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Enzyme Assay for Food Scientists.

Enzyme Assay for Food Scientists

by Clyde Stauffer. As Dr Stauffer says, there are several well known books on this general subject area but he has made the central focus of this text on accurate and reliable methods for measuring the amount of an enzyme or enzymes present in foods. He starts by enumerating the basic steps in an enzyme study - Identify the catalytic activity of interest; Purify the enzyme; Characterize the enzymatic activity; Determine the enzyme's chemical and physical properties; and Integrate the protein characteristics and enzymatic nature of the molecule. That says quite a lot because each enzyme is different and so it its relationship to any food material. Basically, an assay will provide four types of information: the number of moles of catalytic centre present, the rate of product formation under given reaction conditions, the extent of product formation under conditions of use, or the amount of substrate present or inferred from the rate or amount of product formed under defined assay conditions. As the author notes, modern instrumentation does not seem to decrease the work load but it does enable us to obtain better results.

This book is intended as a basic primer for enzyme assay. The text is divided into theoretical and practical parts and there are twelve chapters all told and a useful series of appendices. The actual titles used are: Introduction; Kinetics; Inhibitors; Effect of pH on activity; Effect of temperature; Assay principles; Measurement methods; Peptide hydrolases; Glycoside hydrolases; Ester hydrolases; Oxidoreductases; and Miscellaneous enzymes. This is a specialist book in the sense that it is aimed at a specific market but no less important for all that.
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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