, Huiying; Zhong, Jixiang; Feng, Bo; Zuo, Yanghua Aug 31, 2020 4142
Increased Serum Level and High Tissue Immunoexpression of Interleukin 17 in Cutaneous Lichen Planus: A Novel Therapeutic Target for Recalcitrant Cases? Zychowska, Magdalena; Batycka-Baran, Aleksandra; Baran, Wojciech Aug 31, 2020 4314
Association of Serum FAM19A5 with Cognitive Impairment in Vascular Dementia. Li, Juan; Li, Shoulin; Song, Yihong; Zhou, Wei; Zhu, Xiaohao; Xu, Suo; Ma, Yihong; Zhu, Chunlin Aug 31, 2020 3588
Measles and Pregnancy: Immunity and Immunization--What Can Be Learned from Observing Complications during an Epidemic Year. Ragusa, Rosalia; Platania, Armando; Cuccia, Mario; Zappala, Gaetano; Giorgianni, Gabriele; D'Agati, Report Aug 31, 2020 5181
Comparative Evaluation and Measure of Accuracy of ELISAs, CLIAs, and ECLIAs for the Detection of HIV Infection among Blood Donors in China. Chang, Le; Zhao, Junpeng; Guo, Fei; Ji, Huimin; Zhang, Lu; Jiang, Xinyi; Wang, Lunan Aug 31, 2020 5974
Extracorporeal Shock Waves Increase Markers of Cellular Proliferation in Bronchial Epithelium and in Primary Bronchial Fibroblasts of COPD Patients. Di Stefano, Antonino; Frairia, Roberto; Ricciardolo, Fabio L.M.; Gnemmi, Isabella; Gammazza, Antonel Aug 31, 2020 7005
Placental Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (PMSCs) and PMSC-Derived Extracellular Vesicles (PMSC-EVs) Attenuated Renal Fibrosis in Rats with Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction (UUO) by Regulating [CD4.sup.+] T Cell Polarization. Zhu, Zhu; Han, Chaonan; Xian, Shuli; Zhuang, Feng; Ding, Feng; Zhang, Wei; Liu, Yingli Aug 31, 2020 5544
IL-37 Gene Modification Enhances the Protective Effects of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells on Intestinal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury. Kong, Dejun; Hu, Yonghao; Li, Xiang; Yu, Dingding; Li, Hongyue; Zhao, Yiming; Qin, Yafei; Jin, Wang; Aug 31, 2020 6208
Detection of Dengue Virus-Specific IgM and IgG Antibodies through Peptide Sequences of Envelope and NS1 Proteins for Serological Identification. Nagar, Pradeep Kumar; Savargaonkar, Deepali; Anvikar, Anupkumar R. Aug 31, 2020 4888
Evaluation of the Ability of Miltefosine Associated with Topical GM-CSF in Modulating the Immune Response of Patients with Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. Peixoto, Fabio; Nascimento, Mauricio T.; Costa, Rubia; Silva, Juliana; Renard, Gaby; Guimaraes, Luiz Aug 31, 2020 5715
The Influence of Adalimumab and Cyclosporine A on the Expression Profile of the Genes Related to TGF[beta] Signaling Pathways in Keratinocyte Cells Treated with Lipopolysaccharide A. Adwent, Iwona; Grabarek, Beniamin Oskar; Kojs-Mrozkiewicz, Marta; Brus, Ryszard; Staszkiewicz, Rafal Aug 31, 2020 7986
Advanced Glycation End Products Induce Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell-Derived Foam Cell Formation and Transdifferentiate to a Macrophage-Like State. Bao, Zhengyang; Li, Lihua; Geng, Yue; Yan, Jinchuan; Dai, Zhiyin; Shao, Chen; Sun, Zhen; Jing, Lele; Aug 31, 2020 5734
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The Predictive Value of Growth Differentiation Factor-15 in Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation after Catheter Ablation. Wei, Ying; Liu, Shuwang; Yu, Haiyi; Zhang, Yuan; Gao, Wei; Cui, Ming; Li, Lei Aug 31, 2020 6823
Plasma and Cellular Forms of Fibronectin as Prognostic Markers in Sepsis. Lemanska-Perek, Anna; Krzyzanowska-Golab, Dorota; Skalec, Tomasz; Adamik, Barbara Aug 31, 2020 6217
Huayu Wan Prevents Lewis Lung Cancer Metastasis in Mice via the Platelet Pathway. Ma, Yunfei; Li, Guangda; Sun, Xu; Cao, Kexin; Wang, Xiaomin; Yang, Guowang; Yu, Mingwei Aug 31, 2020 4042
Scrodentoids H and I, a Pair of Natural Epimerides from Scrophularia dentata, Inhibit Inflammation through JNK-STAT3 Axis in THP-1 Cells. Mao, Gaohui; Sun, Liqin; Xu, Jinwen; Li, Yiming; Dunzhu, Ciren; Zhang, Liuqiang; Qian, Fei Aug 31, 2020 6703
Inhibition of Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Bark, Leaf, and Male Flower Extracts of Eucommia ulmoides. Xing, Yun-Yun; Wang, Jian-Ying; Wang, Kai; Zhang, Yan; Liu, Kun; Chen, Xiao-Yun; Yuan, Ying Aug 31, 2020 5338
Molecular Detection of Hepatitis E Virus in Tibetan Swine. G, Gong; Sizhu, SuoLang Report Aug 31, 2020 3086
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 16.1% To 10,855, Number Of ELISA Down 19.5% To 2,571 On August 24 - Health Ministry. Aug 25, 2020 393
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 38.7% To 9,350, Number Of ELISA Down 57.4% To 3,192 On August 23. Aug 24, 2020 358
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 0.6% To 21,821, Number Of ELISA Down 6.3% To 17,878 On August 20 - Health Ministry. Aug 21, 2020 406
Trinity Biotech reports EUA submission for Covid-19 ELISA antibody test. Aug 20, 2020 155
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 10.8% To 21,698, Number Of ELISA Up 5% To 19,081 On August 19. Aug 20, 2020 477
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 41.3% To 15,120, Number Of ELISA Up 3.9 times To 13,172 On August 17 - Health Ministry. Aug 18, 2020 386
Monopar Therapeutics to advance development of novel triage test for COVID-19. Aug 12, 2020 363
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 20.2% To 19,380, Number Of ELISA Up 11.2% To 18,107 On August 11 - Health Ministry. Aug 12, 2020 386
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 2.4% To 18,410, Number Of ELISA Down 11.3% To 17,309 On August 6 - Health Ministry. Aug 7, 2020 387
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 65.9% To 14,140, Number Of ELISA Up 4.8 times To 15,402 On August 3 - Health Ministry. Aug 4, 2020 388
Evaluation of the Relationship between Mucosal Diseases and Faecal Calprotectin Levels in Children who Underwent Upper Gastrointestinal System Endoscopy. Baran, Masallah; Appak, Yeliz Cagan; Arslan, Fatma Demet; Kahraman, Dudu Solakoglu; Karakoyun, Miray Aug 1, 2020 3767
Low expression of microRNA-328 can predict sepsis and alleviate sepsis-induced cardiac dysfunction and inflammatory response. Sun, Bin; Luan, Chunye; Guo, Lisha; Zhang, Bing; Liu, Yufang Aug 1, 2020 4553
Prognostic Significance of Glutathione Peroxidase (GSH-Px) Levels in Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease/Lomber Dejeneratif Disk Hastaliginda Glutatyon Peroksidaz (GSH-Px) Duzeylerinin Prognostik Onemi. Yaltirik, Cumhur Kaan; Yilmaz, Seda Gulec; Akdeniz, Fatma Tuba; Sumerkent, Kadir; Ozdogan, Selcuk; I Aug 1, 2020 2789
Quantification of Defensive Proteins in Skin Mucus of Atlantic salmon Using Minimally Invasive Sampling and High-Sensitivity ELISA. Tartor, Haitham; Monjane, Aderito Luis; Grove, Soren Aug 1, 2020 8344
Molecular and serological tests for COVID-19. Gurbuz, Melahat Aug 1, 2020 4210
A pilot study of the effects of suboccipital fascial re ease on Cortisol levels in workers in the clothing industry--randomized clinical trial. Silva, Bruna Luisa; de Oliveira, Lara Alves; Costa, Camila Medeiros; Guimaraes, Cristiano Queiroz; V Report Aug 1, 2020 5788
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Interleukin-8 in Hyperlipidemia and Coronary Heart Disease in Thai Patients Taking Statin Cholesterol-Lowering Medication While Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Treatment. Dechkhajorn, Wilanee; Maneerat, Yaowapa; Prasongsukarn, Kriengchai; Kanchanaphum, Panan; Kumsiri, Ra Jul 31, 2020 5155
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Prevalidation of an ELISA for Detection of a New Clinical Entity: Leishmania donovani-Induced Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. Deepachandi, Bhagya; Weerasinghe, Sudath; Gunathilake, Himali; Andrahennadi, Thisira P.; Wickramanay Jul 31, 2020 4504
Caveolin-1 Knockdown Decreases SMMC7721 Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Invasiveness by Inhibiting Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-Induced Angiogenesis. Zhang, Zhi-Bo; Shi, Zheng; Yang, Lan-Fang; Gao, Hong-Bin Jul 31, 2020 6051
Study the Association of Tumor Necrosis Factor Promoter Polymorphism with Type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy. Emara, Mahmoud; Edel, Rawhia El; Fathy, Waleed M.; Aboelkhair, Noran T.; Watany, Mona M.; Abou-Elela Jul 31, 2020 5499
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Mast Cell Activation, Neuroinflammation, and Tight Junction Protein Derangement in Acute Traumatic Brain Injury. Kempuraj, Duraisamy; Ahmed, Mohammad Ejaz; Selvakumar, Govindhasamy Pushpavathi; Thangavel, Ramasamy Jul 31, 2020 7940
Associations of Serological Biomarkers of sICAM-1, IL-1[beta], MIF, and su-PAR with 3-Month Mortality in Acute Exacerbation of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Li, Xuran; Zhou, Ying; Zou, Ruyi; Chen, Haoran; Liu, Xiaoqin; Qiu, Xiaohua; Xiao, Yonglong; Cai, Hou Jul 31, 2020 5498
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Bactericidal Effect and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Cassia garettiana Heartwood Extract. Panthong, Sumalee; Itharat, Arunporn; Naknarin, Suchada; Kuropakornpong, Pranporn; Ooraikul, Buncha; Jul 31, 2020 5633
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Electroacupuncture Improves Blood Pressure in SHRs by Regulating the Immune Balance between Th17 and Treg. Wang, Yang; Zhang, Lili; Li, Li; Hu, Hantong; Pan, Pan; Zhang, Baoyu; Ning, Wenhua; Zhao, Mengxiong; Jul 31, 2020 5682
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Xiaoqinglong Decoction Protects the Lungs of AECOPD Mice through the AMPK/mTOR Signaling Pathway. Huang, Qingsong; Yang, Hongjing; Zhang, Chuantao; Wu, Jianying; Xiao, Wei; Zeng, Zhu Jul 31, 2020 5117
CD147 Aggravated Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Triggering NF-[kappa]B-Mediated Pyroptosis. Xu, Zhaohui; Liu, Ruitao; Huang, Ling; Xu, Yuxin; Su, Mingmin; Chen, Jiayu; Geng, Lanlan; Xu, Wanfu; Report Jul 31, 2020 4722
Relationship between IL10 and PD-L1 in Liver Hepatocellular Carcinoma Tissue and Cell Lines. Qian, Qian; Wu, Changping; Chen, Jianping; Wang, Weibing Report Jul 31, 2020 6558
Number Of PCR-Tests Up 39.2% To 9,711, Number Of ELISA Up 3.8 Times To 13,394 On July 13 - Health Ministry. Jul 14, 2020 352
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 32.1% To 6,976, Number Of ELISA Down 25.2% To 3,548 On July 12 - Health Ministry. Jul 13, 2020 377
Cellmid signs exclusive distribution agreement for SARS-CoV-2 laboratory tests. Jul 10, 2020 652
SHORT COMMUNICATION - Cryptosporidiosis in Children in Duhok City/Kurdistan Region/Iraq. Al-Saeed, Adel Talib; Abdo, Jassim Mohammed; Gorgess, Rouad Ganim Report Jul 10, 2020 3203
Number Of PCR-Tests Down 32.6% To 6,696, Number Of ELISA Remains Unchanged At 4,013 On July 5 - Health Ministry. Jul 6, 2020 375
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2-Specific Antibody Responses in Coronavirus Disease Patients. Okba, Nisreen M.A.; Muller, Marcel A.; Li, Wentao; Wang, Chunyan; GeurtsvanKessel, Corine H.; Corman Jul 1, 2020 6015
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Pilot Investigation on the Presence of Anti-Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Antibodies in Piglet Processing Fluids. Bartolo, Ilaria Di; De Sabato, Luca; Chelli, Eleonora; Alborali, Giovanni Loris; Tonni, Matteo; Moni Jul 1, 2020 6839
Decoy Receptor 3 Promotes Preosteoclast Cell Death via Reactive Oxygen Species-Induced Fas Ligand Expression and the IL-1[alpha]/IL-1 Receptor Antagonist Pathway. Peng, Yi-Jen; Peng, Ching-Tsung; Lin, Yi-Hsuan; Lin, Gu-Jiun; Huang, Shing-Hwa; Chen, Shyi-Jou; Sytw Jun 30, 2020 6221
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IL-17A in the Psoriatic Patients' Serum and Plaque Scales as Potential Marker of the Diseases Severity and Obesity. Michalak-Stoma, Anna; Bartosinska, Joanna; Kowal, Malgorzata; Raczkiewicz, Dorota; Krasowska, Dorota Jun 30, 2020 5978
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Protective Effect of Vitamin C against Infancy Rat Corneal Injury Caused by Acute UVB Irradiation. Chen, Wei; Guo, Jianying; Guo, Haiyi; Kong, Xue; Bai, Jing; Long, Pan Jun 30, 2020 5382
Iron-Chelating Agent Can Maintain Bone Homeostasis Disrupted by Iron Overload by Upregulating Wnt/Beta-Catenin Signaling. Xu, Wei; Yu, Ronghua; Zhu, Xiaodong; Li, Zhikun; Jia, Jianjun; Li, Dachuan; Chen, Yu; Zhang, Xiangya Jun 30, 2020 4004
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miR-223-3p Inhibits Antigen Endocytosis and Presentation and Promotes the Tolerogenic Potential of Dendritic Cells through Targeting Mannose Receptor Signaling and Rhob. Tang, Hao-Cheng; Lai, Yin-Yan; Zheng, Jing; Jiang, Hong-Yan; Xu, Geng Jun 30, 2020 6116
Clinical Significance of Serum Galactose-Deficient IgA1 Level in Children with IgA Nephropathy. Irabu, Hitoshi; Shimizu, Masaki; Kaneko, Shuya; Inoue, Natsumi; Mizuta, Mao; Ohta, Kazuhide; Yachie, Jun 30, 2020 4675
Mahuang Fuzi Xixin Decoction Ameliorates Allergic Rhinitis in Rats by Regulating the Gut Microbiota and Th17/Treg Balance. Liang, Xiao; Liu, Chang-Shun; Wei, Xiao-Han; Xia, Ting; Chen, Fei-Long; Tang, Qing-Fa; Ren, Meng-Yue Jun 30, 2020 6277
The Impact of Psoriasis and Metabolic Syndrome on the Systemic Inflammation and Oxidative Damage to Nucleic Acids. Holmannova, Drahomira; Borska, Lenka; Andrys, Ctirad; Borsky, Pavel; Kremlacek, Jan; Hamakova, Kveto Jun 30, 2020 6156
The Recombinant Protein EphB4-Fc Changes the Ti Particle-Mediated Imbalance of OPG/RANKL via EphrinB2/EphB4 Signaling Pathway and Inhibits the Release of Proinflammatory Factors In Vivo. Ge, Yu-Wei; Feng, Kai; Liu, Xiao-Liang; Chen, Hong-Fang; Sun, Zhen-Yu; Wang, Cai-Feng; Liu, Zhi-Qing Jun 30, 2020 7359
Oxidative Damage of Blood Platelets Correlates with the Degree of Psychophysical Disability in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Dziedzic, Angela; Morel, Agnieszka; Miller, Elzbieta; Bijak, Michal; Sliwinski, Tomasz; Synowiec, Ew Jun 30, 2020 8522
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Glycyrrhizin Ameliorates Radiation Enteritis in Mice Accompanied by the Regulation of the HMGB1/TLR4 Pathway. Zhang, Xiao-min; Hu, Xiao; Ou, Jin-ying; Chen, Shan-shan; Nie, Ling-hui; Gao, Lei; Zhu, Ling-ling Jun 30, 2020 5374
Caulis Sargentodoxae Prescription Plays a Therapeutic Role with Decreased Inflammatory Cytokines in Peritoneal Fluid in the Rat Endometriosis Model. Zhuang, Mengfei; Cao, Yang; Shi, Yan; Yu, Lin; Niu, Yanan; Zhang, Tingting; Sun, Zhaogui Jun 30, 2020 5880
Frequency of HIV seropositivity in patients with sexually transmitted infections presenting in the dermatology department of a tertiary care hospital. Burhan Ashraf, Shehla Shaukat, Mahwish Zahoor, Tahir Jamil Ahmad and Ijaz Hussain Jun 30, 2020 3738
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Circulating Sestrin Levels Are Increased in Hypertension Patients. Fang, Cao; Yang, Zicong; Shi, Lei; Zeng, Tao; Shi, Ying; Liu, Ling; Liu, Hongtao; Lin, Yingzhong Jun 30, 2020 5771
Pentraxin 3 (PTX-3) Levels in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid as a Lung Cancer Biomarker. Hu, Tinghua; Qiao, LiBang; Li, Hong; Ren, Hui; Ning, Qian; Zhou, Hong; Chen, Xue; Sun, Zhongmin; She Jun 30, 2020 3803
An Intranasal Vaccination with a Recombinant Outer Membrane Protein H against Haemorrhagic Septicemia in Swamp Buffaloes. Muenthaisong, Anucha; Nambooppha, Boondarika; Rittipornlertrak, Amarin; Tankaew, Pallop; Varinrak, T Jun 30, 2020 5230
Nutritional Status and Humoral Immune Response to Plasmodium falciparum in Children Aged 6-59 Months. Tepa, Arnaud; Abame, Idrissa; Makamta, Viviane; Fongang, Balotin; Donkeu, Josiane; Ayong, Lawrence; Jun 30, 2020 3884
Evaluation of Angiopoietins 1 and 2 in Malaria-Infested Children. Oluboyo, A.O.; Chukwu, S.I.; Oluboyo, B.O.; Odewusi, O.O. Jun 30, 2020 4470
Early Disseminated Lyme Carditis Inducing High-Degree Atrioventricular Block. Kerndt, Connor C.; Bills, John A.; Shareef, Zaid J.; Balinski, Alexander M.; Summers, Daniel F.; Tan Jun 30, 2020 2806
Microvesicles from Human Immortalized Cell Lines of Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells of Adipose Tissue Origin as Carriers of Bioactive Factors Facilitating Angiogenesis. Krawczenko, Agnieszka; Bielawska-Pohl, Aleksandra; Paprocka, Maria; Kraskiewicz, Honorata; Szyposzyn Jun 30, 2020 9017
Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests for COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2). Sadaf Shafique, Farheen Aslam, Raheel Khan and Asma Shaukat Jun 30, 2020 1344
Zeus Scientific Seeks Regulatory Nods for ELISA SARS-CoV-2 Total Antibody Test. Jun 22, 2020 502
ZEUS reports new ZEUS ELISA SARS-CoV-2 total antibody test, with sensitivity of 98.8% and specificity of 99.1%. Jun 16, 2020 214
ZEUS reports new ZEUS ELISA SARS-CoV-2 total antibody test, with sensitivity of 98.8% and specificity of 99.1%. Jun 16, 2020 210
Biomerica files for EUA of laboratory antibody test for COVID-19. Jun 16, 2020 361
OraSure receives BARDA funding for coronavirus antibody ELISA. Jun 10, 2020 552
Arbor Vita unveils the CoVisa IgG ELISA-based test for antibodies associated with COVID-19. Jun 10, 2020 212
Arbor Vita unveils the CoVisa IgG ELISA-based test for antibodies associated with COVID-19. Jun 10, 2020 216
ZEUS Scientific submits EUA with FDA for new ZEUS ELISA SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody test. Jun 8, 2020 184
ZEUS Scientific submits EUA with FDA for new ZEUS ELISA SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody test. Jun 8, 2020 188
Health Ministry And WHO To Assess Real Number Of Patients With Coronavirus In Ukraine By ELISA Testing. Jun 5, 2020 179
Heat Biologics provides update on COVID-19 vaccine program. Jun 4, 2020 164
Eurofins Technologies Launches Total Antibody Detection ELISA Assays to Aid the Rapid Identification of Persons Who Have Been Exposed To SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Jun 3, 2020 355
Notoginsenoside R1 upregulates miR-221-3p expression to alleviate ox-LDL-induced apoptosis, inflammation, and oxidative stress by inhibiting the TLR4/NF-[kappa]B pathway in HUVECs. Zhu, Lingbo; Gong, Xinyan; Gong, Jianping; Xuan, Yungang; Fu, Ting; Ni, Shimao; Xu, Lei; Ji, Ningnin Jun 1, 2020 4072
Role of Serum HMGB1 in Prostate Cancer. Solakhan, Mehmet; Cicek, Hulya; Benlier, Necla; Yildirim, Zeliha; Sever, Ozlem Nuray; Orhan, Nuri; Y Jun 1, 2020 3294
Levels of TNF alpha, Soluble TNF Receptors (sTNF-R1, sTNF-R2) in Bipolar Disorder. Baysal, Ozge Doganavsargil; Erdogan, Ali; Cinemre, Buket; Akbas, Halide; Kaya, Semiha Sen; Kus, Sema Jun 1, 2020 4285
Serological Investigation of Occupational Exposure to Zoonotic Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Infection. Aydin, Hakan; Uyanik, Muhammet Hamidullah; Karamese, Murat; Sozdutmaz, Ibrahim; Timurkan, Mehmet Ozk Jun 1, 2020 3382
Prevalence of hepatitis E virus in children with acute hepatitis: one Egyptian center study. Zaki, Maysaa El Sayed; Alsayed, Mona Abdel Latif; Abbas, Hoda Ramadan Ryad; Ahmed, Doaa Mabrouk; Ash Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 3877
Diski Orneklerinde Cryptosporidium spp. Antijen Varliginin ELISA Yontemi ile Arastirilmasi: Dokuz Yillik Degerlendirme/Investigation of Cryptosporidium spp. Antigen by ELISA in Stool Specimens: Nine Year Evaluation. Beyhan, Yunus Emre; Yilmaz, Hasan Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 2535
May Salivary Chromogranin A Act as a Physiological Index of Stress in Transported Donkeys? A Pilot Study. Dai, Francesca; Costa, Emanuela Dalla; Cannas, Simona; Heinzl, Eugenio Ugo Luigi; Minero, Michela; M Report Jun 1, 2020 4231
Chemical Characterization and Wound Healing Property of Jacaranda decurrens Cham. Serra, Mariana B.; Barroso, Wermerson A.; Rocha, Claudia; Furtado, Pablo G.R.; Borges, Antonio C.R.; May 31, 2020 7211
Antihypertensive Activity of Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv: Male Flower Extract in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. Ding, Zhen-Jiang; Liang, Chao; Wang, Xiao; Yao, Xin; Yang, Ruo-Han; Zhang, Zhan-Sheng; He, Jin-Jin; May 31, 2020 3956
CTLA4-Ig Abatacept Ameliorates Proteinuria by Regulating Circulating Treg/IL-17 in Adriamycin-Induced Nephropathy Rats. Shuai, Lanjun; Cheng, Qia; Shen, Tian; Yi, Zhuwen; Wu, Xiaochuan May 31, 2020 5771
The Cataleptic, Asymmetric, Analgesic, and Brain Biochemical Effects of Parkinson's Disease Can Be Affected by Toxoplasma gondii Infection. Taherianfard, Mahnaz; Riyahi, Moslem; Razavi, Mostafa; Bavandi, Zahedeh; Roozbahani, Narges Eskandar May 31, 2020 5400
The Proosteogenic and Proangiogenic Effects of Small Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Are Attenuated in Steroid-Induced Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head. Li, Jia; Ge, Zhaogang; Ji, Wenchen; Yuan, Na; Wang, Kunzheng May 31, 2020 6952
Effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Proliferation, Viability, and Odontogenic Differentiation of Neural Crest Stem-Like Cells Derived from Human Dental Apical Papilla. Li, Junyuan; Xiang, Lusai; Guan, Chenyu; Yang, Xin; Hu, Xiaoli; Zhang, Xiaolei; Zhang, Wen May 31, 2020 4199
Plasma Glycosaminoglycan Profiles in Systemic Sclerosis: Associations with MMP-3, MMP-10, TIMP-1, TIMP-2, and TGF-Beta. Kuznik-Trocha, Kornelia; Winsz-Szczotka, Katarzyna; Komosinska-Vassev, Katarzyna; Jura-Poltorak, Agn May 31, 2020 5856
Do N-Terminal Pro-C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Levels Relate to Severity of Preeclampsia? Vatansever, Dogan; Vatansever, Pinar; Giray, Burak; Ertekin, A. Aktug; Bilsel, Serpil May 31, 2020 3612
Diagnostic Value of miR-103 in Patients with Sepsis and Noninfectious SIRS and Its Regulatory Role in LPS-Induced Inflammatory Response by Targeting TLR4. Yang, Min; Zhao, Li; Sun, Mingyan May 31, 2020 4364
Synovial Fluid Cell Proteomic Analysis Identifies Upregulation of Alpha-Taxilin Proteins in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Potential Prognostic Marker. Sarkar, Ashish; Sharma, Shivani; Agnihotri, Prachi; Sarkar, Tanmoy; Kumari, Pooja; Malhotra, Rajesh; May 31, 2020 6479
Alterations in Serum Adropin, Adiponectin, and Proinflammatory Cytokine Levels in OSAS. Celikhisar, Hakan; Ilkhan, Gulay Dasdemir May 31, 2020 4782
Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 2 and Extracellular Volume Fraction in Patients with Heart Failure. Yang, Shaomin; Chen, Haixiong; Tan, Kuan; Cai, Fusheng; Du, Yongxing; Lv, Weibiao; Hu, Qiugen; Hu, Y Clinical report May 31, 2020 6769
Nrf2 Ablation Promotes Alzheimer's Disease-Like Pathology in APP/PS1 Transgenic Mice: The Role of Neuroinflammation and Oxidative Stress. Ren, Peng; Chen, Jingwei; Li, Bingxuan; Zhang, Mengzhou; Yang, Bei; Guo, Xiangshen; Chen, Ziyuan; Ch May 31, 2020 7442
Analysis of SIRT1 Expression in Plasma and in an In Vitro Model of Preeclampsia. Viana-Mattioli, Sarah; Nunes, Priscila; Cavalli, Ricardo; Sandrim, Valeria May 31, 2020 4942
TNF[alpha] Mediates the Interaction of Telomeres and Mitochondria Induced by Hyperglycemia: A Rural Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study. Lyu, Lu; He, Shuli; Zhang, Huabing; Li, Wei; Zeng, Jingbo; Ping, Fan; Li, Yu-Xiu Report May 31, 2020 5218

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