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Enzo Biochem's Life Sciences Division Introduces a Rapid, No-Wash Apoptosis Assay for Cytotoxicity Screening.

Nuclear-ID[TM] System Features Novel Fluorescent Probe based on Proprietary Enzo Technology

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- Enzo Biochem, Inc.'s (NYSE:ENZ) Enzo Life Sciences division today announced the addition of a new apoptosis detection kit for monitoring chromatin condensation to its rapidly expanding CELLestial[TM] product line for live cell analysis.

Enzo showcased the capabilities of the new assay in a scientific poster presentation entitled "Monitoring Apoptotic Nuclear Condensation Using Fluorescence Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Microplate-based Instrumentation Platforms", at the prestigious 8th Cell Death Conference which just commenced at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. The presentation demonstrated that blue-fluorescent small molecule compounds, such as camptothecin, strongly interfere with nuclear condensation measurement based upon Hoechst dye but do not impact Enzo's Nuclear-ID[TM] Green assay.

Enzo's Nuclear-ID[TM] Green Chromatin Condensation System provides a rapid and convenient assay for one of the more prominent hallmarks of late-stage apoptosis, nuclear condensation. The Nuclear-ID[TM] Green dye is a novel 488 nm-excitable green-emitting fluorescent probe that is capable of detecting drug-induced DNA condensation in live cells. The easy-to-use, no wash, mix-and-read protocol differentiates between healthy cells and apoptotic cells with condensed nuclei. The system is compatible with all instruments capable of monitoring FITC or GFP.

"Our Nuclear-ID[TM] Green Chromatin Condensation Kit is a major breakthrough for the rapid screening of agents that induce apoptotic cell death, which is potentially useful in identifying compounds for the treatment of diseases such as cancer," said Wayne Patton, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Enzo Life Sciences. "The Nuclear-ID[TM] Green reagent provides customers with the ability to rapidly analyze apoptosis on a variety of common instrument platforms without investing in expensive ancillary equipment, such as violet lasers."

Using flow cytometry, nuclear condensation is detected as the population of cells with 40-fold enhanced brightness relative to healthy counterparts with the novel assay. Potential applications for live-cell studies using the kit include monitoring the stages of chromatin condensation, rapid testing of compounds that induce apoptosis, and as a quick test to determine the health status of cells grown in culture.

About Enzo

Enzo Biochem is engaged in the research, development, manufacture and licensing of innovative health care products and technologies based on molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques, and in providing diagnostic services to the medical community. Enzo's Life Sciences division develops, produces and markets proprietary labeling and detection products for gene sequencing, genetic analysis and immunological research among others. Its catalog of over 30,000 products serves the molecular biology, drug discovery and pathology research markets. The Company's therapeutic division is in various stages of clinical evaluation of its proprietary immune regulation medicines for uveitis and Crohn's disease and conducts pre-clinical research on several candidate compounds aimed at producing new mineral and organic bone, including technology that could provide therapy for osteoporosis and fractures, among other applications. Enzo's Clinical Labs division provides routine and esoteric reference laboratory services for physicians in the New York Metropolitan and New Jersey areas. Underpinning the Company's technology and operations is an extensive intellectual property estate in which Enzo owns or licenses over 240 patents worldwide, and has pending applications for over 200 more. For more information visit our website

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Date:Oct 7, 2009
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