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Environmentalist harm.

In reference to your article "How the Army Corps of Engineers Destroyed New Orleans" (July 6 issue), blame environmentalists. Among other mass-murdering crimes committed by our environmental groups is the case of the Katrina Hurricane in 2005 that resulted in about 2,400 dead in New Orleans. After Hurricane Betsy in 1965, it was clear that to protect the city it was necessary to build two flood gates on the two natural, normally dry channels that connected Lake Pontchartrain to the Gulf. (I was on business in New Orleans in 1969 when I saw a large commercial ship standing in the middle of a dry field, miles away from the Mississippi, the lake, and the Gulf.) Plans were made and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared for the construction of those two flood gates. But then a lawsuit was mounted by the Environmental Defense Fund and a local organization by the name of Save Our Wetlands; the judge ordered another EIS to be prepared and submitted to the judge, dealing with reproduction cycles of all species that might possibly be found in those two channels, as well as any possible interference of the proposed gates on them. Well, the channels were empty except during storms, and no species engaged in sex in those dry beds anyway. But the project was killed. When 40 years after Betsy Katrina reached New Orleans, those two normally dry channels were filled with raging waters that overfilled the lake and breached the lake levees.

Of course, our mainstream media have been blaming Bush ever since for this enormous tragedy. Enviros deserve jail for life, but celebrate their "successes" in elegant soirees slurping champagne. What they are doing is the destruction of 3,000 years of civilization.

Marc Jeric

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Author:Jeric, Marc
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 19, 2015
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