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Environmental taxation in practice.


Environmental taxation in practice.

Ed. by Adrian Muller and Thomas Sterner.

Ashgate Publishing Co.


564 pages



International library of environmental economics and policy


The emergence of market-based policy instruments such as environmental taxes and charges in the 1980s has led to successive waves of policy-making, with taxes on transport fuels, utilities and vehicles increasing exponentially. These 28 essays on the practice of environmental taxation, comparing different taxes, explaining institutional aspects and the political economy of implementation, and describing ex-ante and ex-post analysis. They cover economies in transition and in development, obstacles to fuel taxation, the BTU tax experience, enforcement of environmental charges, inspections and performance, higher energy prices and pollution, cost-effectiveness in air pollution abatement, emissions fees, agricultural applications, the climate change levy, fuel substitution, consumer demand, sulfur taxes, the impact of car-related taxes on fuel consumption, alternative instruments, equilibrium and economic development, household responses to pricing, interstate hazardous waste shipments, the phase-out of leaded gasoline, and whether carbon taxes reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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